Full DOOM Eternal presentation from Quakecon 2019

We're all DOOMed

Quakecon 2019 is officially underway, and Bethesda kicked things off with some new gameplay footage for DOOM Eternal. You can check out the entire segment above!

DOOM Classic - Switch gameplay

The original DOOM, along with DOOM II and III are available now on the Switch! Check out some gameplay footage from the game that started it all above.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood gameplay compilation (PS4/XB1)

We're still waiting on gameplay footage from the Switch version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, but something tells me we won't be seeing it until launch day, and it'll come from the public recording it themselves. At least we don't have to wait long!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood available to preload, file size detailed, "Trial Edition" listed

Demo on the way?

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is coming to the Switch on July 26th, 2019, and those looking to preload the game can finally do so. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is going to take up 20.6 GB of space, so you might want to grab a microSD card for this one!

The Switch eShop has multiple listings for the game, including the standard, deluxe, and "Trial Edition." It seems this might be some sort of demo, as the price is listed at $0. We're not sure how much content it will let players enjoy, but this version will still give you access to all the standard edition's content, so long as you get an invitation from a Buddy Pass owner.

DOOM: Annihilation releasing on DVD/Blu-ray Oct. 1st, 2019

No Rock this time around

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will release on Blu-ray Tony Giglio's horror thriller Doom: Annihilation (2019), starring Amy Manson, Louis Mandylor, Dominic Mafham, Lorina Kamburova, and Luke Allen-Gale. The release will be available for purchase on October 1.

Synopsis: Based on the popular original video game, Doom: Annihilation is an explosive, terrifying thrill ride. On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe. Considered to be mankind's greatest discovery, it's actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to steal the souls of everyone who gets in their way. It's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy an ever-growing horde of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts and prevent them from taking over planet earth.

The film is executive produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Bumblebee) and John Wells ("Animal Kingdom") and is produced by Jeffery Beach (Jarhead 3: The Siege), Phillip Roth (Death Race: 4 Beyond Anarchy) and Ogden Gavanski (Cult of Chucky).

DOOM: Annihilation has had one trailer so far, and it wasn't exactly something to convince fans this will be a quality experience. Let's hope that at the very least, it ends up being cheesy good instead of cheesy bad.

DOOM Eternal's devs think the multiplayer will be 'every bit as satisfying' as the single-player campaign

Will the asymmetrical approach work?

DOOM Eternal is looking to provide a completely different multiplayer experience from what was in the last DOOM game. Some fans are worried that this new asymmetrical player version player approach strays too far from what fans love. In an interview with VideoGamesChronicle, creative director Hugo Martin says fans shouldn't worry.

With Doom 2016 we learned that id has to lead and not follow when it comes to game design. With the single-player campaign I think we led, but with the multiplayer we followed. The fans and critics picked up on that. It’s a good mode and it’s fun to play, but it’s not necessarily original.

This time around we really wanted it to feel like Doom. We took the DNA of the ‘Doom dance’ – the loop of one Slayer versus many demons – and turned that into a competitive, social experience. When we had one Slayer on the battlefield and let players control the demons it felt really good. We’d rather provide players with an incredibly polished and engaging experience that’s really tight, than something that’s huge with a million modes – which is another thing we did in Doom 2016.

I think it’s going to be every bit as satisfying to play as the single-player campaign. We play it all the time internally and it’s really, really fantastic.

Masters of DOOM, the book chronicling id Software's history, is being turned into a TV series

TV is DOOMed

Masters of DOOM is the story of id Software, as written by author David Kushner. It takes a look at how the company came to be, and its meteoric rise throughout the years. That book, which was originally published in 2003, is now being turned into a TV series.

USA Network has ordered a pilot, with James and Dave Franco’s Ramona Films producing. Tom Bissell, who co-wrote the book The Disaster Artist, is writing and executive producing the show. A release date has not yet been announced.

Game Critics Awards reveal their Best of E3 2019 winners, Luigi's Mansion 3 grabs 'Best Family/Social Game'

Way to go, Luigi!

The dust has settled, and the Game Critics Awards have named their picks for top titles at E3 2019. We've included the Nintendo-related winners below, but hit up the link for the full rundown.

Best Action Game
- Doom Eternal

Best Racing Game
- Crash Team Racing

Best Family/Social Game
- Luigi's Mansion 3

Full list of winners here

Bethesda E3 2019 presentation - live-stream/blog

The action kicks off at 8:30 PM EDT, and we'll keep this post updated with any confirmed Switch news. With both Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Doom Eternal coming to Switch, there should be plenty to talk about.

- The Elder Scrolls Blades coming to Switch in Fall 2019, and it will be free. Has cross-play and cross-progression with the mobile version. It will feature motion controls.

- In Doom Eternal, Earth is on the verge of annihilation. You'll visit Heaven, Hell, and many more locations never seen in Doom before. The game launches on Nov. 22nd, 2019. There will be a Collector's Edition, but we're not sure if it'll be available for Switch. Battle Mode features two player-controller demons taking on one hero. You can spawn other demons to help you.

E3 2019's DOOM Eternal mural is finished

Eternally beautiful

Back on May 30th, we had our first look at the E3 2019 DOOM Eternal mural going up at the Figueroa Hotel. Just days before E3, the mural is now finished! I can't imagine the amount of hard work that went into this thing. Even worse, just a few weeks after E3 is over, the mural will be covered up!


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