Pokken Tournament - new update now available at arcades, runs until August 21

- update runs until August 21
- allows for you to unlock the Support Pokémon of Farfetch'd & Electrode
- when using a BANA Passport, you will unlock a second Mission Panel
- features various new titles & backgrounds as prizes
-  also a new Extra Battle during this period where you can battle against Darkrai
- you will get two Dakrai specific titles when you defeat him
- new outfits available for your avatar based on Diving Suits as well

Pokken Tournament - new update in arcades, details

- Mewtwo as unlockable character (via a special event)
- Pachirisu and Magikarp as Support Pokémon
- new titles, backgrounds and items for your Avatar
- Ranking event started today, which allows you to unlock even more titles and a Happy Balloon background, along with the Pressure Focused Cheer Skill

Pokken Tournament (Arcade) - Shadow Mewtwo event starts this Friday


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