Thoughts about the new site

So, I will give some quick impressions about the new layout. First of all, I felt kind of heartbroken when the site went haywire and everything was lost. My comments, picture, everything got erased and probably wont come back. But I will get over it soon. 

Now, this new page, I got to say, it's a lot better and convenient than the previous one. The web designers put on a lot of thoughts about features and QoL changes. We finally have notifications when someone replies our comments, and everything looks cleaner. I may not need to use the email again to suggest an article, and that's great. 

Now, for some suggestions. First. I don't know if it's intended, but the website icon is way too dark. I often mistake the icon for another website and close the tabs unintendedly. If you could make it brighter and more reddish, I'll appreciate it. Second, the comments textbox is harder to make it, you know, write. I have to click several times on the upper left side to see if the blinking line thingy is there. Would be best if I can click anywhere on the text box to start writing. Also, more categories for the forums will be great to.

That's all for now. Keep up the good job!

woah woah woah... theres no traditional forums?!?? what am i looking at?!?!?
bettcha the textbox is worse to find on wii u browser Smile

Nope...this is how they'll mainly look. Not final,but you get the idea. It will make more sense why when we've released additional community features.

Rest assured the forums have been my baby for 10 years...you better believe I'll take care of them!

Hmmm...I'm guessing there will be a main overview with all the (recent) topics, though right? Or will it always show the first post of each thread?

Still, can't help but think this new replying system isn't as handy, neither for seeing what new posts have been added (since some threads are kind of a clusterduck of people replying to each other), nor for people like me or MoldyClay who often tend to have 5+ quotes in posts (although you can still quote obviously).

But maybe I shouldn't be complaining about it if it isn't finished yet, haha.

I agree with the quotes being important, and should be put in all people's responses. However, I believe it's more convenient if you make a new post including all the quotes from people, as it should look more cleaner. I disagree with the replying system not being as "handy". Seeing a mountain of brown comments before actually seeing the reply was really tiresome, and it's better if that's out of the picture.

its extremely weird to hit a link for 'forum' and have giant block posts. cant that page just be topic lines?? is there gona be or is there an option to display topic/subject lines only?

The only thing I miss is the old forum look, but I can get used to this if I have to.
Also, the all capitalized text on the stories and our usernames is a bit odd to me. Stories should be normal and usernames would look better all lowercase or just normal as well.
Will edit if I think of other things. :P

I'm not really sure I like the new forums/comment style. I dunno.

I'll see what happens.

I would also like the old topic/subject line formatting back (or something similar). It was a lot more convenient when browsing. I could immediately see what interested me and which topics were active.

Also I'm not a fan of the hyper-minimalistic aesthetic. I get that it's supposed to be 'sophisticated' and 'modern', but it looks more sterile than anything. I guess, that's something I'll get used to, though.

The header is cool, though.

I haven't really put much thought into how I feel about the new design, but I love love LOVE how reply notifications are built right in now. I enjoyed being social on occasion before but I felt it difficult to actually keep up with the conversation (if there was one), so I often just didn't.
Shame that comments can't have signatures anymore though. I was about to put together a fancy plug for my artwork tumblr to put there.
Also, this design does seem to have trouble loading on the 3DS browser sometimes. Might not be a priority, though.

Also, is it just me, or are there no ads anymore? Not complaining of course, but I haven't ran into any ad on both my PC and phone.

For the My Discussions panel on the right sidebar, will you guys be changing it to only show each topic once regardless of all the replies made? 

This new design is definitely going to take some getting used to. The more I look at it, the more I start to like it, but part of me still misses the old site. Either way, I'm glad everything is running smoothly again!

forum standard was set years ago, this is more like diqus to me.. but without adding disqus????

Ahh, Disqus, that's what this reminded me of.

Wed May 13 15 11:52pm
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I love the new site for the most part. But, I hope something will change with the forums. I loved how it would just show the title of the topic before and you could sort them by new/active posts and topics you've commented on. This is fine now that there's only like 5 topics, but when there are hundreds again it's going to take forever to wade through them and see if there's anything that interests you. I could see this causing a lot of new threads being made for topics that already have threads because they will get buried under tons of other topics and people are only going to look through so many when it is showing the entire first post of each topic. It looks nice, but it would be great to have an option to just show the titles too. I do like how you can just reply directly to a comment now though.

Wow, this place looks pretty slick and shiny! :O Definitely an improvement from the clutter of the older version. It was definitely a shock to see the site down several days ago. I'm glad you guys are back up and running. :thumbs up:

Yeah, so far I don't mind the site's design for the news stories, but the forums are still confusing and I'm still getting used to them. Plus I don't know how to make my gif avatar animate again when it did on the old GN. Sad Oh well, I'll find out eventually I hope.

You can ask the ones with gif avatars on how they did it Smile 

upload the original .gif, not a link to it...

I uploaded my avatar to Imgur and linked to the picture. In other words, it should work just fine normally.

some of you are expecting a standard forum, but that's not what we're doing. we have specific reasons for it--some of which are not fully developed, so you should just drop that expectation, so you can get on with discussion.

that said, we didn't have time to figure or smooth out a few things for the forums before being forced to launch. we know it's not perfect, but have plans to improve. give us some slack there, please.

what we will be doing is making some tweaks to make things a little more comfortable when thinking of things as a forum.

its all about us tracking posts so ya'll can track us? what these yet to be devloped plans??? why so secret? comments look to be way down from precrash.

so separate idea, how about moving the desktop/non-mobile site to be less like a mobile site. most of dont need geriatric fonts. everything is so condensed and empty. if this all came out as a mobile site, along 4.x, i'd say ya's revolutionized things, but it all still feels so sterile.

Comments aren't down, but our number of registered users is...for now.

Plans include features to boost and incentivize discussion, promote content from the forum to the more visible blog, etc. 

overall design is what it is, I'm afraid, and aside from a few users with unique needs or devices, it's been received almost universally positively. One person's empty is another's dense; ones sterile is another's sleek.

Will be working with t27 on the forum design this weekend..

Sat May 16 15 03:15am
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hey, thanks for the hard work. really great job you 2

Sun May 17 15 01:31pm
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The updated forums are much better than they were the other day.  The main site loads faster for me than before, which is really nice  (EDIT: Actually, it seems like it's back to the same speed now), and I appreciate the ability to hide all blog posts and selectively view what I'm interested in.  The old site was so bad with loading and random posts that I only ever went on the forums to read posts.  The new site is a nice compromise between the blog site and the forums.  Kudos to that. 

My only complaint is the way quotes work.  I've never liked this style on other sides because it feels like individual conversations rather than a nice, unified comment/post section that is easy to follow because it's all in chronological order.  It seems disjointed.

I really like the new forum layout now, or at least the boards/topics layout!

My only issue with the site right now is trying to change my avatar.  I was hoping to direct link an image from my dropbox, but it isn't accepting it due to to the address starting in https .  Am I doing something really stupid, or should I be trying to do it a different way?

Can you not just use http instead?

I tried just changing it and it didn't play nice, LOL.

Yeah....I noticed the same thing. Will see if we can open up the avatar linking to https 

I'd be ok with changing the validation to allow https URLs. I *think* IE no longer complains with a popup window if it detects http and https content on the same page.

Sounds cool.  Thanks for the quick reply, guys!  Site is looking better and better every day!

I made it so your avatar can use https now and updated your profile accordingly. I'm still getting a 404 when I try to go to the URL directly, though. Could it be that it's not set to be publically viewable?

That certainly didn't help! LOL.  Put it in the wrong section of my dropbox somehow.  Thanks for the update.  Working now!!

Mon May 18 15 01:34am
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There should really be a section in the forum dedicated to the site. I've been talking to Cort about a lot of things that I don't like about the site. He doesn't agree on some things for some reason. But I like it a lot still. Really nice upgrade.

Also I just wanna say that I really hope this forum will thrive. The last forum looked crap but the fanbase of GoNintendo is so big that this could really be a great thing. So I'm glad this looks better. But it's still quite lackluster.

I hope I can come back here and have a lot of discussions as I've missed that after I stopped going to a Swedish forum several years ago.

Mon May 18 15 03:15pm
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It's a lot easier on the eyes....except for maybe the header....that really doesn't say "Nintendo" to me for some reason.  The font seems more like a Sony thing than a Nintendo thing.  When I first saw it I just couldn't get use to it.  Anyway moving on, it is also a lot easier to navigate, send in news tips....don't like that categories are missing from the news posts.  The color scheme also seems like it doesn't mesh well together...  All in all it is an improvement..but just barely.

Categories are still there. They are explicitly listed inside each story, along with other meta data.

Because each category has a different specificity and "weight", they rank differently when a story has several. Each category is also assigned a color. The "primary", or strongest category is represented in a subtle way by the color lining is left side, so even when collapsed or quickly scrolling through a page, you can get an idea what kind of stories are there. Training yourself to recognize this will be different for each user, and I'm not opposed to the idea of users setting their own color preferences.

Anyway, just a little background. ;)

I keep getting autologged out. Is it a problem others are having, or just me? It happens everytime I open up the browser and even sometimes when I open up multiple GN tabs at once.

Also, any chance that we can get a recent section specifically for the forums on the right sidebar...kind of like the recent comments section but forums specific.

That certainly happened to me a lot on the old site, but not on this one... Ask duck to see what causes it

Hmm, that's weird then. Thanks for letting me know, 

And yeah, I figure he will see this eventually.

if you haven't already... go into your browser settings and delete the old cookies/cache data. any old, stored data or session info might be conflicting with the new site/system. i had a couple problems myself with logging in/out and deleting the old data fixed it immediately.

I've been trying to get used to the new font, but a recent PR story(about the Balance Board patent thing) really strained my eyes trying to read it.  These comments are okay because they have a little background to them, but the really thin sans-serif and bright-white background(especially when the PR stories have their text lighter-colored and in italics) makes reading kinda difficult.  I don't really have any suggestions about it, just.... thought I'd mention it.

I know the site was rushed to get it working when the old one died, but if there was one thing I was hoping was part of the prototype or hadn't been user-tested yet, the font was one of those. I don't have a problem with the capitalization because that's the way NSider used to be(and why I keep my username capitalized on whatever sites I use it on), but the really thin font and occasionally light-colored/italic text makes things difficult.

The font wasn't rushed (has been live on GoingSony for a year and a half now), and any major complaints have already been addressed. Sorry.. just a difference of opinion.

Wed May 20 15 08:51am
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I agree that the thin text is a bit hard on the eyes. But I'm glad that I finally don't have to zoom in to 120% like I've had to for many years.

Is there an easy way to tell when people are commenting on older stories from the main site? Before, I would just look in the forum for the site and see which topics had recent comments, but now I would have to go and look at each story to see if there are new comments. If I miss a story and don't comment on it for a few hours or a day later, it almost feels pointless to leave a comment because no one will know or even read it.

The "recent comments" box in the sidebar.

Thanks for the quick response. It helps some, but it doesn't help too much if all the comments are being made in just a couple threads. Any chance of seeing something that shows the last 10 topics with new comments instead of the last 10 comments?

We can look at that. Will let you know if anything changes!

Yeah, I really miss the "view active topics" that listed all the threads that had posts in it while you were away. Also, the "view your posts" that listed every single thread that you posted in that had new posts. "Recent comments" shows the last ten comments, but its usually all within the past hour which doesn't help too much. And "my discussion" is also a bit confusing because new comments would highlight the entire title in red before on the forums which made it easy to see.
Those two links, along with the MCP, were the first things I opened when coming to this site and I really miss them a lot. View active topics would make navigating the forums much easier again, especially when we get a lot more topics.

Me too, friend. We're working on them!

Well I will definitely say that the new comment box is a huge improvement... no lag at all now, and the new buttons are pretty nice looking.

I'm absolutely loving the new layout!

Woah, almost 3 years later.

I've been meaning to ask this but why are we limited to rating only 8 stories for the whole day? Any reason for the limit?

Yes there is, but unfortunately not all of those features are ready for release.

Aside from that, one minor reason to limit voting is to reduce the "troll effect"; anyone who signs up just to piss off users or unnaturally bring down scores will not be able to do so. In that sense, 8 is totally arbitrary.

I thought that might've been the reason. Oh well - guess I'll just have to be stingy with my likes.


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