Two Tribes reconfirms RIVE as their last game

A portion of a NindieSpotlight interview with Two Tribes' Niels ’t Hooft...

NS: On the Two Tribes website there's a pretty long post tied to the statement that RIVE will be your last game. I take it that at this point this still stands and that you're just trying to make the most of your investment by getting it out on the Switch or has anything progressed differently in terms of your direction?

Niels: We stand by what we wrote back then! Martijn and Collin, the Two Tribes founders, have been at this game for nearly two decades, and they don't feel like starting another long-winding, risky project. Yet at the same time, they still love the projects they’ve done before, and they love the fans of our games.

That last part is a huge reason why we’re making the Switch version: Nintendo gamers have been waiting for RIVE since the Wii U and we finally want to deliver it to them, in the best version possible.

Just to be clear, the financials are obviously a part of any business, but we wouldn’t make a Switch version of RIVE if we didn’t love the game, didn’t love the gamers, didn’t love the prospect of making this game even better for a wonderful new platform!

Two Tribes announcing something about RIVE's Switch version today

I want to play RIVE so damn bad. The urge to get it on another system has almost gotten me a few times, but I've stayed strong. How much longer will we have to wait for the game to hit Switch? Hopefully we find out that info today, as Two Tribes has some details to share. Keep your fingers crossed, gang!

Two Tribes improves loading time on RIVE

With this being their final title, it seems like Two Tribes is really going all-out to make sure the Switch version is the absolute best it can be. I've been waiting so patiently to give this game a shot. I desperately want to play it, but I'm holding out for the Switch version!

RIVE runs 1080p/60fps on Switch, runs smoother than PS4 version, say devs

The following comes from a Nintendo Life interview with Two Tribes'

It's kind of surreal seeing the game run so smoothly on such a humble device. It was never intended as a portable game, but it's a perfect fit for it! We've spent a few months really digging into what makes the Switch hardware tick and it now runs smoother than the PlayStation 4 version, with less noticeable save points for instance.

Equally fantastic news is that the game runs at 1080p and 60fps, albeit with a drop to 720p in portable mode. No release date yet, but let's hope that info comes soon!

Two Tribes - RIVE at 60fps, 1080p on TV/720p handheld, Copilot Mode detailed, might bring past titles to Switch

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Two Tribes...

NL: In the past you highlighted issues getting the game to deliver a solid 60fps on Wii U, and said that was a factor (along with the declining Wii U eShop market) in holding that version back. Has that been an issue at any stage on Nintendo Switch?

TT: The game runs at 60fps at the moment, aside from a few problematic busy areas, which we're working on right now. As a point of comparison: on Wii U the (relatively simple) introduction scene didn't even run at 60fps. But right when we got it to run on the Switch, most of the game already flowed smoothly. A big, big difference. On top of that, the Wii U had less memory than the Switch, making it impossible for us to pre-cache all data (which enables faster loading times).

NL: Are you confident of a rock-solid 60fps while both docked and undocked, and are we looking at a native 720p in portable mode and 1080p on the TV?

TT: A solid yes to a solid 60fps! And, indeed, 720p in portable mode and 1080p on TV.

NL: You've confirmed Copilot Mode for the system, can you summarise that for our readers?

TT: Copilot Mode is, as the name suggests, all about controlling Roughshot's Spider Tank together. Think of Han and Luke manning the gun turrets in the Millennium Falcon, while Chewy is steering the vessel. Although the Spider Tank has just one gun turret.

This fits the available buttons on the Joy-Cons perfectly, and even allows the moving player to jump with the A button… an oft-heard request from players that simply isn't possible in RIVE's normal gameplay modes because you need, really need, your right thumb on the right stick to shoot while jumping.

As soon as you die (and this happens a lot in RIVE), the move and attack roles are reversed, so you both get to try either jumping or shooting through intense situations. This turns out to be a lot of fun!

NL: Is this still the final Two Tribes game, or do you think there'll be a change of heart?

TT: We haven't changed our tune. We still won't be making any new games at Two Tribes. However, if RIVE on Switch does well, we'll consider bringing it to even more platforms, and we'll consider bringing some of our earlier games to Switch. So in short, even though we're not starting any new projects from scratch, we're as committed as ever to our existing game library and our existing fans.

Two Tribes gives hope for RIVE on Wii U or Switch

The following blurb comes from the most recent blog update from Two Tribes...

In case you're wondering about ports: yes, other versions of RIVE are still in the cards, but we're not ready to announce any details, and they won't happen this year. If you want to enjoy RIVE now like many others are, your best chance is playing it on PS4 or Steam!

Two Tribes wasn't sure RIVE would make it to Wii U, and they said that bringing it to Nintendo's next platform was a possibility. It's clear they have something in the works, but are remaining quite for the time being. Still, nice to have some bit of hope that the title will still come our way.