DOOM® (Original Game Soundtrack) rips and tears its way onto Vinyl and CD in Summer 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 — Laced Records, in partnership with Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company and id Software®, today announced that the DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) will make its long-awaited debut on physical audio formats (Vinyl/CD) in Summer 2018.

Cut at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, the DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) will be available in four formats, spanning a Deluxe Double CD, Double Vinyl with 20 favourite tracks selected by the developers, a Special Edition Four-Disc Vinyl and a Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set - pressed on red 180g wax, this Hellish 4 LP collection includes the Deluxe Double CD and a limited-edition customised DOOM turntable slipmat. The Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set will only be available via pre-order for a limited time window ending 2nd May 2018 direct from Laced Records.

Design and BAFTA Games Nominee for Best Music and Audio Achievement, the DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) brings the trademark pulse-pounding and demon-stomping audio experience to fans for the first time on physical disc.

Composed by long-time Bethesda collaborator Mick Gordon, his dark and intense vision channels industrial metal to mirror DOOM’s trademark brutal power fantasy gameplay across 31 synth and metal-filled tracks1, spanning over two hours of runtime.

A true passion project, the recording process saw Gordon representing DOOM’s portrayal of Hell through the role of energy in sound production, imparting the physical properties of analogue equipment onto digital sources.

To mimic the power of Hell and its corruptive Argent energy, Mick created the “DOOM Instrument”. Consisting of pure sine wave inputs directed into four separate sound processing chains and a variety of post-processing techniques, it allowed Gordon to dynamically ‘corrupt’ generated sounds.

Further callbacks to the franchise’s legacy and imagery are found as the soundtrack’s signature screeching guitar lines are layered with the chainsaw audio from the original 1993 title.

Fans can pre-order all editions of the soundtrack via the Laced Records store:

North America: http://www.lacedrecords.com

Available Formats

Deluxe Double CD: Featuring a premium triple gatefold sleeve and available direct from Laced Records and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $15.00)

Double LP: Pressed on 180g blood red vinyl and complete with premium packaging this version features 20 favorite tracks selected by the developers themselves. Available direct from Laced Records and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $35.00)

Special Edition X4LP: Cut at the legendary Abbey Road Studios this four-disc vinyl set is encased within double hard slip cases and features premium printed inner sleeves with DOOM artwork. Pressed on black vinyl it includes the full DOOM soundtrack and is available to pre-order direct from Laced Records store and participating retailers worldwide (RRP: $80.00)

Special Limited Edition X4LP: The four-disc special edition comes with all the bells and whistles of the Standard Edition X4LP but is pressed on 180g blood red vinyl and adds the Deluxe Double CD, plus a custom turntable slipmat. The Special Edition is only available via pre-order for a 14-day window ending 2nd May 2018 direct from the Laced Records store only. (RRP: $100.00)

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"We love making Wolfenstein games. We have other ideas too, tons of ideas we could work on. But within the spectrum of opportunities, I'm happy to work on any of those things. I wouldn't mind making Wolfenstein games for the rest of my life. There are not so many projects that can offer you a real clarity of purpose. And I think Wolfenstein--the way we make Wolfenstein games--does that."

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On bringing over other currently-released titles to Switch

“It’ll just depend. It’ll depend on whether or not we think the game is a good fit for the platform technically and whether we think it’s something that audience wants on Switch. In that way, it’s literally no different than any other platform that we look at or any other game that we do. Hopefully, it’ll be a mix of both. If there’s stuff that folks want us to release on Switch and it’s a good fit and it works – great. If it’s new stuff going forward that we think is a good fit and will work on Switch, then we’ll do that too.”

On doing a title that only releases on Switch

“I don’t know, we’ll have to see. All of that stuff always comes down to the devs’ idea and what we think is a good fit idea wise and platform wise.”

On releasing future Switch titles side-by-side with versions on other platforms

“That’s always our preference but in the case of Skyrim and DOOM, well, that wasn’t possible. In the case of Wolfenstein II, we needed the extra time and there was no way we were going to hold the other platforms to wait for Switch. From my perspective, any time we can bring it out on the Switch at the exact same time as the other platforms for new releases, I don’t know why we wouldn’t.”

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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