Platinum Games dev blog - Let’s Dance! The Music of PlatinumGames in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Over the last few years, Platinum Games and Nintendo have become very close with one another. This is through multiple collaborations, including the addition of Bayonetta to the Smash Bros. roster. In the blog below, Platinum discusses not only Bayonetta's inclusion in Smash, but the various work that was done on music for the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest entry in the beloved Super Smash Bros. series, hit store shelves on December 7 of this year! Bayonetta made her Smash debut in 2016, in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Now she’s back for Ultimate – and she’s brought her pal Rodin, gunsmith to the gods, along as an Assist Trophy.

Bayonetta’s Smash Bros. arsenal is familiar to anyone who’s played Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2. In addition to summoning massive, demonic limbs into the battlefield for smash attacks, Bayonetta uses Scarborough Fair – her iconic set of four handguns (err, hand-and-footguns) – for thrilling Bullet Climaxes, and she can even slow her opponents’ movements with Witch Time. Her silky-smooth combos and climactic special moves make her a unique addition to the Smash Bros. roster.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate - Day 3 countdown images

Time for the Day 3 images counting down to Smash Bros. Ultimate. We get some Fire Emblem action, as well as a special piece of art with Bayonetta!

Lady Gaga shows love for Bayonetta on Twitter

Lady Gaga and Bayonetta seem like a match made in heaven, don't they?! It's no surprise to see she's a big fan. I love that Nintendo swooped in for a little Twitter encouragement as well!

Thanks to Mock Turtle and Dondom95 for the heads up!

Platinum shares status update on Bayonetta 3, says development is "going very, very well"

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba were on-hand for a stage event at the Bitsummit Roadshow: Tokyo earlier today, and they shared an update on Bayonetta 3. You can get all the details below.

- the game is “on course”
- everybody in the development team is “in sync”
- development is proceeding smoothly.

“It’s nice to be able to tell you that everything is going very, very well. We’re all very excited about what we’re doing on that game.”

The pair also shared a small tidbit on the development of the original Bayonetta. While Kamiya had the idea of having guns that you both shot at and hit enemies with, the idea of kicking with guns came from an animator on the team. Kamiya went to the animator with his original idea, and when the animator heard the idea of about hitting with guns, he suggested they should add the kicking element as well.

Udon releasing The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 art book stateside on Nov. 20th, 2018

Bayonetta is a butt-kicking, havoc-wreaking witch who wields sweet weapons like pistols, whips, hammers, flamethrowers, and poison bows. But it’s not just about brawn ― it’s also about style.

The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 collects all the fabulous artwork behind this celebrated video game sequel. Included are character designs, development sketches, weapon & environment designs and promotional artwork. It’s all topped off with character & enemy profiles, journal entries, and plenty of exclusive creator commentary.

The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 is due out stateside on Nov. 20th, 2018. Check out the Amazon.com listing here.

Bayonetta 3 progressing steadily, teaser trailer included a lot of "messages"

The following is a snippet from a SourceGaming interview with Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba...

SG: Is it okay to ask more about Bayonetta 3 or is everything sealed as secret?

Inaba: There isn’t something particular, we can talk about. But there are lots of messages included in that teaser trailer from Kamiya. The fact that it affected you so much and you are concerned about Bayonetta, that makes us very happy!

SG: Okay, well then only one question about Bayonetta 3. How far is the development of Bayonetta 3?

Inaba: It’s progressing steadily. It’s difficult to say, but it is continuing. This time around, the development process is slightly different.

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Nintendo details sales of Kirby Star Allies and Bayonetta 2

Coming from Nintendo's financial briefing...

Bayonetta voice actress hasn't been asked back for Bayonetta 3 yet

Bayonetta 3 is in the works for Switch, although we have no idea when the game will be coming out. It seems like a project that's more likely for 2019, which means a ton of work is yet to be done. To give an idea of how far along things are, Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor revealed that she hasn't been asked back to reprise her role. She suspects she will be at some point, but nothing is official. With that said, Hellena did say that once she's under contract for the role, she won't be able to confirm the work with fans. In other words, we'll just have to wait for the first trailer with English voice work and hope that Hellena is in there!

Bayonetta - Wii U vs Switch vs PC graphics comparison

Any version of Bayonetta is more than serviceable, as you can see. If you're looking for a version you can play at home and take on the road, obviously the Switch is the way to go.

Nintendo UK - Be in with a chance of winning a Bayonetta Special Edition for Nintendo Switch

To celebrate, we’re running a competition on Facebook and Instagram. You could be in with a chance of winning a Bayonetta Special Edition* for Nintendo Switch! To enter, simply head to the relevant post on Facebook and Instagram and leave a comment telling us which play mode you’d play the game in most: TV mode, handheld mode or tabletop mode. The contest closes on 4th March 2018.

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