Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions' second DLC pack coming Spring 2021

Two Japanese players and a Saudi prince!

Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions - DLC 2 will be out this spring!
Let’s meet the new upcoming characters for Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions! You can also find details of their skills!
Two Japanese players and a Saudi prince will soon be joining the game!
The new characters will be Aoi and Hino, whose talents are equal to that of the Japanese National Team, and Owairan, a man of royal blood.

All of them appeared in the World Youth story arc. Let’s add them to your dream team and make your team stronger!!

- Shingo Aoi: A second-year junior high school student who adores Tsubasa. He is always cheerful and never gives up.

- Ryoma Hino: A Japanese-Uruguayan player who wasn’t selected as a representative, but came to America to be inspired by the players from his generation.

- Mark Owairan: Captain of the national Junior Youth team of Saudi Arabia. He is called a “prince” as royal blood flows in his veins.

Let’s take a deeper look at the new players!

They are unique players who have different skills, so let’s check them out!

- Shingo Aoi: Runs through the midfield at a furious speed!
A MF who specialises in speed. He has a skill that allows him to accelerate every time he passes by an opponent, and when he gains momentum, his mobility is unstoppable!
- Overhead Lift: This skill lifts the ball past opponents and is followed by a powerful jump.
- Rovesciata: This is an overhead kick with one of the highest power and speed ratings amongst all aerial shots.

- Ryoma Hino: The player with super strong power, equal to that of Hyuga!
His skill move makes use of his power and skill, and activates in the early stage of the game. Once activated, his aggressive attacks will never stop!
- Jumping Knee: This is a Power S dribble which can increase his offense value, and depending on the effect, can also increase his shot power.
- Dragon Shot: This is a surefire shot with dragon aura. Its power is equal to Tiger Shot!!

- Mark Owairan: The libero who is good at both offense and defense.
He’s an above average player with a high skill level. Although he is a DF, he also has good offensive ability.
- Sandstorm Shot: It is a long ranged shot with only a moderate drop in power, so you can use it from distance.
- Mirage Chapeau: This is an astonishing dribble move that feints a loss of footing. His offensive value and technique values will increase massively when the skill succeeds!

Free 'Demon Hunter' expansion for Son of a Witch coming to Switch this Spring

"New Lich hero, Hell level, weapons, magic items, pets and more."

Novi Sad, Serbia - Feb 12, 2021 - The developer Bigosaur is happy to announce that the free Demon Hunter expansion for Son of a Witch is nearing the end of beta testing access and will be released on Steam for PC, Linux and macOS on February 25th. The Nintendo Switch release is coming later this Spring.

Son of a Witch is an action roguelike for 1-4 players with focus on weapon and item combos similar to The Binding of Isaac. With optional permadeath, various difficulty levels and cute art, it's perfect to co-op with your SO. The game has been featured by IndieCade, and various European festivals like IndiePrize and GameAccess.

The Demon Hunter expansion is the biggest update to the game since it's release. It features:

- A new class: Lich, who brings the total number of available heroes to 11
- The Hell level with 7 new enemy types and 4 new bosses
- 7 new special challenge rooms
- 7 new weapons, including the Blade of Light which reminds us of a lightsaber
- 18 new magic items with various new gameplay mechanics
- 3 new random potion effects
- 3 new new magic spells
- 5 new pets, each helping the heroes in a different way
- 27 new achievements
- Endless Arena leaderboard
- various minor improvements and bug fixes

The indie solo-developer behind the project, Milan Babuskov, said: "The new Demon Hunter expansion will be free for all the players who own the base game, but there's a possibility of the base price increase after the release. I'm thankful to all the players who are playing and giving useful feedback. It makes me still want to add new free updates, even though the game released a couple of years ago".

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC is coming to Switch on Feb. 10th, 2021, patch 1.3 available now

Out of this world.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 10th!

Employees visiting the Halcyon Colony on their Switch consoles will be able to purchase and explore the Gorgon Asteroid in this first of two narrative expansions.

Key Features:
- Intrigue and danger: Search an abandoned Spacer’s Choice facility and encounter a cast of new characters as you uncover the mystery behind the sudden cancellation of the Gorgon Project.
- New locations: Explore the treacherous canyons of the Gorgon Asteroid and encounter enemies that have been warped by science.
- More science weapons: Discover three outlandish new science weapons, including the P.E.T. (Pest Extermination Tool), an exciting new melee weapon that draws in enemies for close-range attacks.
- Expanded character customization and lore: An increased level cap, additional perks and flaws, wholly new armor sets, and several variants for existing gear. Plus, dig into the story of the Gorgon Asteroid with new Portable Phonograph audio logs that reveal the salacious secrets of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

On top of the release of this expansion, Switch players can expect to see Patch 1.3 reach their Nintendo Switch consoles on February 3rd. This patch will include the following:

Nintendo Switch TOW Patch 1.3

Features Added:
- Players will now be able to trigger the DLC Peril on Gorgon after the content has been purchased and installed.

Bugs/Issues Addressed:
- Adjust level GC strategy
- Adjust texture streaming strategy

So mark your calendars, spacers, and get ready to expand your job duties to the Gorgon Asteroid!

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon is the first of two narrative expansions that can be purchased for the Nintendo Switch. A copy of The Outer Worlds base game is required to play Peril of Gorgon.

Yoruichi Shihouin heads to Jump Force as DLC on Feb. 2nd, 2021, early access on Jan. 29th

Yoruichi will join the Jump Force on 29 January for Characters Pass owners and will be available for everyone else on 2 February!

Yoruichi gameplay is here! Watch our newestJUMPFORCE trailer and fight alongside the former Captain when she arrives Feb. 2nd!

Northgard "Clan of the Dragon" DLC update now available, patch notes shared

The anticipated "Clan of the Dragon" DLC from Shiro Games has been released for Northgard on Nintendo Switch for $4.99. Alongside it, comes the free version 1.1.0 update. Check out details on the DLC and the update's full patch notes below.

The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace freakish traditions. They use sacrifice and oppression to further their goals, often earning the distrust of the other Clans.

Starting Bonus
– Your civilians can go into neutral territory.
– No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded.
– You start with a Sacrificial Pyre. You can build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military buildings.
– You start with 2 Thralls. You can buy thralls from your Longship Dock

Oppression is an important aspect of the clan’s economy. Their thralls, like regular civilians, can travel in neutral territory, carry out basic tasks and fight..
Thralls can be purchased from your longship dock and after getting the Capture Lore, you’ll be able to oppress other faction’s people.
But if by any chance your regular population falls under your Thrall population, they will rise against you!

Sacrifices and Dragon Essence Gauge
The Clan of the Dragon starts each game with an already built exclusive building: the Sacrificial Pyre. You can use this building to sacrifice your people in order to honor the gods and gain their favors, unlocking various bonuses!

Dragonkin and their Altar
The only military camp you’ll be able to build is the Dragonkin Altar where you can create Dragonkins, ferocious military units, that are far more powerful than warriors.

Patch notes:

- After mining molten rocks, you could not unassign miners. It has been corrected.
- Relic icon no longer blinks into the forge.
- UI issue with selector on the story mod map.
- You can now unassign villagers from a building on fire.
- Fixed blacksmith switching their post while in no work.
- When you were forging a relic, canceling it and choosing a new one to forge: the anvil icon was bugged.
- Many SFX levels have been adjusted.
- Fixed several UI issues.
- UI system showing the number of villagers assigned in a building has been improved.
- When destroying a building in an area, you should now be able to open the action menu as intended.
- UI for (Buildings / units … ) prices have been harmonised.
- Unassigning a unit from a building no longer displays unassignment icons on all buildings of the same type.
- On Switch, notifications should no longer hide players names.
- An icon for unassigning scout has been implemented.
- Boats should no longer cross the land map.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 - Itsuka Kendo DLC trailer

Gotta hand it to 'em!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced that “Battle Fist” Itsuka Kendo will officially be joining the MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 playable roster as the game’s 3rd DLC character. The Class Representative of U.A. High School’s Class 1-B, Kendo uses her Big Fist Quirk to drastically enlarge her hands and enhance their strength, turning them into devastating melee weapons that can break through even the strongest of enemy defenses.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun "Deemo Pack" DLC coming in October

Deemo X Taiko no Tatsujin

5 tracks from the hit rhythm game DEEMO from developer Rayark will be coming to Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun with a special collaborative DLC. Releasing in Japan for ¥500 sometime during the month of October 2020, you can check out the full song list below!

- Saika (Rabpit)
- Leviathan (NeLiME)
- Wish upon a shootingstar (Sui)
- MagiCatz (Sakuzyo)
- ANiMA (xi)

Check out the latest DLC trailer for Touhou Spell Bubble

Jam out to more songs!

The latest DLC pack for Touhou Spell Bubble has been released, and alongside comes a new trailer. Check out the 6 new songs now available for the game in the trailer above!

Touhou Spell Bubble is a rhythm puzzle game based on the Touhou Project series. It adds rhythm game elements to bubble shooting-style puzzles with simple controls, which you can enjoy while listening to Touhou music arrangements.

Song from J-pop group 'Band Ja Naimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI' coming to 'Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'N' Fun' as free DLC

Jam out to a new track!

A free DLC song from J-pop group "Band Ja Naimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI" will be added to Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'N' Fun on Nintendo Switch and mobile on July 9th, 2020 in Japan (also coming to the arcade version on July 29th). Make sure to visit the eShop on that day to grab yourself a new beat!

Minecraft Dungeons "Jungle Awakens" DLC releasing on July 1st

Welcome to the Jungle!

Screenshots can be found here!

Last month, Mojang Studios released Minecraft Dungeons. Have you played it yet? I have and quite enjoyed it, even though it’s obvious that the team didn’t use any of the notes that I have been continuously submitting. I might believe that they didn’t get my emails and phone calls, but how could they miss the carrier pigeons I sent to their home addresses? I’m not saying that they had to change everything to center around yours truly, but a few references wouldn’t have hurt.

One thing they did add was more shrubbery, vines, and humidity. Foliage as far as the eye can see. Oh, and a bunch of new weapons, armors, artifacts, and mobs. And three new story missions! Aaaand a free update, which includes the Lost Temple dungeon, some new items, and a few game balancing changes. Phew! I’m out of breath and I haven’t even gotten to the pandas yet.

That’s right, the first Dungeons DLC is on its way! Jungle Awakens will be released on July 1, so get ready to battle new mobs such as the Leapleaf and Whisperer before ultimately saving the day by defeating the Jungle Abomination. For those of you who already bought the Hero Edition, all of this is included! Don't worry, you can always upgrade your standard game with the Hero Pass. Hooray! Sorry, I mean hero-ay! What, you think that’s a bad joke? I don't have time to craft my usual high-quality puns for you because I have a jungle outfit to perfect and pandas to admire from afar.

Fiiiiine, I’ll leave you with one little treat to tide you over until the DLC drops. We have recently released the Dungeons soundtrack so you can get in the mood even when you’re not playing the game! Or put it on as you play it, for that authentic dungeon echo. It’s up to you, just like which platform you enjoy your tunes on! Personally, I only listen to the harmonies of my mechanical keyboard but the rest of you can find the Dungeons base game soundtrack on Apple Music or on Spotify. Just because I like you so much and to make up for the horrible joke in the last paragraph, I’ll throw in the Apple Music and Spotify links to the Jungle Awakens soundtrack too. Let’s all agree to choreograph our own dances to it by the time the DLC is out, OK? Don’t leave me hanging, even if it is from a vine.


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