Bravely Default II Producer Tomoya Asano comments on Bravely Second, doesn't feel as though the game met expectations

According to a recent interview with Famitsu (and translated by DualShockers): producer Tomoya Asano shared his thoughts about Bravely Second and how he hopes to better meet fan expections when developing Bravely Default II:

Before getting more into Bravely Default II details in this interview, I’d like to apologize to the fans about Bravely Second. There were parts of that game that didn’t meet the many expectations fans had. The development team deeply reflected on Bravely Second‘s problems and it showed in all our following projects.

Asano and the rest of his team are working hard on Bravely Default II, and he is using his learning experience from Bravely Second and Octopath Traveler to help him create a game that he hopes fans will enjoy.

Bravely Default II - a few more details, main theme

The teaser sites for Bravely Default II have been made available. While the Japanese website doesn't offer much, there is a piece of music for you to listen to. We have embedded a YouTube version here above.

On the American site, there are a few more blurbs shared about Bravely Default II. The text is as follows...

Step into a brand-new world with four brand-new heroes.

A new world, a new story, and all-new Heroes of Light await in an original RPG experience arriving on the Nintendo Switch system in 2020! This successor to the original Bravely Default game comes from the team that brought you the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler, and features music from Revo (Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon), acclaimed composer of the Bravely Default soundtrack.

Brand-new entry in Square Enix’s Bravely Series
Travel the world in search of the four Crystals with the latest incarnation of the brave band known as the Heroes of Light
Latest creation from Team Asano, creators of the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler
New world filled with new characters, but with the atmosphere and excitement the Bravely series is known for

The Art of Bravely Default book coming to America, pre-orders now available

The Art of Bravely Default is an upcoming art book for the Bravely Default series that contains over 250 pages of various art pieces. This book is the first of a two-volume set, and it is scheduled for release in February 2019. The game is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and the book is priced at $39.99. 

Bravely Default: For the Sequel gets Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light bosses

- Players will be able to encounter and fight off both Lucifer and Beelzebub as mega bosses.
- To fight them you'll have to actively touch a menacing black dragon icon.
- This will show up on the lower mini-map screen.
- Whether they retain their movesets from the Final Fantasy series is unknown.
- Players must pass them to you through WiFi correspondence before the demons will invade your realm.


Collectible figurine, artbook, AR Cards and soundtrack CD included

22nd October 2013 - With the eagerly anticipated launch of Bravely Default on 6th December fast approaching, Nintendo of Europe today unveils the contents of the Bravely Default Deluxe Collector's Edition, a premium edition of the critically acclaimed role-playing title from Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

The Bravely Default Deluxe Collector's Edition, which will be available in the UK from ShopTo.net, comes in a game-themed box which contains the following items:

Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS Game Card)
Agnès Figurine
Deluxe Artbook
34 AR Cards
Original Soundtrack CD

As a special pre-order bonus, fans will also be able to get their hands on a smaller artbook when they pre-order either the standalone game or the collector's edition at GAME before launch on 6th December. The game itself will also be available as a download from Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.

For further details:

Nintendo 3DS Guided Tour: http://guidedtour.nintendo.co.uk

Nintendo 3DS (UK) on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nintendo3DSUK

Nintendo UK on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/NintendoUK

Nintendo of Europe on Twitter https://twitter.com/nintendoeurope

Nintendo UK on Twitter https://twitter.com/nintendouk

Nintendo UK Online Store http://store.nintendo.co.uk

Bravely Default interview - On why the DLC was included and balancing issues

- The previous damage limit was set at 9,999 damage, this time we'll get to dish out higher damage that ranges into the five digit figures.
- One of the major new features that will be in the game is the Bravely Second, which allows one to pause time in the middle of battles, by using SP, and attack their opponents.
- SP will accumulate while your 3DS is in sleep mode, which will give you one SP point every eight hours.
- While you can collect two to three SP a day, you'll also be able to purchase SP Drinks from the Nintendo eShop, that immediately gives you three SP points.
- Asano:"While we can't change the game's characteristics, we also can't just make it more difficult, so I decided to put in a simple idea. I'd like to think of the Brave & Default system as a fun way to control turns, and I think Bravely Second will bring a fun way to deviate from the turn."
- Asano on balance issues: "Bravely Second isn't a de-merit, but a system that gives players an advantage. It's convenient, and very powerful. With that said, since it requires putting the Nintendo 3DS in sleep-mode to accumulate SP, players will most likely only be able to use it twice or three times a day. I expect people to use it after asking themselves 'should I use that trump card?' While it will be balanced in its own way, Bravely Default always had the Friend Summon and Ability Link features, so there aren't any strict balances. I believe that's one of Bravely Default's charms that makes it enjoyable [laughs]."
- On why this was included as DLC: '"There's a chance that all the players could end up disliking it, so we really put a lot of thought into this one. With that in mind, the reason we decided to go through with the plan is because of our wish to have as many people possible beat the game. Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we'd want. It's for this reason that we also included the difficulty and encounter rate adjustments. Ultimately, it will be an item that will allow you to beat bosses, simply by drinking it--although we didn't make it into some item that's like a 'bomb that instantly blows up bosses' because we still want you to have fun with the game. Just to be clear, the game will allow you to still use the Bravely Second up to two or three times a day, without having to purchase SP Drinks."
- On the cost of the drinks: "We're actually still in the brainstorming stage for that. If it's too cheap, then players will get to use it as much as they want, and that would ruin the balance. I think it'd be good to have a price that stays true to the value of a special trump card."

RUMOR - Bravely Default is getting localized?

According to Siliconera, they were able to talk to ''various sources'' at GDC about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. These sources were able to confirm that the game will be getting a localisation. I do really trust the Siliconera folk, but I am marking the story as a rumor. This is just because I want to be on the safe side, considering Square Enix hasn't said anything official.


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