New Pikachu-themed Nintendo Switch merchandise available on Play-Asia

A huge, new set of Pikachu-themed merchandise is now available for purchase over on Play-Asia! From headsets to controllers to game cases, just about any sort of Nintendo Switch accessory now has Pikachu's face plastered on it! This promotion is known as the Pikachu-POP Promotion, and the accessories are being manufactured by HORI, famous for manufacturing all sorts of other gaming-related merch.

Click here to check out all of the Pikachu goodness!

Pre-order 'Pokémon Sword & Shield' from 'Pokémon Center London' and receive free exclusive pin badges

Temporary pop-up store, Pokémon Center London, officially opened its doors today. If you're planning on pre-ordering the Pokémon Sword & Shield double-pack, Pokémon Center London looks the place to do it. All pre-orders of the games will include exclusive pin badges of; Pikachu, Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey if pre-ordered from the store from October 18th - November 15th.

Detective Pikachu - amiibo unboxing

Sure, Detective Pikachu might be pretty big in the world of amiibo, but he doesn't hold a candle to the Yarn Yoshi giant amiibo! I think Yoshi may forever hold onto the record of biggest amiibo. That is, unless we're counting the Super Mario Cereal box amiibo!

Nintendo promo video - Who Inspired the New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition?

Check out the (parody) video of how the New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition came to be. Available now in stores and online for $159.99 MSRP!

Nintendo UK - Detective Pikachu Fan Pack available

Take the role of young Tim Goodman and explore with his talkative partner Pikachu in the action-adventure game Detective Pikachu coming to systems in the Nintendo 3DS family.

This bundle includes Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS family systems, a Detective Pikachu keyring and Detective Pikachu stickers.

Grab yours here (thanks NintendoTweet!)

Detective Pikachu movie set for May 10th, 2019 debut

We finally know the release date for Detective Pikachu movie, and unfortunately, we're going to have to wait quite some time to see it. Despite the casting information coming out recently, we now know the movie isn't set to hit theaters until May 10th, 2019. Let's hope that date ends up sticking, but I think it's going to end up with a delay or two.

Pokemon news - Hoenn Cap Pikachu available, Pokemon Shuffle content

Pokemon Sun/Moon

- tie in with the 20th movie, Pokémon! I Choose You
- Hoenn Cap Pikachu is available with the code PIKACHU20
- comes with Pikashunium Z Z-Crystal which turns the move Thunderbolt into the Z-Move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt
- distribution is available until Monday October 2nd
- you can only use the code to redeem one of the 6 Ash's Pikachu so choose wisely

Pokémon Shuffle

- new Ultra Beast stage featuring Buzzwole that runs until October 3rd and costs 20,000 coins to access
- this stage can then only be played 10 times to try and get it
- Mega Steelix competitive stage available
- top 100 players in Europe, 100 in North America and 500 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 5 Mega Speedup and 10 Raise Max Level.
- top 300 players in Europe, 400 in North America and 1500 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 4 Mega Speedup and 8 Raise Max Level.
- top 500 players in Europe, 800 in North America and 3000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 3 Mega Speedup and 6 Raise Max Level.
- top 900 players in Europe, 1300 in North America and 5000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 2 Mega Speedup and 4 Raise Max Level.
- top 1800 players in Europe, 2500 in North America and 10000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 2 Mega Speedup and 2 Raise Max Level.
- top 3600 players in Europe, 5100 in North America and 20000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Raise Max Level.
- top 5400 players in Europe, 8000 in North America and 30000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Skill Booster M.
- top 7200 players in Europe, 10000 in North America and 40000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up, 1 Mega Speedup and 1 Disruption Delay.
- top 9000 players in Europe, 13000 in North America and 50000 in Japan will get 1 Level Up and 1 Attack Power.
- top 13000 players in Europe, 18000 in North America and 70000 in Japan will get 1 Disruption Delay and 1 Attack Power
- if you don't already have the Steelixite, you will get that rather than the Level Up
- Cyndaquil (Winking), Hitmontop & Zygarde stages have begun a repeat run until October 10th 2017

Pikachu New 2DS XL available via Play-Asia, Compatible with NTSC U/C titles

This is an official Nintendo product packaged for U.A.E., Malaysia and Singapore. Compatible with NTSC U/C games only. Nintendo 2DS AC Adapter is NOT included. AC Adapters from Nintendo 2DS/ 2DS XL/ DSi/ DSi XL are compatible with the New Nintendo 2DS/2DS XL consoles.

Thanks to NintendoTweet for the heads up!

Random Time! - Pikachu has a separate KO screen model in Super Smash Bros.


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