Kickstarter - DYSTOA aiming to release on Switch via stretch goal

All alone in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, fading away into unknown realms you start exploring the archaic land of DYSTOA. On your way through this world, you will discover obscure secrets and forgotten places while following a trail of lyrical whispers. Surreal encounters and happenings are awaiting you in this world. In the end, you will find a truth, but will it be your truth?

Kickstater here

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night "Feedback Survey" now available

The Bloodstained team has been doing a wonderful job of keeping fans and backers informed of where the project is at, and what's coming next. It's clear they want to avoid the pitfalls some other big-name Kickstarters fell victim to. Their latest step is this official Feedback Survey, which contains questions directly to how some in-game content is handled. Make sure you click over and fill in your answers.

Rise of the Third Power Kickstarter officially hits funding goal, coming to Switch

We posted about Rise of the Third Power a few days back, and it looks like a few of your were interested in supporting the project! The Kickstarter is now officially a success, hitting its funding goal with just over 16 hours left on the campaign. Let's see if some stretch goals can get taken down as well!

Pro Gaming Grip For Switch Kickstarter a success

The team behind the Pro Gaming Grip For Switch were looking to bring in $14k to make the project a reality. Through their Kickstarter, the team amassed over $55k, so it's safe to say the project turned out to be a really big success! The thing is, the Kickstarter isn't even over yet! There's still just shy of two days left to kick some cash in and claim your own Grip.

Kickstarter here

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Voicing the Game: Video Feature Part 3

In the third video for the voice actors of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, we get a look at Ray Chase, Kari Wahlgren, Christopher Swindle and Jamie Mortellaro. For anime fans, Kari Wahlgren is the voice actor behind FLCL's Haruko Haruhara! Awesome to see her included in the game.

Monster Crown Kickstarter hits funding goal

The Monster Crown Kickstarter had a very modest goal of $5k to head over to the Switch, and that goal has been hit no problem. The Kickstarter has a good amount of time left on it, and there's plenty of stretch goals to take down! Check them out on the official Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter - Rise of the Third Power looking to come to Switch through stretch goal

Rise of the Third Power is a retro-themed, console-style roleplaying game loosely based on the political climate of Europe in the mid 1930's. The events take place in the land of Rin at the height of the Age of Sail.

Kickstarter here

Monster Crown devs detail the game's monster cross-breeding mechanic

A portion of a Switchera interview with lead developer Jason Walsh...

S: What made you want to focus on the cross-breeding of monster collecting, and how did you make the mechanic that much more different than other games?

JW: I’ve always been a completionist. Pokémon, Dragon Quest Monsters, I want to complete the quest, then I want to explore dangerous areas and really complete my collection of rare and intimidating beasts.

Unfortunately, as I got older I got pretty good at succeeding. And you know, when I finally got them all I sort of felt sad. The journey was over! There were no more mysterious beasts to learn of and then capture.

So, I set out to find a game that would offer me a huge, HUGE number of monsters to collect. As a kid I always wondered why true crossbreeds didn’t exist in monster games, so the initial concept really grew from those wants. If I found a game that answered all those questions, I’d probably be logging my 2000th hour in it right now instead of standing here!

As I mentioned, breeding and fusion are really in-depth. Say you have two champion monsters that you’ve brought through the game with you. They’re very powerful and are both the result of a few generations of breeding and fusion. If you go online, or show your friends, they won’t know how you made it, where it came from, etc. They’ll want an egg, they’ll want to add it to their collection. I can definitely see very talented players becoming mini-celebrities in our community, everyone waiting to see what unique new species they create next.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter officially funded

Chicken Wiggle Workshop had a $30k funding goal to bring the game to Switch, and just moments ago, the Kickstarter hit its mark with 4 days to go. Now the game is officially heading the Switch's way, and there's still time to hit some stretch goals! So happy to see this one become a success.