Arcade Archives: Guerilla War heads to Switch on Feb. 25th, 2021

Prepare for war!

The next game in the Arcade Archives series from HAMSTER will be the 1987 run and gun arcade game "Guerilla War" from SNK. Available starting February 25th, 2021 from the Nintendo Switch eShop worldwide, the game will cost the usual $8 USD. You can check out some gameplay screenshots here.

Cham Cham heads to Samurai Shodown on March 16th, 2021

Here comes Cham Cham!

Cham Cham was previously revealed as a DLC character for Samurai Shodown, but we didn't know when she's coming. SNK has now announced that she's going to see release on March 16th, 2021. The character will be voiced by Yuna Taniguchi, and you can check out a gameplay trailer for her above, and more screens below.

Samurai Shodown getting Guilty Gear DLC

You're guilty!

SNK has revealed some new details on the Season Pass 3 DLC for Samurai Shodown. While we didn't get specifics on who, we do know that a Guilty Gear collaboration is on the way. We'll just have to hang tight for details on which character is heading to the game.

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium now available on Switch

A battle from the ages!

The NeoGeo Pocket Color lives on through the release of SNK Vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium on Switch. The classic title is on the eShop right now, and you can see what it has to offer below.

SNK CORPORATION is proud to announce SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM is now available for download for the Nintendo Switch. In the 1999 original SNK and CAPCOM brought their best fighters together for a fighting game extravaganza. Now the dream collaboration can be enjoyed on Nintendo Switch as part of the NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION.

SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM features 26 fearsome fighters from series like KOF, SAMURAI SHODOWN, STREET FIGHTER, and DARKSTALKERS. Players can choose between Single, Tag and Team-based fighting modes as well as three different battle styles. I between bouts players can enjoy Survival, Time Attack and Mini Games to collect points and unlock hidden characters. SNK VS CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM also takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch's Tabletop and Handheld modes so friends can duke it out whenever and wherever they want.


SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium - more footage

SNK and CAPCOM brought their best fighters together for a fighting game extravaganza! It's the dream collab that can fit in your hands!

Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection compilation release announced for Switch, includes SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium

More details in the coming weeks.

SNK is proud to announce that a compilation release (including SvC: MotM, in collaboration with Capcom) will be coming to Nintendo Switch!

Please stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium comes to Switch on Feb. 17th, 2021

Gaming's mightiest brawler

We caught wind of SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium coming to the Switch thanks to a rating in South Korea, and now we have a release date. SNK has confirmed that the title will launch on Feb. 17th, 2021, and you can check out a quick rundown of what it's all about below.

In this battle, the mightiest brawler is crowned!

It’s time to settle the score… 18* of SNK and Capcom’s most popular characters collide in the pivotal battle of game history! Truly a match of the Millennium!

Thrill to three battle formats: Single, Tag, and Team.
Select from three battle types to suit your playing preferences.
Can you play VS Mode battles and exchange various data? Of course!
Jump into the new SC Olympic Mode and strive to break all records.
*Eight additional characters are unlockable.

Cham Cham and Hibiki Takane join Samurai Shodown 3 as part of Season Pass 3

Two of four characters coming

SNK has shared some insight into Season Pass 3 for Samurai Shodown. We now know that both Cham Cham and Hibiki Takane will join the roster, with Cham Cham due out mid-March, and Hibiki coming at a later date with two other characters. The addition of Cham Cham will also usher in a battle system update.

When asked why these characters are being included, Director Hayato Konya said Hibiki was included due to a desire to feature more SNK IP. For those who don't know, Hibiki is from The Last Blade. As for Cham Cham's inclusion, Konya said fans had been requesting the character, so they made the move to include her.

As for the updated battle system, there will be a new Guard Crush mechanic added. Along with that, the game will be re-balanced, and new tweaks will prevent weapons from disappearing off-stage.

SNK postpones Samurai Shodown's Season Pass 3 reveal until an unspecified date

To be revealed at a later date

SNK was originally planning to share Samurai Shodown's Season Pass 3 content today, but that didn't happen. SNK decided to postpone the announcement, but didn't share a reason why. You can see their full statement on the matter below.

Today’s announcement of KOF XV and SAMURAI SHODOWN’s Season Pass 3 which was originally scheduled for (Jan. 6th) 6pm PST has been postponed. We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the announcements. We will inform our fans as soon as the new date and time has been confirmed, and appreciate your kind understanding.

Fatal Fury: First Contact 'Rick vs. Krauser' gameplay video

Fatal Fury: First Contact saw a surprise release on Switch just a few days back. If you need some more convincing when it comes to checking the game out, perhaps today's gameplay video can do the trick. Watch the spot above to see Rick and Krauser go at it.


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