IGN Video - DOOM Eternal: How id Tech 7 Is Maximized for Current Tech

Tech specs

id Software lead engine programmer Billy Kahn explains how DOOM Eternal's id Tech 7 engine has been rebuilt since DOOM (2016) to take full advantage of current GPU and monitor technology.

NA/EU eShop running a sale on all things DOOM (sales on DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, and DOOM 2016)

Your wallet is a little less DOOMed

UPDATE - A similar deal is available in Europe as well.

The Switch eShop in North America is playing host to a spectacular sale on all things DOOM right now. Every single DOOM game now available on eShop has had its price slashed for a limited time. Both DOOM and DOOM 2 are $1.49, DOOM 3 is $3, and DOOM (2016) is $30! All great deals, all well worth jumping in on. You have until March 2nd, 2020, so don't miss out!

DOOM 64 priced at $5

A Hell of a deal

While Switch owners won't be getting DOOM Eternal on March 20th, 2020 like PS4/XB1 owners, we will be getting DOOM 64 that day. DOOM Classic and DOOM II were both priced at $5 when they hit the Switch, but many expected DOOM 64 to cost a bit more. Thankfully that's not going to be the case, and DOOM 64 is listed as $5 as well. Can't wait to give this one another go!

DOOM Eternal director says the game will not include microtransactions, cosmetics are unlocked through XP

Your wallet is not DOOMed

DOOM Eternal is one of the few AAA games coming out this year that isn't going to include microtransactions. Director Hugo Martin confirmed this in a Facebook post, stating that players won't even have an in-game store to deal with. You pay your $60 and get the full game. Check out Martin's full statement on the matter below.

No store. Nothing you can unlock in Eternal with XP has anything to do with player abilities or content that would impact your game in any way. The only thing you can unlock with XP is cosmetics. These cosmetics have no impact on how you play, they just look cool.

Eternal is a $60 game, not a free-to-play game or a mobile game. We are giving you a complete experience with no store just like you'd expect. Unlocking skins with XP is a part of the experience if you care about that stuff, or you can completely ignore it and it will have no impact on your experience at all and it's all free.

IGN Video - Doom Eternal: Why Gore Makes Combat Smarter

Doom Eternal is powered by a super-smart combat loop that uses gore as more than just gross set dressing.

DOOM Eternal director says DOOM (2016) played it too safe when it came to multiplayer

Righting the previous game's wrongs

While DOOM 2016 was universally praised for its single player experience, multiplayer was a different story. Both critics and fans alike felt that the multiplayer offering was a bit ho-hum, which is why the dev team is setting out to fix things in DOOM Eternal. In an interview with USGamer, DOOM Eternal Co-Director Hugo Martin explains why he thinks DOOM 2016's multiplayer fell flat.

"I think fans of id were disappointed by the last multiplayer because it did not innovate enough. [W]hat we learned was being safe, taking a little bit of column A and B of a bunch of things that people know and mashing them together, is not good enough. We played it very safe last time. It was very kind of formulaic, and that's a fair and objective view of that product."

DOOM Eternal is putting its new 'Battlemode' front and center this time around. For a recap of what this multiplayer feature has to offer, check out this post.

DOOM Eternal's third act will really let you showcase your skills

Power trip

DOOM Eternal is going to be a balls-to-the-wall experience from beginning to end, thanks to the crazy action of the 2016 title, plus a ton of new abilities for you to mess around with. While you'll have plenty of time to master those new mechanics, the game's finale will present you with the perfect setup to showcase your talents. Director Hugo Martin hyped up the game's third act and its over-the-top nature.

“The fun is mastering it, because that power fantasy, you’re going to earn that… the game is just going to let you put it on display. The third act of the game is just like, ‘Okay, let’s see how you do.’ It’s Bruce Lee walking into the dojo, just like, ‘I’m going to wreck 30 dudes,’ you know.'"

DOOM II - more gameplay

Celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary with the re-release of DOOM II. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons, and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin.

DOOM and DOOM II updated, add-on maps and more now available

We're all DOOMed again!

The big update for DOOM and DOOM II that Bethesda announced a few weeks back is now live. This update adds in all sorts of new content and tweaks, including the addition of community episodes and megawads! That means all new maps and experiences to play. Check out full patch notes for this update below.

Add-on Support: Add-ons can now be downloaded and played from the main menu. We will continue to add content that is a mixture of official DOOM and DOOM 2 add-ons, as well as some of the best community episodes and megawads released for the original DOOM games. We’ve curated the initial list and will be asking you guys for your picks for best community made wads soon!

60 FPS Support: For the first time, DOOM and DOOM II now run at 60 FPS on all platforms, instead of 35 FPS as in the original releases.

Added Aspect Ratio Option: Stretches the display vertically to match the original 4:3 aspect ratio that the game was intended to be played in.

Added Quick Save and Load: Pause the game, and press R/R1/RB to immediately save where you are, and unpause the game. Load your quick save by pausing the game and then pressing L/L1/LB.

Added Level Select: Pick an episode, map, and difficulty of your choosing, and immediately play on it without having to clear the previous levels first.

Added Weapon Carousel: You no longer need to cycle through every weapon to get to the one you want. Press Previous or Next Weapon to highlight the weapon you want, and it will swap immediately to the selected gun.

Added Quick Weapon Select: The Directional Pad can now be used to quickly swap between weapons.

Up: Shotgun and Super Shotgun
Right: Chaingun
Down: Rocket Launcher
Left: Plasma Gun

Added Overall Brightness and Level Brightness: Turn up Overall Brightness to make the colors brighter, but if that isn't enough, you can also raise Level Brightness to change the brightness of the lights in the world.

Added Random SFX Pitch Toggle: Turn off randomized sound pitches during playback, which was a feature present in early versions of the original DOOM release.

New split screen HUD: A minimal HUD will be used when playing split screen multiplayer. The bottom status bar is removed, allowing more room for the game to be displayed in.

Changed Health Graphics: The pill has been changed into a green plus, making the graphics closer to their original appearance.

Changed Wolfenstein Secret Level: Enemies in the Wolfenstein level have been restored to the original DOS release. The original textures and enemy audio have been re-added to the level, but with [censored] references removed.

Several optimizations to DOOM's software renderer have been made in order to better support 60 FPS and increase battery life.

Game rendering resolution on Nintendo Switch version now displays at 640x400 to support 60 FPS and improved battery life.

Improved behavior when starting the game out of sleep mode. There still may be cases that cause the game to lock up after awakening.

Sped up various UI animations to make navigating through menus quicker.

Fixed an issue from the original DOS release where map objects would not correctly track the player after loading a saved game. This also fixes an occasional crash with loading a save game with an active BFG projectile.

Fixed an issue where the game would skip ahead several tics after unpausing.

Fixed an issue where attract mode demos would desync, causing demo playback to deviate from the original DOS release.

The trophy for "When I'm With You" for beating every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode has been fixed and will now be awarded properly.

FAQ and more here

DOOM/DOOM II being updated to include Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, Sigil, and community WADs for free

This is one hell of an update

Some major news about DOOM and DOOM II has been shared during a Bethesda live-stream celebrating the franchise's 26th anniversary. Some big content is coming in the near future, and you can check out the rundown below.

- updates for both DOOM and DOOM II
- Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, and Sigil are coming
- Sigil is a new campaign created by John Romero, creator of DOOM
- community WADs are being added as well, which will be available via an internal storefront for free
- aspect ratio tweaks and 60fps coming

Just incase you're wondering, DOOM WADs contain sprites, levels, and game data. In other words, brand-new content to enjoy in DOOM or DOOM II!


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