2D action adventure "Naima's Melody" looking to release on Switch via Kickstarter

The next Kickstarter success?

Naima's Melody (pronounced "Nye-muh") is a 2D action-adventure game inspired by retro classics. In this game you will travel a vast world in search of answers to the darkness that is plaguing the lands.

- Travel across an open world on foot or on horseback!
- Experience a day/night cycle combined with dynamic weather that will make for a truly immersive experience.
- Push, climb, and swim! There are many options to engage with your environment.
- Discover a multitude of secrets—hidden caves and dungeons provide rare rewards.
- Engage in a variety of mini-games and side quests.
- Become a true hero as you gain new items and abilities!

Check out the Kickstarter here

Enchanted Portals devs discuss the "Cuphead ripoff" backlash to their reveal trailer

The team pushes on

Yesterday we shared the trailer for Enchanted Portals, which for all intents and purposes, is Cuphead made by a different company. Take out Cuphead and switch in a different character, and you have Enchanted Portals. This didn't sit well with many Cuphead fans, who took to Twitter to send angry messages to Xixo, the two-man team working on the game. Polygon has managed to contact Xixo for a statement on the backlash, which you can find below.

“Yes, of course Cuphead was a huge inspiration for Enchanted Portals. We’re both avid fans and we wanted to make something similar, but always from a place of respect and admiration for the original. We were prepared for some backlash, but the trailer definitely reached way more people than we could ever anticipate, and all the hate and negativity coming our way has definitely had a huge impact on us.

That being said, along with all those negative responses, a lot of people have also reached out to us to say they adore the game and they would love to see it succeed. So we’re trying to turn our attention more towards all those who are supporting us and sending their love for the game."

Enchanted Portals hoping to release on Switch with Kickstarter support

Slightly inspired by Cuphead

Bob and Penny are two rookie magicians stuck between dimensions who will have to face numerous dangers in order to retrieve the pages of the Magic Book and be able to return home safely.

The players must join forces and use a wide arsenal of stylish moves and magic spells to fight their way through a series of battles against an ensemble of wacky yet powerful bosses.

Enchanted Portals has a visual style very similar to that of classic animated cartoons of the 1930s and popularized by Cuphead, with fluid, expressive frame-by-frame animation and a thrilling dynamic soundtrack that morphs and adapts to the action on screen.

If Enchanted Portals comes to Switch, it'll be thanks to Kickstarter success. A Kickstarter for the game is set to launch on Oct. 24th, 2019, and we'll be sure to link you to it once it's live.

Bound by Blades Kickstarter now live, looking to release on Switch

The latest Switch hopeful

In the Action RPG Bound By Blades, the desolate land of Ashmyr has become overwhelmed by bloodthirsty beasts. Scavenge materials, forge gear, and fortify yourself to confront the ferocious foes that lie ahead in order to rekindle the last hopes of life.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Kickstarter for Shujinkou, an action RPG that aims to teach players Japanese, is now live


SHUJINKOU is an action JRPG that interweaves Japanese language learning into the story and mechanics while maintaining its appeal to gamers. It is currently being developed for the PC/Mac, and development is also targeting the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

Check out the Kickstarter here (thanks Goombajmr!)

Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- crowdfunding campaign coming later this month, will include Switch stretch goal

Another potential Switch release

Regista will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for the science-fiction visual novel Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- on Sept. 30th, 2019. The goal of this campaign is to fund an English localisation alongside a limited physical copy. A Switch version will be one of the stretch goals, alongside other tiers that include more gameplay, an artbook add-on, new CGs/illustrations, and more.

Indiecalypse hits Kickstarter funding goal in less than 48 hours

The latest Kickstarter success

Experience the REAL LIFE OF AN INDIE GAME DEVELOPER through one of the 3 characters of the game. An artist, a programmer or a Musician. Discover how each of the characters' personalities degenerates THROUGH DARK HUMOR MINI-GAMES. Because making videogames is not easy.

Indiecalypse was looking to bring in $15k to make their game a reality, and that goal has been met in less than 48 hours. That means the game is a lock for Switch, but there's still plenty of stretch goals to go! Check out the campaign for more details.

Indiecalpyse Kickstarter now live

Help bring this game to Switch

Three stories, three outcasts, three nerds… and a single destiny: to make the best video game ever. This is the basic premise of Indiecalypse, JanduSoft’s upcoming release, sadly based on actual events.

Indiecalypse depicts the crude reality of indie game developers and their struggles to get their shit together when it comes to releasing a video game.

Three misfits team up to design and produce their own indie game, finding themselves in a path of chaos, self-destruction and resentment. But there’s also space for crude humor, pop culture references, gratuitous and non-gratuitous violence... and fear. Fear of the dozens of lawsuits for copyright infringement, obscenity and profanity we’ll have to face if the game is finally published.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Hero Hours Contract hoping to release on Switch via Kickstarter

Superheroes have rights too!

A tactical puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac about underpaid magical girls and their fight to become unionized! Hero Hours Contract is coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday the 10th of September 6pm (UK Time).

Magical girls are real, but the pay sucks! Join the Union of Magical Girls as they fight to protect the city from evildoers by day, and fight to become unionised by night.


Take on the brainwashed zombie hordes in tactical, turn-based combat.
Your magical familiars gave you these powers, but now they expect you to fight evil for free? Negotiate better pay or employment benefits based on your performance.
Get to know the inhabitants of the struggling convenience store where you and your family live and work. Power up your abilities by making new social connections.
Loaded with dorky humour and 90s magical girl anime tropes.

Check out the Kickstarter here (live on Tuesday)

MindSeize hoping to release on Switch through Kickstarter

The next Kickstarter hopeful

MindSeize is a story-focused single player 2D Metroidvania game set in a sci-fi universe. The player explores untamed planets and fights against a mysterious organization, which for unknown reasons is stealing minds of innocent people.

The story is centered around the private investigator M.C. Fox, who is chasing a dangerous criminal organization 'The Ascended' across unexplored planets. The first confrontation between M.C. and the leader of The Ascended severely injured M.C. and left him crippled. They also managed to seize the mind of his daughter. This left only one choice for our protagonist: hire a crew, connect his consciousness into a robotic body called MAG (mind-action-gear) and continue the chase!

If MindSeize looks like something you'd like to support, the official Kickstarter for the game is now live. It's looking to pull in $19k to make a Switch release happen. Check out full details at the Kickstarter.


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