Gravilogic working on "Switchblades"; Stylish Rail Covers for the Switch (Kickstarter coming)


Switchblades are stylish rail covers for the Nintendo Switch. They easily slide into the console rails and lock in place. Switchblades protect the console’s electrical leads from exposure, prevent damage to the rails if dropped, and give your Switch a very sharp and classy appearance. Switchblades come in over two dozen different styles including stately hardwoods, vibrant acrylics, and even an aluminum alloy design.


Mineral oil and beeswax finish
Countersink screws
Low-friction polymer
Positive locking latch
Solid hardwood

We use countersink screws along with a low-friction polymer to ensure that the Switchblades don’t scratch or mar the black coating on the console rails. We only use solid hardwood; no cheap particle board with a fragile veneer! The wood is soaked with mineral oil to bring out its vibrant colors and coated with beeswax to provide a protective finish. Finally, we designed a positive locking mechanism that works with the console rails. The Switchblades install with a satisfying audible click and won’t accidentally slide off the rails.


Our positive locking mechanism is designed to slide into the rails with an audible click. It is easily removable with a single finger motion, yet it will not accidentally release itself. We have put the mechanism through over 3,000 install & removal cycles to ensure that the Switchblades will last for many years of use.

The Switchblades protect the electrical leads on the console from exposure. They stop debris from collecting unseen inside the console rails. If dropped, the Switchblades can prevent the rails from getting bent out of shape. If you don’t like leaving fingerprints on the glass screen, the Switchblades also give you something to grab onto with both hands while you dock and undock the console.

Gravilogic will be running a Kickstarter soon for their Switchblades design. We'll make sure to link you in when the project goes live.

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure, a new NES game, hits Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours

Looks like people are pretty eager for new NES games. The creator of Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure was looking to bring in $7,666 to bring his game to reality, including an actual cartridge release. That funding goal was hit in less than 24 hours, and the total amount raised just keeps climbing. If you'd like to get in on this game, you can do so right here!

Hazelnut Bastille - full trailer, Kickstarter launching next week

Hazelnut Bastille, for PC, Mac, and Linux, and now Nintendo Switch, is a lush, topdown Zelda-like Metroidvania in a 16bit JRPG style, which seeks to continue the great lineage of superior design from the mid 90's. Hazelnut has been in development since April 2016, and we will continue bring updates and content to our homepage and Twitter as things continue to progress!
As we've stated in the past, the Hazelnut Bastille Kickstarter will include the Switch in its main goal. The Kickstarter is set to go live on Oct. 23rd, 2018.

Bushiden adds Switch as a supported platform for its main Kickstarter goal

I was heartbroken when I first heard about Bushiden. That game looked amazing, but for some reason, the Switch wasn't even included in the platform breakdown. That seemed like a huge oversight, and I guess the dev team agreed! They've since updated their Kickstarter, and are including a Switch version at the base goal. Now they're definitely going to get my cash!

Kickstarter here

The Darkside Detective: Season 2 reaches Kickstarter funding goal

Over 1,250 of Spooky Doorway’s friends and fans have come together to fund the development of The Darkside Detective Season 2. So grab a dusty book, draw a pentagram in goat’s blood and boil a celebratory egg - The Darkside Detective Season 2 is coming to PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

Where cultists crawl, where demons dwell, where the occult… occults? - this is where you’ll find Detective Francis McQueen of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division. When evil darkens the doorsteps of Twin Lakes City – hell, even when it loiters around shop fronts – he’s there, ready to investigate the cases that nobody else will. He is The Darkside Detective.

You may have thought the spooky goings on in Twin Lakes ended with the final case in critically acclaimed first Season, but things are about to get a whole lot weirder with a new season of paranormal mysteries to investigate.

The Darkside Detective is a classic point and click adventure game with a distinct sense of humour. Season 1 came with six cases and had three extra cases added post launch. Season 2 will also contain six cases, each containing around 45 minutes of adventuring fun, quips, clicks, and devilish tricks, as well as a host of ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture references.

Developer and conjurer of the dark arts, Spooky Doorway, was looking for just €35,000 to help bring the sequel to life with a Kickstarter, and now it’s fully funded and the machines are whirring into life in the Spooky Doorway lab.

Of course, the thing about opening portals is that you can always open them a little further. Offer up more coin at the altar of Spooky Doorway and the developer will get to work on the first stretch goal: The Darkside Detective Anthology.

The Darkside Detective Anthology will give you a glimpse through the looking glass, into the lives of other Twin Lakes residents. These short shorts will let you live a day in the life of other characters you met in Season 1, including the Bloodwolves, Ghouley and McScream, and Raxa.

If you still need an introduction to the world of The Darkside Detective, the first two cases from Season 1 are now available in a free demo.

HyperParasite launching Kickstarter soon, looking for $29k

4th October 2018, Barcelona, Spain - Today indie studio Troglobytes Games is excited to reveal that their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, for rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter, HyperParasite, will commence October 10, 2018.

With work well underway, Troglobytes Games has earmarked a 2019 release, the developer seeks to raise a modest $29,000 to accelerate development, and to aid the porting to consoles.

"After what seems like an eternity of a 1980s fuelled development loop, we're finally ready to show the world HyperParasite! We have just unlocked the Pre-Alpha of HyperParasite on Steam and Itch.io. It's available now for everyone to play, enjoy and give us feedback on - and if you love it, you can pledge on our Kickstarter campaign!", said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Troglobytes Games. "We hope that everyone enjoys it and look forward to hearing your comments on our Discord channel!"

Game Features:

A fresh twist on the genre: hop from one host body to another
60 Playable Characters to Body-Snatch and utilise their attributes
Unique retro 3D-pixelated visual style
Original retro inspired synth-wave soundtrack
Cast+weapons includes - cops+guns, Werewolves+claws, robots+lasers, aliens and so much more
Procedurally generated levels that will play differently each time, challenging even the most seasoned of players
An intense and frantic co-op mode: can the humans handle TWO HyperParasites?

HyperParasite is set in the 80s, offering rad visuals, fast paced action and tight controls. The onscreen cast of characters, 60 different classes, all of which you can control, exploiting their own attributes, weapons and moves, present a game of outrageous action, rip roaring brawling at is very best, laced with a comical slant which adds spice and fun! No more looking for weapons, it's the dude you control that is packed with the boom!

Thief's Roulette - trailer #2

Thief's Roulette is aiming to release on Switch through Kickstarter, which we shared a couple weeks back. The Kickstarter has about 9 days left, and it's two thirds to its goal. If this is looks like a project you'd like to fun, you can kick in some cash right here!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's Kickstarter - Development Update: Lighting Optimization, GOG Demo, and More

Hi everyone, IGA here.

We would like to give a report of our current development progress.

Lately, the team has been working on the lighting of the environment and the lip-sync of the characters.

We’re aiming for a 2D-style look and feel in this game, and we have special techniques in place to achieve it, but they also create additional developmental challenges for us. However, after a number of adjustments, as well as finding the right lighting angle and contrast, we finally feel that we’ve found the aesthetic we were searching for.

Recently we’ve also found a new method for the fog that is less computationally expensive for the environment. My slogan - always pursue more beautifully, and more lightly.

As for the lip-syncing, we’ve made adjustments to the height of the mouths, which were too large before. Right now we've only adjusted Miriam and Dominique, but it's looking good so far! We will continue to work on the rest of the characters the same way.

Full update here

Three more Kickstarter projects aiming to release on Switch - Encased, KnifeBoy, and Infinite Mana

The game is set in an alternate 1970's and revolves around the exploration of the Dome, a mysterious structure discovered in a remote desert. No one knows the exact nature of those who built the Dome, but the founders of this advanced civilization have come to be called the Forefathers.

Why I'm here? Let's cut to the case! KnifeBoy is Solo-developed by myslef and the Game has been in development for 2 years - I have literally worked on this Game non-stop and it's finally coming together - but - I lack the skills to write good dialogues and I have no musical talent whatsoever... So, I need your help to raise enough funds so I can outsource Music and Writing to improve the overall quality of the Game! I really want to make this game Great, rather than "just another Indie Game". The Art, the Enemies, the Level Design and the Unique Story telling looks and feels different from other games in this genre...I mean... this is the 1st Ever Mortal-Metroid-Kombat-Vania Game, so of course its different... But with your help, I can hopefully add great dialogue and music to the list of awesomeness & make this game something special!

Infinite Mana is a retro-style, open world RPG with light sandbox features and glitch mechanics set in the immense magickal world of Arukea. It has a unique design that pays tribute to classic RPGs from the 8/16-bit eras through its style and subtle nods in gameplay, but with an emphasis on modern game design elements. It is a mix of newness and nostalgia that is lovingly crafted to evoke a sense of wonder which is seemingly gone from many RPGs nowadays. Every step has something new to discover and is lovingly crafted to take you off guard, so expect the unexpected.

Thanks to PhantomLiger for the heads up!

Blood Nor Water hits Kickstarter goal, officially coming to Switch


The team behind Blood Nor Water was looking for a modest $12,500 to bring the game to life on Switch. With under 3 days left on the Kickstarter, the team has managed to hit that goal and then some. Looks like we have another game that's a lock for Switch, but there's still time to donate and hit some stretch goals!

Kickstarter here (thanks GoldMario79!)