Pilotwings Resort hits 3DS eShop

Nintendo of Europe has started spreading the word this morning. Pilotwings Resort is now available on the 3DS eShop. What was an original 3DS launch title can now be downloaded from the comfort of your own home!


Best Buy offering 3DS for $170 with two free games this week

Nintendo 3DS-$169.99
FREE Steel Diver and Pilotwings Resort with purchase (a $79.98 value)
Mario Kart 7-$39.99
Super Mario 3D Land-$39.99

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack-$59.99
Get the Skylanders Mega Pack for only $50 with RZ Gamers Club coupon now til 5/12.


OC ReMix & halc tribute Pilotwings with NEW FREE 9-bit ALBUM, Take Flight

he original Pilotwings was a launch title done RIGHT, offering something completely new and making excellent use of the SNES's technical capabilities at the same time.

NOW, OC ReMix chiptune ninja Drew "halc" Wheeler has remixed tons of songs from the original Pilotwings in his signature 9-bit style... FREE!

Pilotwings: Take Flight!

• Info on the album! (Read up!) http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39772
• Download it! (It's quick!) http://flight.ocremix.org
• Torrent it! (Share the love!) http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/Pilotwings_series_-_Take_Flight.torrent

PLUS, there's also a mix apiece with both halc and Benjamin Briggs tackling the music from both Pilotwings 64 AND the newest game in the series, Pilotwings Resort! The album's concluding track, "Depth Perception," is also OC ReMix's FIRST arrangement representing the Nintendo 3DS. OMG FRESH!

It's short, it's sweet. You love chiptunes. DOWNLOAD IT. You'll love it, for real. Except for that one guy on Facebook who said "Yawn... I'll wait for the next release." Pfff... Rocket Belt hater.


Take flight, don't crash, and ENJOY THE MUSIC!

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