Narrative-driven tactical RPG "The Way of Wrath" officially headed to Switch following a successful Kickstarter campaign

Inspired by Baldur's Gate, Gothic, & Legend of Zelda.

An epic tactical RPG full of hexes, curses, and shaman powers, The Way of Wrath, counts down the last 24 hours of its successful Kickstarter campaign having been confirmed for Steam, GOG and Nintendo Switch!

The Way of Wrath has already reached a number of community goals and started racking up pledges towards the stretch goals that include pets, real-time combat, and others. The developer has also introduced a Late Bird 30% discount for all the highest tier rewards, including Mythic, which grants a lifetime cameo appearance for your created character in any type of media covering The Way of Wrath universe. Visit The Way of Wrath’s Kickstarter campaign now and support the game by backing the project in exchange for exclusive rewards:

The Way of Wrath is a narrative-driven tactical RPG featuring turn-based, dynamic combat and a non-linear world where your decisions matter. Set in a pseudo-historic Bronze Age, the meticulously handcrafted wintry landscapes of The Way of Wrath seethes with shamans, superstition, and dark rituals. Players are charged with uniting a war-torn army of nomads while preparing for an impending enemy onslaught. Forge your destiny as a tyrant, trickster, or noble leader but remember, with every action there are consequences.

Lucid Soul Kickstarter now live, looking for $50k to hit Switch

A mature, pixel-art, anime/fantasy JRPG

The official Kickstarter for Lucid Soul is now up-and-running. The team needs $50k to bring the game to Switch, and they're already halfway to that goal. If you want to learn more about the game or help fund it, you can get full details below.

Independent developer Jon Bookout informs that his Kickstarter campaign to fund Lucid Soul for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Steam, has been live since February 18.

Lucid Soul is a classic top-down, mature-rated, fantasy JRPG featuring turn-based combats and pixel-art, retro-like, anime visuals. Take on the role of a villain who must discover the secrets of his past in 30+ hours of gameplay.

“Lucid Soul is inspired by some of the most important games of its genre, such as Lunar: Silver Star, Eternal Blue, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger”, says solo-dev Jon Bookout.

With 19 days to end and 50% of their objective already pledged due to the support of 220+ backers, the Kickstarter campaign will help the developer cover the costs related to the production and development of Lucid Soul.


Top-down, mature-rated, fantasy JRPG.
Turn-based combats.
Pixel-art, retro-like, anime visuals.
Villain protagonist.
30+ hours of gameplay.
Music composed by Nate Combs, featuring Hayley Nelson.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Roots of Pacha hits Kickstarter funding goal, officially heading to Switch

Kickstarter saves the day

The dev team for Roots of Pacha was looking to bring in $35k through Kickstarter to bring their game to Switch, and things have gone extremely well. The game managed to hit its funding goal in less than 24 hours, so the game's now a lock for Switch! There's still 27 days left on the Kickstarter and a number of stretch goals to hit, so it's not too late for you to help out. You can have a look at the Kickstarter here.

Second Kickstarter for Jitsu Squad is a success, game will officially head to Switch

Kickstarter does it again

Back in 2020, the gang behind Jitsu Squad launched a Kickstarter to fund the game, and it included a $80k stretch goal for a Switch version. That Kickstarter didn't go so well, but the team didn't give up. They've launched a second Kickstarter with Switch included in the main goal, and that campaign is already a success.

The second Kickstarter for Jitsu Squad was looking for just over $18k to fund the game, and the campaign is currently sitting at over $42k. We now know the Switch version is a lock, and there's still 29 days on the campaign! If you want to learn more about the game or kick in some cash, you can do so here.

Kickstarter now live for farming/life simulation game "Roots of Pacha"

Help this one take root on Switch

Roots of Pacha was announced for Switch back in April 2020, but the game needs a little help making it to the platform. An official Kickstarter for the game is now live, and the team needs $35k to make the game a reality. It's already well on its way to that target, and there's 29 days on the campaign to go. You can visit the Kickstarter here, and read all about the game below.

Publisher, Crytivo alongside the development team, Soda Den are excited to announce the release of their kickstarter trailer featuring never-before-seen footage of Roots of Pacha, a life-simulator set in the stone age.

What the Roots of Pacha Team calls the “Festival of Kickstarter” starts today with the launch of their brand new trailer and their Kickstarter campaign. The team has been revealing new animals, NPCs, and datable Clan members in the lead-up to the event.

“It was only fitting that we turned Kickstarter into a festival,” says Timo, one of the brothers behind Soda Den. “In Roots of Pacha the Clan depends on the community and each person's contributions, and that's exactly what Kickstarter is all about.”

Roots of Pacha is a co-op farming and life simulation game set in the stone age. Help your once nomadic clan settle in a promised and fertile land. By connecting with nature you’ll develop Ideas to evolve, enrich your culture, relationships, and discover the mysteries of Pacha, mother nature.

Important Features, that appear in the closed Alpha

Evolve the clan with “Ideas” like irrigation and animal taming.
Farm and find wild seeds that can be domesticated.
Befriend and taime wild animals with your favorite markings.
Fish with minigames that challenge your steady hand.
Bond with NPCs by giving gifts or sharing a dance.
Customize your character with the latest stone age fashion.
Ride ostriches, guanacos, boars, and more, eventually creating a riding league.
Build your home and design tapestries and pottery
Construct buildings and expand your village.
Playable alone but developed with Co-Op in mind, including cut scenes.
Mine in the depths of the world to find precious resources.
Solve the mysteries of Pacha and her totems.

Important Future Features

You can pet a baby mammoth and other animals.
Fill your kitchen with prehistoric appliances and utensils.
Collect all the recipes in the stone age cookbook.
Breed animals to discover new species.
Date & marry your fellow Pachans.
Participate in primitive festivals and rituals to Pacha.

Multiplayer City Building Action RPG "Skyclimbers" coming to Switch, thanks to Kickstarter success

Another Kickstarter dream come true

Build your kingdom, choose your class, and tame monsters in this city-building/open-world action RPG that takes place in a procedurally generated anime-themed metaverse. Inspired by Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Pokemon, and RTS games like Northgard. The most similar game on the market is Valheim.

The team behind Skyclimbers were hoping to bring their game to Switch via Kickstarter, and they were looking for $25k to make that happen. The Kickstarter has been hugely successful so far, pulling in over $180k. There's still 18 days left on the campaign, so you can kick in some cash right here.

The Amazing American Circus Kickstarter Now Live

Come one, come all

The official Kickstarter for The Amazing American Circus is now live, and the team wants just over $12k to help create the game. If you need to learn more about the game before kicking in some cash, check out the official press release below.

Video game publisher KLABATER and indie development studio Juggler Games inform that their Kickstarter campaign to fund The Amazing American Circus for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has been live since February 10.

The Amazing American Circus is a single-player deck-building game with elements of resource management, tycoon, and exploration. Hire artists, each with their own set of cards, and travel across the Gilded Age USA, meeting famous people, completing quests and becoming the greatest showman on Earth.

With 20 days to end and 48% of our objective already pledged, the Kickstarter campaign will help both KLABATER and Juggler Games getting more funds to finish The Amazing American Circus and cover the costs related to the production and development without compromising the quality of the game.

What The Amazing American Circus has to offer?

Become a legend! Save a run-down circus, gather a troupe of performers, and dare to defy the greatest showman on earth - P.T Barnum himself.
Recruit and train over 15 different types of circus artists
Take part in exciting battles on the circus arena using the beautifully illustrated collectible cards
Upgrade your circus caravan thanks to different types of wagons offering over 100 possible modifications
Meet both historical and fictional characters deeply embedded in American folklore, such as John D. Rockefeller, Susan B. Anthony, or Nikola Tesla
Immerse yourself in a story taking place during the turbulent era of the fading Wild West and enter the beautiful and dark world of Native American folklore and the immigrant populace
Listen to a unique soundtrack inspired by classic circus music and American country & folk

The Amazing American Circus in numbers

170 hand-illustrated cards
Recruit and train over 15 different types of circus artists
15 types of circus artists, among them mimes, strongmen, and acrobats
12 different circus wagons unlocking new skills and options
16 different types of audience, whom you have to attract and entertain
Over 100 modifications and upgrade options for your circus caravan
90 cities and towns to visit
4 distinct geographical regions - travel across the American continent90 cities and towns to visit
1 powerful opponent to defeat - the legendary P.T. Barnum
1 but epic adventure akin to Buzz Luhrman’s musicals, Ennio Morricone’s westerns, and the classic road movies
60 minutes of a soundtrack inspired by country and folk music from different parts of the USA

Check out the Kickstarter here

Kickstarter for MagGo, a Switch travel bag, hits its funding goal

Carry on

The Nintendo Switch MagGo travel bag gives gamers an easier way to carry their console on-the-go, and spend more time playing it, too. Designed for your Nintendo Switch. Made for gamers.

Technology and video games are rapidly evolving, game consoles are constantly changing, and upgrades are always occurring. Your bag should also be upgraded, too. Get the power of evolving tech, upgraded gaming, and stunning travel features in ONE bag.

Possibly the greatest thing about the Nintendo Switch is just how portable it is. We designed the invisible magnetic drop-down game station built into the MagGo™ to maximize the portability of your Nintendo Switch.

Take your gaming to-go with MagGo. You can safely bring your console with you to keep you busy wherever you go.

The team behind the MagGo was looking for just shy of $7k to bring their bag to life, and the Kickstarter has already surpassed that figure. There's still a whopping 43 days to go on the campaign, so there's plenty of time for you to lock in your purchase and help the team hit some stretch goals. Take a look at the Kickstarter here.

Romantic visual novel "Mask of the Rose" could come to Switch with Kickstarter success

Wouldn't you love to help?

Mask of the Rose is a romantic visual novel about love, mystery, the restructuring of society after profound change, and bats.

In one playthrough of Mask of the Rose you might romance a partner, or help your friends find love; untangle a poisoner's motives, or uncover the fate of poor, drowned Parliament; house some of London's new, not-so-human inhabitants, or help establish the new Feast of the Rose, a festival that will be celebrated in London for decades to come!

By replaying you can explore different storylines and pursue new goals. London’s deeper secrets will only emerge over multiple playthroughs!

The gameplay of Mask of the Rose extends beyond dialogue. You'll open new locations on the map, gather outfits and disguises, work odd jobs and collect resources. Together, this will determine what you can attempt in social situations – and how much you can get away with!

If you want to bring Mask of the Rose to Switch, you can fund the game's development on Kickstarter. The team needs $123,532 to make that happen, and you can pledge some of your cash here.

Kickstarter for black-and-white shmup "Squadron 51" now live

Space invaders

Squadron 51 was announced for Switch back in January of 2018, yet all these years later, the game is still in development. Now, surprisingly, there's an official Kickstarter to help bring the game to life. The team needs $28k to further development, and they've already pulled in over $9 at this time. Read a bit more about the game below, then click over and help fund the project if it's something you're into.

In an alternative universe, extraterrestrials arrived on our planet bringing promises of a bright new future for earthlings. However, this intergalactic partnership soon reveals its darker side as the Vega Corporation, the alien enterprise led by the hideous Director Zarog, is making alliances with governments, business magnates and mainstream media.

Our only hope lies on Squadron 51, a rebel alliance organized to fight for our freedom, led by the fearless Air Marshall Lamarca. Our hero, Liutenant Kaya, alongside her fellow fighters, Major Ivan, Liutenant Vanucci, Captain Ishiro and Captain Zeferina, will struggle to get alive from hostile storms, wander through forests and mountains, escape from dreadful caves and fly through cityscapes.

Kickstarter here (thanks I_urm_error)


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