DOOM Eternal to feature a new higher difficulty option

Ready for a real challenge?

In DOOM 2016, players could dial up the difficulty to Nightmare in order to give themselves a real challenge. That option will still be in DOOM Eternal, but it's no longer the highest option players have to choose from.

The dev team has confirmed that there will be a level higher than Nightmare made available, and it even includes some unique twists to gameplay. This mode starts off with the difficulty of Nightmare, but adds in some roguelike features to the experience. For example, you'll only have one life to make it through the entire campaign with. You'll have to do that without any checkpoints as well.

There's no hiding your performance in this new difficulty either. Other players will be able to see how far into the experience you made it before you kicked the bucket. That's an extra bit of incentive to keep revisiting the mode and one-upping your previous performance.

DOOM Eternal's director compares the game's difficulty settings to Mario Kart

Blue shell me plenty

DOOM Eternal is going to continue the series' tradition of multiple difficulty options to choose from. You'll find the usual 'Hurt Me Plenty' and other settings, but Director Hugo Martin doesn't want you to feel like you're copping out by picking the easier options. In an interview with USGamer, Hugo explains why all options are a valid way to play.

"In Mario Kart if I play on easy, it's the slowest setting. I mean, I'm still needing to power slide. I still need to use my resources. I still need to do all the same things; hit the jump the same way. The only difference is that on the hardest setting, it's just way fucking faster, you know? So I think that's our goal."

DOOM Eternal director explains why the 2016 game's mechanics weren't working for this sequel

DOOMed from the start

DOOM Eternal might be the follow-up to DOOM 2016, but this isn't a paint-by-numbers sequel. As a matter of fact, the same approach to development just didn't work for the dev team. In an interview with Gamasutra, director Hugo Martin explains why things were broken right from the start of DOOM Eternal's development.

It was the player's [new] abilities that we gave them, like "meathook" and "dash," that made the racecar super fast. Immediately you notice that you were so quick that nothing could touch you. So you were never really under any kind of duress.

...In the early part of development, because of the abilities we gave the player and the imbalance that it created, there was nothing to master. It was basically a very simple, child-like puzzle, that really wasn't engaging anybody at all and I don't think anyone would have wanted to play more than two hours of it.

DOOM Eternal executive producer says the game is coming to Switch 'a bit later' than other versions, no date announced

DOOMed to a delay

Yes, DOOM Eternal is coming to Switch, but it's not going to be day and date with the other versions. In an interview with executive producer Marty Stratton, we find out that Panic Button is going to need some more time to squeeze everything into the Switch version they can. Check out what Mr. Stratton had to say about the situation below.

It's coming out a bit later than the current consoles and PC, and really that's just because we want to finish the game on those platforms and then give Panic Button the time they need to really pull those refinements into the Switch version. It's not going to be a huge delay, but we haven't announced the launch timeframe yet. Panic Button is a fantastic partner and are masters of the Switch.

We love Doom 2016 on Switch. Playing through on the Switch all the way from beginning to end was one of my favorite experiences. To have it handheld and mobile was phenomenal. I think that's what we're going to deliver with DOOM Eternal in all the same ways that all DOOM is fantastic on the current-gen platforms. We are very uncompromising in bringing it to Switch, and Panic Button is really on a great path.

Digital Foundry - DOOM Eternal tech analysis

Doom Eternal is one of John Linneman's most eagerly anticipated games of the year - and he had the chance to sit down and play three hours of it. What's new with the game and the technology... and can it possibly live up to expectations?

Digital Foundry: New Doom Patch Is Brilliant

No longer DOOMed

Remember those retro Doom ports that arrived for the current-gen consoles last year? Flawed in many respects, they were a genuine disappointment... but the new update from Bethesda is close to perfect.

DOOM Eternal's second official trailer released

Yep, we're doomed

Watch the all-new official trailer and RAZE HELL when DOOM Eternal launches on 03.20.20.

Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity. The only thing they fear... is you.

New trailer for DOOM Eternal releases Jan. 14th, 2020

DOOM looms on the horizon

DOOM Eternal is coming out in March 2020, and it's been quite some time since we've seen anything on the game. Bethesda is about to change that with a brand-new trailer, which is set to launch on Jan. 14th, 2020. You can see a very quick teaser for that trailer in the tweet above.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

DOOM Eternal to include a centered weapon option

Center yourself

DOOM Eternal is the latest installment in the long-running franchise, but it's going to offer an old-school option for longtime fans of the series. As you see in the tweet above, DOOM Eternal is going to include an option that lets you center your weapon on screen. FPS games nowadays have your gun aligned more left/right, the early days of the genre saw your gun smack-dab in the center. That exactly what the original DOOM offered, and now you can go back to that style when Eternal launches in March 2020.

DOOM 64 to receive a number of visual tweaks

Now you can see what you're killing!

Those who remember playing DOOM 64 back in the day most likely recall it as an extremely dark and hard-to-see experience. The game definitely overdid it in the dim lightning department, and thankfully the team working to bring DOOM 64 to Switch are aware of that. They're working on several visual improvements for the game, including the following.

- options from environmental brightness
- anti-aliasing
- filter options
- field of view
- blood color option


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