Thoughts about the new site

So, I will give some quick impressions about the new layout. First of all, I felt kind of heartbroken when the site went haywire and everything was lost. My comments, picture, everything got erased and probably wont come back. But I will get over it soon. 

Now, this new page, I got to say, it's a lot better and convenient than the previous one. The web designers put on a lot of thoughts about features and QoL changes. We finally have notifications when someone replies our comments, and everything looks cleaner. I may not need to use the email again to suggest an article, and that's great. 

Now, for some suggestions. First. I don't know if it's intended, but the website icon is way too dark. I often mistake the icon for another website and close the tabs unintendedly. If you could make it brighter and more reddish, I'll appreciate it. Second, the comments textbox is harder to make it, you know, write. I have to click several times on the upper left side to see if the blinking line thingy is there. Would be best if I can click anywhere on the text box to start writing. Also, more categories for the forums will be great to.

That's all for now. Keep up the good job!

Just wondering, any reason the comments on posts are limited to 10 per page? Kind of a pain to have to go through so many pages to see peoples' comments on popular posts.

Honestly couldn't tell you. Now that discussions can be threaded, I might have done that originally to keep the vertical scrolling down to a minimum if one discussion thread gets really really chatty.

I am open to changing it, just no one has ever asked about it.

Well, I'd appreciate an increase in comments displayed per page!

Wed Oct 19 16 11:51pm
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I think the old site was paginated every 25. Could do that again.

Y'all heard the man. I'll make a note to do that sometime this week.

Thu Oct 20 16 06:05pm
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And done. 25 per page like the old GN

Thanks, much appreciated!

What a great change!

Fri Dec 02 16 12:22am
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Back with another request.

I clicked on the my discussions area of this website to find a story I commented on earlier, and it was kind of a mess. Is there any way to present the information differently? Rather than show every single new post in one discussion thread like it currently does (which for popular posts ends up being quite a few pages), would it be possible to sort it kind of like the discussion pane where you see the story title and just a few new posts? It would lessen the clutter on that page imo.

I don't know if that makes sense or if it is possible, but it would be something I'm interested in.

I honestly have no idea what you're referring to. What did you click on in "My Discussions"? What is a mess? Sort what like the discussion pane? The clutter on what page?

Yeah sorry, as I was writing it up I noticed it sounded kind of confusing. When I get some time tonight, I'll try and describe what I mean better.

yes please :D

i'm also totally confused.

Sun Dec 04 16 10:03pm
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Let's try that again.

So what I was trying to talk about was the page you are redirected to when you click "View All" under "My Discussions" in the right side bar. (This page: http://gonintendo.com/discussions )

As it is set up currently, every single response in a thread is listed separately. If I comment in a popular thread (something with 40+ replies for example) it makes it quite difficult to find less popular posts.

What I was wondering was if sorting discussions in a different way was possible. I was thinking you have each story title listed just once, and you could click on the title to see all new comments to that story. That way, instead of being blasted will every comment from every story you comment on, you can pick and choose which story's comments you want to be presented with.

Does that make sense?

I'll see what I can do. Issue is the way the page is setup, it's not trivial to only get distinct stories out of it.

Can't really promise much, but I'll try to mull over it and if I can come up with a solution, I'll let y'all know.

It's not a major thing, so if it ends up being a lot of work don't even worry about it.

QoL request. Can we get a "Mark All Notifications as Read" option?

Fri Jan 20 17 05:56am
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In the drop down in the main navigation there is a link to do so, however I can see if I can remember to also add it to the main notification page as well.

Oh yeah, I see it on the mobile form of the site, but not the desktop version.

This isn't showing up when viewing the site on the desktop with unread notifications?

It wasn't for me at least. I was using Google chrome if it matters.

it doesn't show up for me...when all notifications are already read. if there are new ones it reappears.

I see it now...I don't know why I couldn't see it yesterday. Probably user error...

Like the small touch you added to featured comments. Makes things a lot more clear.

Sat Apr 01 17 12:03am
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Found a tiny bug in posting comments.

When I put something in a spoiler tag, and then go to preview it, I can't. Clicking on "SPOILER" to expand the box just moves me to the top of the page and not expanding the spoiler section. Makes it tough to do any formatting within spoiler tags as one can't see how their formatting will look in advance.

Should be fixed now.

Sat Apr 29 17 05:59pm
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Wow, that's a marvelous banner. I'd even go so far as to say it's a deluxe banner.

What banner?!? I'm on kindle silk browser and its still the red one.

My guess is whoever sent cort the custom banner only submitted the "large" version and not a "mini" version for tablets.

Yep...Chastix only provided a full banner for the desktop site. If I get a chance later today, I'll try refitting as much of it into the smaller banner format.

Is Chastix the same person as Armored Frog, or is there supposed to be another banner?

Wed May 03 17 02:58pm
(Updated 1 time)

Different user, same banner. Original announcement somehow got wrongly linked.

PS...this should be in another thread.

Since one of the recent updates, the [youtube] tag seems to have stopped working. I cannot embed videos anymore, and videos that were embedded in previous posts less than a month ago no longer seem to show up. Would it be possible to fix it (or replace it with another tag)?

Looks like the player's being blocked due to a recent change I did. I'll get it updated and fixed no later than Thursday night.

Wed Jul 12 17 04:43pm
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Should be fixed now!

Awesome, thanks!

Is there a setting somewhere to make the site have a "dark" or "night" theme?

For now, no. But it is something we've at least worked through some designs that it could potentially be a future feature...

I support this idea as well!

Thu Jan 25 18 01:38am
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Proof that designs do exist Smile

Thu Jan 25 18 10:53pm
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It was definitely worth zooming in on the image to see what the text said for the dark theme.

At least our concepts cannot be described as slapdash. 😇

Pity that most of it goes so widely unseen.

In the old iteration of the site, we had the ability to edit our PMs if the recipient had not read them yet. Would it be possible to get that feature (or something like it) back?

Perhaps, I'll have to check with T27.

Knowing that you can preview before sending, and send another message in the thread to share any updates in the time elapsed, what would be the use case for editing something you've already previewed, sent, and could just write a follow-up?

"what would be the use case for editing something you've already previewed"

Much like the previous issue with things like greater-than-signs or ampersands, the message displayed by the preview is not 100% reflective of what the final PM ultimately looks like.

(The most recent difference I have noticed is that nothing inside a spoiler tag seems to show up in a PM's preview.)

Private message preview for the spoiler tag should be fixed now.


I also noticed a couple weeks ago that emoticons do not display in PM preview either.

Those should be fixed now.

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