Thoughts about the new site

So, I will give some quick impressions about the new layout. First of all, I felt kind of heartbroken when the site went haywire and everything was lost. My comments, picture, everything got erased and probably wont come back. But I will get over it soon. 

Now, this new page, I got to say, it's a lot better and convenient than the previous one. The web designers put on a lot of thoughts about features and QoL changes. We finally have notifications when someone replies our comments, and everything looks cleaner. I may not need to use the email again to suggest an article, and that's great. 

Now, for some suggestions. First. I don't know if it's intended, but the website icon is way too dark. I often mistake the icon for another website and close the tabs unintendedly. If you could make it brighter and more reddish, I'll appreciate it. Second, the comments textbox is harder to make it, you know, write. I have to click several times on the upper left side to see if the blinking line thingy is there. Would be best if I can click anywhere on the text box to start writing. Also, more categories for the forums will be great to.

That's all for now. Keep up the good job!

Is there a chance that the feature for emailing users whenever someone comments in a subscribed topic return? I loved being notified through email, since it's the fastest and easiest way to get my attention whenever another post was made.

I also miss the option to be auto-subscribed to a topic that I written comments for. I forget to scroll back up to the top and click on the Subscribe option.

Also, is this "goodbye" to the user rankings system or will it return?

I like the new look and feel of the site, and I'm happy to see that it's working very well on the Wii U web browser (browsing the old site was slower). Thank you very much.

I actually thought auto-subscribe was a thing.. guess it's not, or it's only when creating a thread. That sounds doable. Along with emails upon replies...we offer it for new PMs, notifications should be included too.

The ranking system is getting a total overhaul. It will not be based (solely) upon post count, and it will not simply give you a higher name or icon, but it will give you extra abilities and weight to your actions on the site the higher your level. Expect that sometime after we're done squashing launch bugs and making necessary tweaks.

Hunh, that should be interesting, I miss being a boo Sad , kinda liked the ranking, made it fun for us regulars

Sun May 24 15 12:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

We can still assign labels and icons to ranks/levels/whatever we call it. But it won't just be something based on post count. things like having your comments upvoted, suggesting missing games to the database, submitting tips for the blog, etc will boost your rank. Submitting bogus tips/games that get rejected, pissing people off to get a warning from the mods will severely and negatively subtract from your rank. Get too low of a level/score will limit what you can do on the site or with the community, leaving the only way to get posting privileges back is to do something helpful, like send in tips, help curate the game database, write a review, etc.

Just one example, but this could come into play that someone at X level/rank could have their vote weighed 2x for rating stories, or their content could be more visible on the site (special style, label, or be shown in more visible places)... just some rough ideas.

Not based solely on post count? More abilities? Sounds interesting.

I've got a suggestion: When you're in the forum and you're scrolling down, the black menu bar comes down with you. You should add a link on that to take you back to the main home page. Right now, you have to scroll all the way back up and click the GN banner to go there.

That link is something I'd like too!

Update : the forum link now changes to "news" when browsing the forum. Yay!

Oooh, I like it!! :D

Great, thanks!! :D

It would be nice if you didn't have to scroll to bottom of page to comment. Also would it be possible to have a sidebar upcoming games list with release dates? Even if it was only partially accurate it would be nice. So far I like the new site. It is a bit slow loading, and a little sparse.

The form at the bottom is meant to be a consistent thing across the site, but we can still explore ways to make scrolling down there less a chore.

Sidebar calendar...that's actually something I'd like to introduce as part of the games database (which will also allow user participation to curate). Thanks for the idea..glad some of mine aren't crazy Smile

Not sure if new, but there is a tiny link above the first comment that says "quick reply" it will take you to the bottom to comment.

not new...but it also doesn't let you reply to anyone via that form. it's just a way to add a comment to the story and not connect it to what anyone else has said (not threaded).

I was thinking...I think Grubber Gamer's articles/round-ups deserve to be featured in the top-nav, too!

I've been liking the small changes the team's made since launch. The new comment box is great, and overall the site is filling it a little better. Excited to see what's coming next! Smile

I've noticed that you can't reply to somebody's post after a certain number of replies, which can be quite frustrating. Any way around this or a chance of improvement? I'm spoiled by the Reddit comment format, I think!

There's a physical limit to how much we can indent a threaded conversation, but maybe we can bring back the old "@username" bit to sort of fake replies when the limit is reached. I'll see what we can do. Thanks!

Just a suggestion... Can you add a page selector at the top for topics with many comments? It's not a big deal to scroll down to the bottom but it would be more convenient to have one at the top.

Seems like a fair request... note that cortjezter might overrule me if it doesn't look that good to him. :P

Thanks for the new buttons and thanks for taking suggestions. Everything looks great.

Looks good to me. Thanks for the suggestion and taking care of that Smile

I don't know why, but since yesterday I'm getting one "invisible" news-article that keeps reappearing in my RSS feed. When I say 'invisible' and 'reappearing', I mean when there are no new articles displayed IN the feed, the title of the feed pops up with a (1) indicator on the side saying there's one new article - but there isn't. (And it ONLY happens with this site's RSS.) And if a couple of new articles DO come in, there's always one more than the actual amount.

Even if I change the feed-reader's settings so it only displays ONE news article at a time for GoNintendo, it still shows only the one that is already read, and it indicates that there is one new article that's unread, but nothing else is there. Not sure if that happens to anyone else, but the reader I use is Chrome(ium)'s Slick-RSS reader. But again GN's feed is the only one that does it. The only thing I can assume is that an article that was long off the front page got updated and it's doing some kind of ghost-update or something, but no matter how many times I do a global "mark as read", or delete the feed and make a new one, it still comes back.

which story is it? tried any other readers, just to be sure it's not on your end?

Odd. It was doing it to me last night, it was doing it to me again this morning, tried everything to fix it... but now after 21 items scrolled off some older news, it fixed itself, apparently. Makes me think somewhere in those 45 items a story was refreshing itself but not showing up as an unread story somehow. But now I've marked everything as read, refreshed several times, and that "invisible story" isn't coming back. So I don't know which one it was, but apparently having it scrolled off by new items coming in 'fixed' it.

....but that doesn't make sense since I reduced the amount of visible stories from 50 to ONE, and it was still showing up. So maybe you guys fixed something, I don't know. But I'd turned my computer off last night and it was still like that this morning, but after playing a game for a few hours I came back and it went away, so I have no idea what was going on now.

If it happens again to you, see if you can jot down specifically, which stories this happened to. I'm using the RSS feed as well and haven't noticed this issue myself.

Well that's just it, I couldn't see which news article it was. Even when I reduced the max-news-articles to just 1, that news article was grayed-out because it was already read - but every time it refreshed, there was a (1) in front of the title indicating there was a new news-story, but there wasn't any. It only happened that one time, though and it seemed to fix itself after a few newer articles flushed it out. It's possible it was just Slick RSS having problems, but I'm not sure. I'm guessing Slick RSS kept some of the articles somewhere even though I told it to only display (1) at that point, but it somehow new the new limit of 45 and I guess the problem went away when it was scrolled off somehow. I'm just glad it's gone for now, but if it happens again I'll try to see if I can figure out which one it is.

Thu Jun 30 16 07:49am
Rating: 1

I can say I have the same issue, and have had it for a while now. (And yes, I know this is an old post, but hey, better late than never.)
I'm subscribed to a lot of RSS feeds, so I never really attributed this to GoNintendo, but I too get the mysterious "1 new post" indicator, with no new posts actually showing up. (Or as you described, one more than the actual amount.)
Reloading the RSS reader fixes it until it happens again. I haven't seen a permanent fix and this bug isn't consistent either

Yeah, I can't remember how it worked out back then, but it did get fixed. I just can't remember if it fixed itself, or if I exported the RSS-feed, completely deleted and reinstalled SlickRSS and reimported the list. But it only happened the one time and only for this site , and it was around the time we switched to the new site, so that's what made it suspicious. Good luck with it for yourself though, hopefully it works out.

Sorry for the late reply to this.

Humor me first, try pointing your reader to this URL: http://gonintendo.com/feeds.xml This is the raw feed that the site generates.

The "official" feed goes through a 3rd party called Feedpress for caching purposes and some analytics. I'm curious if the issue you are having it due to something Feedpress is doing to the feed or something wrong with the raw feed itself that I'm generating.

Wed Jul 13 16 06:14am
(Updated 1 time)

Okay, I added it. Now we play the waiting game to see if only the Feedpress feed has this issue or if both of them have it. For what it's worth (and this makes sense), the direct feed has articles much quicker/sooner

Wed Jul 13 16 11:04pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well, tonight, I had a nice list of unread RSS items (around 50+ for each GN feed) and went through them all in one sitting.
The result?

Feedpress RSS: 1 remaining phantom item
Direct RSS feed: 0 remaining items

EDIT: Here's a screenshot of it, showing the remaining item

No matter what I click or how often I press refresh, it doesn't show any new articles. When I refresh the actual page (so, F5), the phantom item disappears completely and everything is back to normal.
I'll keep the direct feed in there for some further testing (and I've come to like seeing the articles double; assures that I don't miss anything due to sloppy reading).

Feel free to keep using the raw feed if you want to. I think I got things "fast enough" to not worry too much about caching. May end up just having all new users use the raw feed in the future.

Thanks for trying that!

Now that I'm subscribed to both feeds, I found out something about a 'phenomenon' I noticed some time ago. I described it in the last comment here: http://gonintendo.com/topics/236095
Thought you might be interested in that

Good to know, I might just switch everything to use the raw feed then and sunset the feedpress stuff.

Thanks for your assistance!

Aww, I didn't mind the extra images in the articles. They were sometimes pretty funny!

Yeah, but they're really not supposed to be there. They're in meta data for sites like Facebook and Twitter to pick up on for their little "card" things that, for some reason, either Feedpress or the code in the Feedpress version is having readers go to the actual pages of the site, scrap the meta info, and inject the image in the reader.

tl;dr - I have no idea why those extra images are showing up for people.

Yeah, I understand why you're gonna make this change. Just expressing my own opinion without any real attempt to persuade you or anything

Fair 'nuff.

I'm also not going to be removing the Feedpress version, so if you're fine with whatever this phantom news post that shows up in your reader, you can keep using it.

I'm not trying sound negative but I really don't like the new site look. The new forums are okay, I can get why it was changed. But the new main page has lost so much personality. It is harder to read and the old one was fine in terms of readability. I feel like it had more coverage in terms of getting more stories in front of a user's eyes at once than the new one too.

I've been using the site as a fan for years, probably 5+. Loved the header with the mushrooms, loved the flow of stories. Now, it just feels like anyone's blog. I know RMC is putting in super hard work and I still wish I could bring myself to visit GoNintendo everyday like I used to (dozens of times per day actually) but this new site just lost so much. I wanted to give it sometime to see if changes would be made but I just find myself not remembering to check the site and instead visting places like Nintendo Everything. I'm not saying go back to the old style but I do believe the new look needs to be closer.

Better readability, more stories on the main page and more personality. Less like other sites. Still love the site and the work you do RMC just putting my 2 cents in. Also, my old account was seemingly lost so I just registered this one so I could post this. Keep up the good work RMC, I'm sure I'll eventually learn to love this new site as much as the old one.

I'm honestly not sure what you're talking about.

The site design is overall cleaner. The typography is also much easier to read; I actually used professional tools to calculate the ideal size, tracking, and line height to match the golden ratios used in time tested printed materials like books or magazines.

The number of stories is the same as it's always been.

Sorry, but I suspect you're missing something or just mistaken, as it's literally the first and only comment to say anything even remotely like those criticisms. I do appreciate you taking the time to share though!

i 100% agree, the fonts are terrible on a desktop, the site now is 100% mobile and its disgusting. conversations are now useless due to posting format.... hows the comment stats? back to pre-crash?

It seems to me that forum usage is WAY down, but blog post comments aren't that below what they used to be. Definitely a noticeable drop; however, that is to be expected.

Gotta say though, the GN crew is doing their best to accommodate (or at least look at) most peoples requests and suggestion so I give them props for that.

If I may offer up a suggestion Cort: Would you be open to trying a pure black font instead of the #393939 off-black that you are using? Also, increasing the font size to 16px and family to arial. These three changes make it much easier to read the font imo.

Thu Jun 04 15 06:43pm
(Updated 1 time)

Thank you... I'll check it out. If it works, you'll see it or something like it in the site someday!

It's 100% mobile?

Another misinformed opinion. Sorry, but when I see blatant ignorance followed by wild claims and exaggeration, it's incredibly hard to take seriously.

See the blademaster's comment for how to be Constructive, and your points at least taken under consideration instead of dismissed.

Thu Jun 04 15 08:56pm
(Updated 1 time)

need screenshots of my browser to see 40% of grey space on a 1920x1080? i've been saying the same things since day 1 of site relaunch, and expect to be dismissed. how can one be misinformed on viewing a site, for 6years of changes??? it looks great on the gamepad, i've said it before, on a real monitor, not so much. as for anyother kind of 'mobile' i wouldn't know due to not owning any.

so anyway, why cant there be a traditional forum? it do with account points and such? i think a lot of forum users wouldn't care to be excluded from such nonsense, in trade for a traditional format forum. even if the blog posts dont tie in, as a separate entity, but than it all becomes more work because we all know we can't go unmoderated.

I see your point and understand the frustration.

While I disagree with labeling any website that doesn't fill an HD TV with content as "mobile", it is true that you'd have a fair amount of unused space at that resolution.

I haven't been able to find any good references nor brainstorm any solutions myself for a single column blog to fit that wide a space, but there are readability concerns if we just make everything wider (ideal characters per line max out around 70-80; much much narrower than your resolution). Aside from scaling the font up dramatically or shifting/distributing the empty space more evenly across the width of the page,there's not much else we can do to fill all that real estate.

As a compromise, I've tossed around the idea of having additional background art to help fill those areas, if our content and stories cannot.

What do you think about that?

From what he's saying, maybe some would like a "Super Wide" option like what GameFAQs has as a site display setting.

I feel kind of stupid for not being able to figure this out, but why are some of the forum categories showing up as red?

It's supposed to be the "this topic has unread comments" feature. Still kind of beta-quality.

Mon Jun 22 15 12:14am
(Updated 1 time)

One thing I'm wondering. Sorry if I sound exigent, but, is there the possibility of having the "preview comment" back on the future?

That's a feature I found myself using in the old site more often than not.

Preview comment?

Where were you using that feature? Forums? Blog?

Mon Jun 22 15 03:16pm
(Updated 1 time)

phpbb allowed you to preview your post (or in our case, comment) on a thread (or in our case, topic) before you posted. When making an new topic on today's site, there's already a preview option. I'll see what I can do to give a similar option for commenting.

Well, that was faster than Sonic. Thank you very much.

Just wanted to post some comments about things that could make for a smoother user experience.

1. On mobile, I think it would be nice to have the login button available right away without having to go into the menu,

2. Also on mobile, once logged in, it would be helpful to have the notifications outside of the menu as well. Kind of like how it is on the desktop version.

I don't know how possible those are, but it would sure be helpful for when I'm on GN through my phone.

3. Creating a separate panels for recent blog post comments and recent forum post comments.

Currently, they are mixed together and it is super easy for forums that people aren't subscribed to, to be easily missed by the masses. By separating them, I would think forum usage would go up and maybe return to GN 4.0 levels.

4. Increase the number of up/downvotes. I know you guys are trying to avoid vote spammers, so maybe you could implement a system where for every two months of activity or something people could get one extra vote per day. Again, I don't know the feasibility, but it's a thought.

Will see what we can do about 1&2. might not be exactly what you suggest, but worth exploring i suppose.

3.. you're saying that the forums are getting buried in the sidebar by the comments, so it would be nice to separate them out? could work.

4. we've upped the limit already once or twice; until we get more of the rank/reputation system going, i'd rather hold off for a bit, but thanks!

Thoughts on this for #3?

That's exactly what I was talking about. Looks nice and clean imo.


I might tweak the style a bit, but cool😎

That sidebar looks great!

Thanks for looking into it!

And yeah, on most days I don't notice the limit. It's only some huge info dump days where it's apparent. Looking forward to hearing more about the rank system in the future.

Can we get the option to preview PMs back?

We no longer have the ability to edit them after they are sent, no longer have the ability to send messages to ourselves as tests, and even copy/pasting the message into the preview box on articles does not work out since the formatting in PMs differs from comment formatting, so what will go through in the latter will not necessarily show up when transposed to the former. >.<

Seems a reasonable request. Will see what we can do.

Also makes me curious what is different between the comment and PM editors...


I just wanted to say that I don't like that you can't actually block people like you could in the old version.

Posts won't show up if they are the base post, but if they reply to me or reply to someone else, I can still see posts. Kind of defeats the purpose.

That sounds like a bug. I'll see if I can get the free time soon to look into it.

Thanks. It's not a huge deal, but there have been people that I blocked because of various issues and I won't see their posts (aside from if they are listed on the "Recent Comments", but the actual post is invisible), but I've been replied to and saw the post and I've seen their posts when commenting on someone else so I was just like "ughhh".

Don't know when you added it, but the new notifications drop down button is great, especially on my phone. I no longer have to drop down the main menu just to see if someone replied to me. Thanks for an addition I didn't even know I wanted.

When will we be able to access the Sony side of the site directly from Go Nintendo? I asked this back in May I think, and was told it's "coming soon" but if it was ever added I still haven't figured it out.

Exactly what did you have in mind? Your login works on both sites already.

A way to go to the Sony version from here, without having to manually type in the url or dig through my bookmarks to get there. It's not a big deal, it'd just make it easier. It doesn't look like that place gets nearly as much traffic as this place does, so that could help.

Do you mean something like their social services buttons in the right side bar, but for Going Sony? An affiliated websites section?

I think he means like a link in the nav bar or something. It's something I wouldn't mind either. Nav bar is getting a touch crowded...maybe instead of individual links, we can add it into one of the existing menu options.

I wonder if it would fit in the User name drop-down...since switching sites isn't really a part of the main site's features, but IS sort of connected to your one login across all of our sites.

We could also toss a link or icon in the sidebar, a la social services.

Yeah, some kind of link in the nav bar would be swell.

Wed Mar 02 16 11:39pm
(Updated 1 time)

Is there any place to see which of your comments have reached top comment status, or a way to see the upvote rating on your own comments?

Also, minor request: can you make the PM notification some color (gold or red) like the comment notifications when you get a reply?

Another request: Can you move the distance between the upvote button and the reply button on mobile? I'm constantly hitting the wrong ones. Might just be a me problem though.

Just deployed a couple of changes...

For now, the comment rating will show under the comment date if the rating is greater than 1. I'd like to see a little more use out of the comment rating before I dive into some form of user reporting on which of the user's comments are top rated.

PM notification in the navbar will now be red if there's an unread message like the notifications. I'm a little surprised I missed that detail when I first set it up.

For phones, I gave the spacing between each comment action a small boost of a couple pixels. Hopefully that'll help you out.

Thanks, everything looks good to me!

Love how quick you guys are on providing feedback and open you are to making changes.

"Quick" is relative. "Open" is highly dependent on current mood. ;)

Hah, well every change I've suggested has been put into place so far so looks like the mood is usually good Smile

Can someone please update the banner? It made sense to support Binding of Isaac when the game came out, but this lengthy endorsement doesn't make much sense for a Nintendo news site, plus it's kind of gross to look at... I get a little embarrassed in public

You'd have to take that up with RMC himself.

Mon Mar 14 16 05:07pm
Rating: 1

It's part of their deal with Nicalis, so it'll be there for at least 9 or so more months.

I agree though, something different would be nice to have. The image of Isaac is a little awkward when people screen peek/

just going get my moderator dick-move out of the way: this is kind of off-topic, and not really about the new site.

anyway, yes, it's tied to the sponsorship deal, and Nicalis has full control over that advertising space (it's not the site banner, btw), though I have recently talked to RMC about it as well, and apparently they really WANT to update the art, but are busy being a game company with products, deadlines, etc.

I've offered to chip in some support, but let's keep our fingers crossed. Nicalis does have a nice stable of properties to tout, so just about anything would be great to cycle in that space!

Whoa I just noticed the "Block User" icon. Didn't know some of us/a few turned out to be troublesome. Now I'm scared of what to say as to not go into someone's list.

Sat Apr 16 16 09:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

The functionality has always been there. I just made it so it's easier to hide a person's comments if you choose to not want to see them. (*coughmycommentscough*)

I probably could change the wording of the tooltip to something like "hide user" if people think it's a little "extreme."

I've only ever blocked one user, and that was because they usually posted walls of text that made little to no sense at all.

I wouldn't be worried about being blocked if I was you.

I've tried my best to use exceptions for this site now that the sponsorship is over, but I just got hit with an advertisement that forced-open a New Window, and then that crashed the entire browser. The only reason I switched browsers about 10 years ago and started using such things is because a legitimate site threw me a virus-advertisement that took me 5 hours to get rid of, and then the moment I stepped back onto that legitimate site, even after updating my virus scanner, I got hit with the same exact virus and spent another two hours cleaning it up.

I'm sorry I can't tell what advertisement did it because of how fast the program-error came up. I know I saw a Jimmy-John's ad starting, but as there were multiple placeholders starting to load up at the same moment, I have no idea if that was it or not. I'm going to try to keep supporting the site, but as I can't help but be on an old computer, even the legitimate ads slow me down quite a bit here when other ad-supported websites don't.

Please contact us directly (form on home page when logged in) with an ad-related issues. It is off-topic for this thread, and our ad partners cannot help as much as by email.

Serious issue on the mobile side. I was browsing GN using the chrome browser on my android phone and when I went to go to page two of the blog pages I got a "your phone has been infected" tab opened up automatically and caused my phone to start vibrating like crazy. I'm assuming it has to do with the new ads system.

I'm sure we have a younger crowd who browses GN so I'd hate for them to be fooled and click on the malicious pop-up.

Send that information up to RMC. If you can come up with a screenshot or something, that'd be good.

I personally have little to no control over the ads.

Will do. Next time it happens I'll grab a screenshot.

BTW, I've come across a weird error.

When you enter the forums the regular way and click on newest comment, rather than going to the newest comment you get no comments shown.

On the left is what I click and on the right is the result.

Yeah I just noticed that too. I'll try to figure it out when I have a free moment.

Fri Jun 17 16 09:33pm
Rating: 1

Annnnnnd..... should be completely fixed within the next 15 minutes (waiting for caches to bust).

Fixed on my end. Weird glitch.

Sat Jun 18 16 02:28pm
Rating: 1

Just a note that issues with ads is off topic for this thread. Please contact us directly with those. Apparently our ad partners have interactive ways to pinpoint and squash issues.

I've recently started having a problem with the mobile version of the website and thought I'd bring it up here, if this is the right place to do so? I can't honestly say if it's related to the ads, as I can't use an ad-blocker on my phone.

Basically, the mobile version of the site has been going *really* slowly for me recently. When I tap the + icon to open a news item on the page, or when I tap the heading to open the item in a new tab, it can take ages to load - literally up to a minute - but often doesn't load at all. It's gotten to the point where the mobile version is unusable. I was just wondering if anyone else was having similar issues, or if it's just me?

I haven't had any sort of slowness issues on my phone. Sometimes when I use the dolphin browser, pages load slow, but when I use the chrome browser everything loads pretty quickly.

My guess is it's the ads loading. They load after the rest of the page load.

Thu Jul 14 16 06:54pm
(Updated 1 time)

When did we start to have "titles" next to the usernames? I just noticed them.

Apparently, I'm an "Ace"

Thu Jul 14 16 06:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

Seems to be a silent return of an old feature. Neat!

Thu Jul 14 16 07:25pm
(Updated 1 time)

Holy hell I wish I could delete my comment from this. Updates on the side bar for this are annoying.

Current rank list can be viewed here: http://gonintendo.com/ranks

I wanted to get the ball rolling to get cort to make icons and maybe revise what's currently set up.

It's interesting to see titles return. Altough it's not immideately clear what title is higher than which, but that's easy enough to find out by clicking on some users.

For example, Ace or Zealot, which one is higher? Apparentely Zealot.

Just pushed up a ranks page http://gonintendo.com/ranks with a link to it on the main members list (though I am really up for ideas on how to improve that page overal *cough*cort*cough*).

shouldn't it be 'Made of Win' instead of 'Make of Win'?

Yes... yes it should

Does the rank include comments made on the Going Sony website?

Yes. Right now they are a unified system.

A zealot, I must be on this site too much!

Ranks are based on quantity of posts, Not quality.

The term Zealot may carry some negative(or religious?) connotations.
Looked it up again, and it's not something I'd say is a net positive based on the definition.

There maybe a few other terms that are off(not the fun staff ones, but some of the other ones), but at least I know now it isn't based on some personal aspect, and again is just based on number of posts.

I'm surprised I've posted that much here, only been here for about a year.
I once remembered when I was a Goomba on the Nin forums. 4th post down, and users couldn't believe that I had just been posting there for only 1 week.

Haha, I was just kidding. Considering the amount of times I visit this site I may be a GoNintendo zealot!

But yeah, I think the posts got reset anyway when the website changed over to it's new form, so the amount of comments I have is way higher than I thought it would be. I guess leaving 2-3 comments a day does add up over time.

I do sort of miss the old ranks though. I think it was like 4000 posts would make you a Pikachu or something like that. Kind of a fun, nintendo themed thing. Will be interesting at least to see how the ranks evolve.


I loved being a ShyGuy... and was horribly disappointed when I lost that rank and went up. Sad

you know, we had an unofficial policy back then that users who reached X number of posts could request a custom rank; if you reached that level, you could have requested a perma-shyguy!

Oh wow. Would have loved that. But I doubt I got to that point, and I wouldn't artificially bump my post count by posting when I don't feel like it, so I wouldn't have got there even knowing it. But it would have been swell.

Mon Jul 18 16 07:16pm
(Updated 1 time)

Commenting on stories is broken for me.

EDIT: Actually, it fixed itself. This is what the error screen looked like btw: http://imgur.com/RwYpsYq

Also, is there no way to delete comments?

Can you define "broken for me"?

Mon Jul 18 16 07:19pm
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I edited my comment. Not sure if that sends notifications or not so here is a reply.

Also, how does your avatar change on every refresh?

Mon Jul 18 16 07:33pm
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Was it specifically this comment? http://gonintendo.com/comments/81057

I found the exact request where you got that error page, but can't reproduce it locally as the specific error you hit really shouldn't happen. Nothing looked too out of the ordinary either. Since you were able to comment immediately after, I'm going to have to chalk this up to "random site hiccup," but I'll keep my eyes open if it happens again.

As far as deleting comments go, it looks like the site is currently set up so only moderators can delete comments.

That was it. It happened like 2 or 3 times, which is why I commented here in the first place. Went back to try again after my comment here and it went through, so I like you said, probably just random.

And mods only seem to be able to delete/edit comments if the story/thread is unlocked. Once locked, even admins can't edit anything about any post in it.

Welp, that's a bug. I'll fix that next chance I get

Just wondering, any reason the comments on posts are limited to 10 per page? Kind of a pain to have to go through so many pages to see peoples' comments on popular posts.

Honestly couldn't tell you. Now that discussions can be threaded, I might have done that originally to keep the vertical scrolling down to a minimum if one discussion thread gets really really chatty.

I am open to changing it, just no one has ever asked about it.

Well, I'd appreciate an increase in comments displayed per page!

Wed Oct 19 16 11:51pm
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I think the old site was paginated every 25. Could do that again.

Y'all heard the man. I'll make a note to do that sometime this week.

Thu Oct 20 16 06:05pm
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And done. 25 per page like the old GN

Thanks, much appreciated!

What a great change!


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