Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter provides a status update on the game

A note to backers, and a new look at the game

Chicken Wiggle Workshop, an enhanced version of Chicken Wiggle for Switch, was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The project was originally set to launch in Dec. of 2018, but developer Atooi later stated that that date wouldn't happen. A new date wasn't set, and fans are still waiting for the game to arrive.

Atooi has shared two updates on the game's Kickstarter in recent days, and you can find a snippet of each below. Click over to read the full updates.

Great Expectations!

A backer on Atooi's discord posted a thought about their belief that KS backers are more like publishers than customers. My jagged little pill is below. Warning: unpopular opinion to follow. :)

The belief that backers are akin to a publisher is not accurate and will only lead to frustration for anyone who believes it is true. This will not be a popular thing to say, but it has to be said. One promise was made with the CWW kickstarter: to deliver an enhanced version of Chicken Wiggle for the Nintendo Switch. I am sorry that the delivery date is significantly later than estimated, but our promise has not changed.

Full update here

Work-in-Progress Update: Slumber Tower

I am currently working on taking Michael’s awesome HD art and slicing it up into 96x96 tiles so they can be used in the game engine. There are some elements that still need to be setup properly, such as the correct low res gem pick-up displaying properly in retro mode. Here are two work-in-progress comparison screenshots from the game engine, showing the two modes you can toggle between (retro/HD). The tiny texture detail on the blue thread really shows the difference in resolution!

Full update here

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night getting two major Switch updates in Nov. 2019, details on each update shared

About bloody time!

The Bloodstained dev team has shared a major update on the status of the Switch version, and good news is that two big patches are set for Nov. 2019. These will improve the Switch version in numerous areas, and should make for quite a noticeable change when all is said and done. Check out full details on the update below.

Work on the Nintendo Switch graphical and performance update continues. We apologize for the long development cycle. Most of the changes are on a room-by-room, enemy-by-enemy basis so there are a significant number of assets being reworked and it’s taking more time than initially expected.

We are pleased with the progress that has been made so far and look forward to getting it into your hands. While the teams are working on an extensive list of myriad improvements, their focus is on four principal areas: Visual Fidelity, Loading Times, Particle Effects and Input Lag.

Visual Fidelity - The way that backgrounds and environments are rendered are being significantly updated. This will result in noticeably sharper environments in most areas throughout the game.

Loading Times - Load times between scenes are being greatly improved, but are still not where we would like them to be, so work remains.

Particle Effects - We have already replaced hundreds of particle effects with new assets and more yet remain. The new ones look the same to the user, but are much less impactful on the performance of the game. This has been one of the main culprits for framerate drops during fights.

Input Lag - Input lag times have been significantly reduced, once work on this is completed the game should feel much more reactive when playing.

The improvements are expected to be released in two separate updates. The first update will contain the vast majority of the improvements. The second update will improve performance with a couple of especially troublesome areas and enemies.

We expect these updates to be launched by the end of November. We will give more specific timeframes when we are closer to release.

After the Switch upgrade is live, there will be a handful of assets/enemies that we want to improve like the Doppleganger enemy for example. These improvements will be part of our regular development cycle and updated when ready.

MindSeize to include physical version of Kickstarter hits its goal

3 days to hit its goal

We posted about MindSeize's Kickstarter not that long ago, and now the campaign has just 3 days left on it. The goal for Switch release is $19k, and the total currently sits at $16,363. To sweeten the deal, the Kickstarter for MindSeize now says that backers can get a physical version as a reward, so long as the game hits its goal. Check out more on MindSeize here.

Heart Forth, Alicia officially coming to Switch, Wii U version cancelled

A pretty good trade-off

The developers of Heart Forth, Alicia said that they were considering a Switch release some time ago, and today they've confirmed its in the works. That's the good news, but the bad news is that the Wii U version is now cancelled. Check out full details on the situation via the Kickstarter blurb below.

We’re thrilled to share that Heart Forth, Alicia is coming to Nintendo Switch! This console has proven to be a beast of a platform for gaming experiences of all sorts and sizes, so we're beyond excited to have Heart Forth, Alicia join its library.

Since the Wii U’s eShop’s is no more, the Switch port of the game will replace the Wii U one, which means that if you pledged for a Wii U key, you’re automatically set to receive a Switch key. Backers who pledged for $5 console key add-ons, or those with any extra balance left, can still change their console preference through their their Backer’s Club profile page.

If you never made any add-on pledges but would like to get a Switch key add-on, you'll be able to do that in the future for the same $5 as the other keys. We'll give you a heads-up via an update once we’re ready to open up a window to get this add-on.

Pirates of First Star Kickstarter now live to try and raise funds for a Switch release

Help this one come together

Pirates of First Star was announced for Switch some time ago, but it seems like that announcement was a bit premature. Turns out it's going to take a bit more cash to make the Switch port happen, which is why a Kickstarter has now gone live. It has a rather modest goal of $3,500 to make things happen, so hopefully the figure can be hit.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Alder's Blood hits Kickstarter funding goal

Bloody brilliant

Alder's Blood has been fully funded on Kickstarter. We've reached 100% goal two weeks before the deadline which is truly amazing! We are very appreciative of all the support we have received from the community.

'You all are amazing! I don't know if I can ever thank you enough! It was a long journey for the whole team, very often a difficult one. But right now we can all agree that it was totally worth it. Everything is starting to come together and it's just breathtaking (pun intended). Thank you all again and see you on the hunt!' - Michał Bernat - Lead Developer at Shockworks Games

Now it's time to explore our stretch goals adding even more content to the game and hopefully, help fund the ports of Alder’s Blood to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One (the game is secured to be launched on PC and Nintendo Switch).

With over 40h of gameplay and a retail price of $24.99 the Kickstarter is the best chance to get Alder’s Blood at a discount, with additional goodies thrown in!


Alder’s Blood is a turn-based, tactical stealth game with a dash of strategy. Gamers take on the role of one of the Hunters – perfectly trained and highly skilled, professional monster slayers. The Hunters carefully plan their attacks, sneaking in the shadows until they can almost feel the nasty breath of the monster they set their sights on, to then strike in no time. Quick, quiet, and deadly, Hunters overcome their enemies with the use of tactics, specialized gear and dark arts. However, in a one-on-one encounter, even the most experienced and skilled Hunter doesn’t stand a chance when facing a beast. That is why joining forces with other Hunters and valuing tactics higher than muscles is crucial for staying alive. Because, don’t forget, these terrifying monsters can easily detect Hunter’s presence by their scent. Be sure to monitor wind direction, avoid being noticed, and prepare deadly ambushes. Remember that hunting tools are as important as your weapons, and you should make good use of the sophisticated technology and dark artifacts you have at your disposal. But most of all remember that whatever you do, your resources will be limited, and opportunities rare. So don’t waste any of them.


Stealth, ambush-based combat. Try to outsmart and outwit all the horrifying creatures you’ll be facing, as they are way stronger and you don’t stand a chance in a direct assault;

Diverse, challenging opponents. From werewolves to vampires, all monsters have their unique attacks and skills and can easily see, hear, or smell you from a distance. So be careful not to reveal your position too early;

Stamina-based characters. Cautiously manage your energy level between attacking, moving and casting spells. In the end, you’re only a human and running out of energy will seriously fatigue you;

A grim world plunged into half-darkness. In this world our god has finally turned his back on us, and his corrupt presence can change the intensity of the battlefield: from summoning monsters, through changing the weather, to transforming creatures into powerful avatars of his will;

A vagabond’s exploration system. Travel the world, bringing your mobile base along with you. Take shelter in and manage your camp, but be wary of enemy ambushes;

A unique fusion of dark Victorian fantasy and the Wild West. Immerse yourself in a world completely different from the one you know – a universe shaped by struggle, where mankind has not had the freedom to develop or advance any of its technology.

Legend of Orion: Adventure looking to head to Switch through Kickstarter

Help make it happen!

Legend of Orion: Adventure is a dungeon building adventure hack and slash game for the Nintendo Switch. Craft your own dungeons to share with your friends online, build up defenses in your treasure vault to protect your gold from players and monsters alike, or take control of your customizable Hero, as you fight and traverse your way through user-created dungeons, in the search for keys, bombs, legendary weapons, mystical relics, and most importantly, GOLD!

The Legend of Orion: Adventure dev team is looking to bring in $30k to make a Switch launch happen, and the campaign currently sits at $1,300 with 28 days to go. Plenty of time to make this happen! Check out the full Kickstarter here.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter offering Switch release through stretch goal

Clowning around

With Ayo the Clown, we’d like to reintroduce you to the incredibly fun platformer games of the ‘90s where platforming is accompanied by an inspiring and memorable story. Ayo the clown has a very unique and cute art style that everybody loves. Expect the unexpected as this clown takes you through a world of imagination. Just think, if Super Mario Bros., Yoshi, Kirby, and Little Big Planet had a child, this would be it.

The Kickstarter for Ayo the Clown is looking to bring in $17k to make the game happen, but that doesn't include a Switch release. Fans will have to push the game to the $30k stretch goal to bring the game to Switch. Check out the Kickstarter here for more details.

Kumo may release on Switch via Kickstarter goal

Ready for a Journey?

Take a single-player journey through a land covered in clouds, lush beautiful ruins, across white snowy Alps and through a strange mirrored temple, meeting the spirits of those before you who took this beautiful but treacherous journey and discover the world around you.

Kumo is full of world-changing puzzles, crazy characters, a beautifully aesthetically designed world and moving soundtrack to go with it making your journey as delightful as the story itself.

Discover beautiful areas as you ascend the clouds.
A beautiful 10 piece soundtrack.
Freely control your ribbon using your spirit.
Lead Kumo into a second chance at life.

The plan is to release Kumo on Switch, but that's only happening if a Kickstarter is successful. The Kumo Kickstarter goes live in roughly two weeks, and we'll be sure to link you in when it goes live.

Kingdoms of the Dump will come to Switch if $80k stretch goal is hit

Kingdoms of the Dump is a game about a world of trash created by two real-life janitors. While designed to evoke the 90's JRPG flavor, we have incorporated adventure and platforming inspirations as well as modern design innovations to the genre.

The King of Garbagia has been trashpicked! Disgraced squire Dustin Binsley is blamed for the kidnapping and must embark on a mission to clear his name. Cross the Lands of Fill, uncover hidden secrets in the trash, and expose the evil organization trying to destroy the Kingdoms of the Dump!

If you want to see Kingdom of the Dump on Switch, you'll have to spread the word on this Kickstarter. While base funding for the game is at $60k, a Switch version will only happen if an $80k stretch goal is hit. Check out the campaign here.


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