Doom on Switch used to showcase the enhanced visuals overclocking can provide


Last week, we talked about a new mod for Switch that let you overclock your system. While it's a very dangerous thing to do, it does produce impressive results. The above GIF shows off how Doom looks running on Switch at the regular 307 MHz, followed by how things look at 768Mhz. There's no doubt the visuals look much more impressive, but again, running your Switch overclocked to this degree could end up causing some serious trouble.

Final Doom soundtrack Easter egg discovered

Did you know that there were 5 Easter eggs in the Doom soundtrack? Did you know that 4 of them had been discovered already? It only took 2+ years for someone to find the final Easter egg, which you can check out above.

As you can see, there's a hidden message in the song “Authorization; Olivia Pierce.” When the pitch of the song is increased at the 50-second mark, you can hear Olivia Pierce herself say, “You could not have saved them anyway.” This is a quote straight from the game, which was then hidden in the song.

Bethesda still 'investigating' whether Rage 2 can work on Switch

Not that long after the reveal of Rage 2, Bethesda said they weren't sure a Switch version could happen. It was something they were open to, but they needed to do some research. A good amount of time has passed since that initial statement, so what's the update as of today? Bethesda didn't really have anything new to say, but they did confirm that they're still investigating whether or not the game could come work on Switch.

Band creates Doom and Doom (2016) song covers using Jam with the Band

Who says you need to spend thousands of dollars on instruments just to have a band? Portal Wombat manages to cover songs from both Doom and Doom 2016 using nothing more than a few copies of Jam with the Band, and the results are pretty damn awesome!

Thanks to Krapo for the heads up!

The composer of Doom (2016) wants your help for his new soundtrack, which could be Doom Eternal

The soundtrack for Doom (2016) was one of the best game soundtracks I had heard in a long time. It fit perfectly with the gameplay and was exactly what the experience needed. That's thanks to composer Mick Gordon, who is now hard at work on a new project.

Gordon doesn't say what game he's working on, but he's looking for fans to join him in creating a 'heavy metal choir.' If you're interested in signing up for the project, you can hit up the link in the YouTube description. Could this music be for the upcoming Doom Eternal? It's hard to imagine Bethesda not wanting Gordon back for the sequel, and the HTML link for this fan request does contain a '666' at the end...so I think things are looking good!

The new Doom movie won't include Barons of Hell

While the Doom series is filled with iconic enemies, there's certainly few as powerful or recognizable as the Barons of Hell. I can still hear their screams perfectly in my head. Unfortunately, none of us will hear those screams or see their likeness in the upcoming Doom movie reboot.

Director Tony Giglio has revealed that the Barons of Hell will not be included in the upcoming Doom movie. Giglio did say he was bummed about the decision, but hopes to include them in a sequel. I think we'll have to see if the next film is successful before we talk about a successor!

Doom - Version 1.1 vs. 1.2 docked comparison

We saw how things stacked up in handheld mode, but now let's get a look at some comparison footage for Version 1.1 and 1.2 when in docked mode.

Doom - Version 1.2 now available

Doom has gotten an update on Switch, bringing it to Version 1.2. While we don't have full patch notes, we do know the update includes a performance boost, video capture, and the ability to add recent players to your friend list.

Fallout Shelter - Version 1.0.2 now available

Fallout Shelter has gotten an update, bringing the game to Version 1.0.2. Here's the details Bethesda shared on this update.

- Prices now show in in-game Shop
- Removed delay when switching controller types
- Fixed controller responsiveness when opening your Vault

Bethesda explains why they didn't support Nintendo in the past, says Nintendo requested less violent games, and shoots down port requests

Bethesda's Pete Hines addressed a number of Nintendo-related topics during his time at PAX AUS this year. We've already covered their early access to the Switch, and plans for games like Wolfenstein and Doom Eternal going forward. Now we have some talk about working with Nintendo in general, as well as potential projects. Check out each section below.

Bethesda's lack of support on past Nintendo platforms

So the idea of being able to take something like what we did, looking at the tech specs, and going, ‘That’s actually really close to like what we kind of do now.’ That was always the big barrier for us with Nintendo stuff. It wasn’t that we didn’t like the Wii or we don’t like this, it was just this is the stuff that we make, and as many things as will run that, we’ll do it. So as we looked at the specs, we started looking at games like Skyrim and Doom and Wolfenstein, and we were fortunate enough to either have really talented devs who were also very keen on making it which I think is important or finding a great partner in Panic Button who had the ability to take what we were doing and say, ‘Yeah we can make that happen on a Switch.’

And we just think it’s a really cool piece of tech… Nintendo still does really well with Nintendo things. Don’t get me wrong. Everybody else is a distant second, but you can still be in really good shape being a distant second on the Switch because so many people are buying it and playing it, and so again, they’ve been great partners with us, they’ve been very enthusiastic. And we’re very enthusiastic. Again to my point, that’s a whole audience that really doesn’t know us very well in terms of games on their platforms, so the chance to bring what it is we do to them has been awesome and fun and rewarding and we’re going to keep doing it.”

Nintendo asking for games with less blood and violence

“Well I can tell you one of the first things they said was, ‘Hey, do you have anything where there’s not a lot of blood and violence? Because there’s a lot of blood and violence.’ And we were like, ‘Yeah, there’s this (Fallout) Shelter thing, it’s cute and cartoony – we’ll do that too.’ But our belief – and it has been proven out in discussions with them as recently as… either last week or the week before – they came out and we caught up with them and in terms of their demographics, getting older. Guys like us are still playing games and playing stuff on Switch, so their stuff has traditionally skewed pretty young, but you can start to seeing that curve moving up, 18 to 24. I’m really close to that 50 and up bracket and like it used to be that there were no people in that age range for Nintendo devices, and now there is, and it turns out there’s a pretty good number and those folks are looking to play games. So having stuff that’s more mature both serves them really well and helps us continue to serve an audience that’s looking for games, that has disposable income, that says, ‘OK, I’ve played Zelda, I’ve played Super Mario World, what else is there for me to do?'”

Finally, were are some quick tidbits that were shared about potential projects.

- Bethesda knows people want Fallout 3 on Switch
- Hines says that remasters/ports these types of projects are unlikely
- this is because it takes a lot of work to get older games working on new platforms
- Bethesda's dev teams are more interested in working on new projects