Well, halfway into the spring season, I was wondering what has stuck for you guys?
I am currently watching:

  • The Flash

  • Arrow

  • Mikagura School Suite

  • Snafu Too

  • Food Wars

  • Danmachi

  • Kuroko no Basket

For the anime, I listed it with my personal favorites at the bottom.

What are my fellow GNers watching this season?

I'm gonna try my luck with Koukaku no Pandora, Erased and Schwarzesmarken.

The first episode of the first one give me Megaman vibes [at least in the environment though]. It's from the author of Ghost in the Shell and the art is from the artist of Excel Saga.

The other two I haven't seen but the premises and comments intrigue me. Erased sounds like it's like the movie, The Butterfly Effect and Swarzesmarken sound like one of those cynic series that play with your emotions.

Aside from that I ask, was Digimon Tri good?

Let me know what you think of the first and last one after a few (like 6) episodes. If you think they are any good after then I'll give them a try.

Erased I watched episode one of already. It seems like something that would be better to watch all at once though, not episode by episode.

Digimon tri...never watched it haha.

What kind of anime do you look for btw? I think it was you that also watched Prison School, Jitsu, and Shinometa right? Those seem way different than the three you listed above.

Nothing really. I've only been watching Dagashi Kashi, which is so-so. I'll just watch more shows from my backlog and wait for summer.

Yeah, I haven't found much that I've really enjoyed and look forward to.

Snow white. Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu, Gate are my top 3 so far. Prince of Stride is ok, although it is hard to get excited about a running anime vs. something like volleyball, tennis or basketball.

Everything else is mediocre so far and I haven't watched more than 2-3 episodes yet.

If you've got the time, I think you would like Snow White and Assassination Classroom (I think you watched S1 already?)

Ya. I watched season 1, but I liked the dub more, so I'll wait until the dubbed episodes start rolling out. As for Snow White, i'll probably watch season 1 first, but I've been meaning to watch it.

Definitely watch season 1 first. It's a feel good romance anime. I didn't think I would like it, but I ended up really into it.

The only show I am currently watching is Dragon Ball Super. I need to get my act together! Haha

Daredevil: It's beyond awesome. It shows why he's cooler than batman (which daredevil did the batman thing first..... Also the Gotham tv show is beyond terrible. Who keeps watching that tripe?!).

Arrow: Its beyond terrible. It shows why DC should never make shows that isn't The Flash quality (also super girl is beyond terrible.... Who keeps watching this tri-oh, people don't like it? Ok.).

Digimon and Pokemon: I just watched Tri and Pokemon XY&Z.... It certainly is their respective franchises. Not gonna ask for the impossible.

I only got a few episodes into daredevil before I put It on hold due to having other things to watch. this comment reminded me to go back to it.

How much of Arrow have you watched?

I agree, flash is really good. Are you all caught up in that? I dont want to spoil anything for you.

Have you given legends of tomorrow, the flash arrow spin-off a look? It's average imo.

Supergirl lol.

Yeah, Daredevil ruuuuuuulllllleeeeezzzzz.

Enough to want to track every season DVDs and destroy them?

I'm still in the first few for Flash..... Gonna dread the Arrow crossover. Ew.

Me giving a **** about a low budgeted Justice League? LOL! (.....Also Justice League doesn't do anything for me)

Welp, we better be careful. People at rotten tomatoes like that tripe.

Since it's the Digimon Tri season I'm rewatching the first Digimon Adventure. From there until probably Tamers or Frontier and then will start Tri.

Spring Anime Season is approaching. Anybody watching anything? I'm watching Boku no Hero Academia, Ace Attorney, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Big Order, Sakamoto Desu Ga? Joker Game, and Bungou Stray Dogs.

Haven't looked yet, but will probably get to it tonight and will let you know.

What are you thinking of watching?

Firstly ERASED already finished. I remember you saying you'll like to check it out. I found it intriguing and with movie level production values. At the very least it's a good ride if you do get into it.

I think I'll watch some old ones. I did found that there's a latin dub of the Seven Deadly Sins (and the dub doesn't suck), also since I'm doing some art inspired by older anime I want to check Slayers. A friend of mine has been recommending me that one for a long time.

Alright, gave everything a look over based on the link Vonter provided.

All in all, there was nothing in particular that stood out to me. I'll give various things a shot like always, but nothing that has immediately grabbed my attention the way one or two anime do every season.

My List: in order of how they appear on the link

Assassination Classroom (continued from last season)
Boku no Hero Academia
Flying Witch
Ace Attorney
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Sakamoto desu ga

I bolded the ones I think more highly of going in.

Sat Mar 26 16 01:01pm
(Updated 1 time)

Nice. I'll probably add Assassination Classroom S2 now that the dub is high-rolling again. I liked the dub more than subs. And I hope Ace Attorney is good. In other news, FLCL will have 12 more episodes. FLCL is one of my favorite series and I'm excited/worried about how it might turn out. I'll watch every episode regardless.

I just went and watched Lupin the Third Part IV (or Lupin the Third Blue Jacket/Lupin the Third the Italian Adventure). To sum it up: it's my favorite anime of 2015 (2016 if you're Japanese).

Any early season impressions yet?

Well, I'm liking all the series I am watching so far. I've decided to put Ace Attorney on hold until it gets an english dub. It's just too weird hearing their japanese names.

I never gave Joker Game a shot, and I didn't reallly like the main character of Stray Dogs so I stopped watching that for a while.

The only ones I'm still watching are the ones in bold from my previous list and I added Re:Zero.

It's unfortunate that all of the good stuff imo air on the same few days. I preferred it last season where I had like 1 every 1 or 2 days to watch.

Top anime so far?

So far? Kabenari. It's just an awesome show.

Last week's episode was kind of weak in my opinion, but the latter half of this weeks episode was great.

Fri May 20 16 09:50pm
(Updated 1 time)

I was having Steins;Gate withdrawal after finishing it. Sadly that replaced Evangelion withdrawal after finishing that. Sadly Fullmetal Alchemist withdrawal never leaves.

I haven't watched SG yet, but people tell me Re:Zero is sort of similar.

I'm watching Zero and I would definitely recommend that you give it a watch.

Right now I just started Darker Than Black, but I'll need a show after.

Curious, are you a binge watcher or do you space your watching out?

At most one a day. So I guess that's spacing.

In non-animated TV news, last night's Game of Thrones:

WatchMojo put a steamy list for the curious. (NSFW, despite censor icons)

Thu Jun 23 16 02:20pm
(Updated 2 times)

TV-related Anime watchamajigs? Aside from Game Center CX dubbed runs, I'm slowly detaching myself from not-lunch/dinner TV sittings (except for home console gaming), but I do have had some Anime series sittings between old and new stuff in the past year or two. Here're my overall thoughts:

-) Cowboy Bebop
Really fun and enjoyable series! I love how each and every episode is dictated by a different soundtrack each and every time, according to the story narrated.

-) Working!!!
My lil'bro dragged in for the first season. With zero-to-no knowledge of the 'Slice of Life' genre it's quite laid-back and harmlessly fun enough to persuade me on watching the second season as well! I still can't figure out why the series' creators have always relegated a season's last episode to let one of the characters in there to actually have an active speaking role of sorts...

-) Death Note
If Case Closed isn't enough, this one is an interesting detective story to watch, but if there's one big thing that drags down my overall appreciation of DN, that's the main villain. THERE I SAID IT DON'T TORCH ME

-) Toriko
Another bro-inspired sitting. With the DBZ-like fighting portions being on the 'OK' spectre, it's the series' "food lore" of the world's aliments that turned out to be a quite unusual magnetic force for me to see which kind of fabled edible elements and dishes can be made!

-) Food Wars -Shougeki no Soma-
My only guess this one made it in Italy is because of the Masterchef craze that has hit us years ago... However, more 'down-to-Earth' food talk are enough for a serviceable series, but was that occasional 'Food-based Hypersexualization' that much needed to be occasionally peppered in along the whole trip?

-) Himouto! Umaru-chan
Short, sweet, gaming-related winks galore and occasional genuinely-funny scenes, what's not to like in there?... Well, I for one do believe that for another 'Slice of Life' series the overall framed setting doesn't challenge the main character(s) in some form or kind of "in-the-course" personal development like in Working before, but yeah for the rest it was a fun, very short ride.

-) Assassination Classroom
Watching this due to the superb Manga series. Faithfully engaging transposition, based on what I could see for both? Sure! For the sake of the Anime, overlong exposition-based scenes aren't that much shoehorned in for a more smooth watching experience, but I'd recommend to anyone else who enjoyed the series to read some of the Manga chapters as well- in my opinion they convey topics and stories/backstories effectively, with many expositional elements that an animated television series' literal transposition could easily risk on dragging into boredom.

that's the main villain. THERE I SAID IT DON'T TORCH ME

It's technically an anti-villain. Still different opinions, I personally thought MisaMisa did rest coolness from Light.

Given your choices just for suggestion I think maybe you could try Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). It's a short comedy anime about NEET women, and more than the story I did like the direction of the series since the director was the same guy who did Baccano and Durarara! so even if the characters are short in regards to development there's a charm I don't find easy to do given the material.

Not a bad list.

If you enjoyed Assassination Classroom, take a look at Boku no Hero Academia. Based on your other watched shows, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

Also, I don't get the appeal of Working! It is one of the few anime that I've looked at that I can't get all that interested in.

The new BESERK is out.... I am sad now....

How come? I thought a lot of berserk fans were looking forward to it.

It might be early to say. But the execution is really jarring. Anime TV studios aren't there yet in regards to making 3D CG look immersive enough. I know the decision might be because animating action scenes (which Berserk has at almost every moment) might have been too hard and expensive to do faithfully. However IMO 3D looks really off when the characters are talking and standing still.

Also and I can't put my finger on it yet. The execution felt antiquated in terms of storytelling, kinda like a play or puppet show, I don't know it's missing something more cinematic in regards of its execution.

But yeah I think after 20 years or so since the last anime (which was very stilted) it's kind of sad that we're not there yet of seeing an anime that nails the art style all the way. I mean it also happened with Gyo, some things are VERY hard to translate to animation.

That's unfortunate. Any idea on how much 3D CG has been integrated into Japanese media? Do they have any major studios or productions?

Is it a newer technology for them?

Not gonna get into animation or music.... People raged enough for everyone to know, lol.

No, my raging goes beyond that (warning massive *****ing ahead):


That's disappointing. Beserk is one of the anime I've never watched but I have always heard good things about. I was gonna pick it up this season, but if it is crap then I guess I'll pass.

Are you going to continue watching to see if it gets better?

I'm gonna have to. It's the closest thing to an adaption of the manga that isn't the Golden Arc.

I'll say if you're a fan see if at the least it isn't boring or cringey to you.

I mean, the original anime also was cheap in it's execution and was mainly saved by a good story and a good script.

At the very least if you skip it you could at least glance later on to see action scenes you're curious to see animated.

Huh, the new Berserk episode wasn't terrible.

It was ok. Though I wonder how they'll manage the pace of this arc. Especially when we're jumping around to different characters. The editing is confusing at times.

It might be interesting considering that


Lol, it kinda blows my mind whenever I hear that Berserk is still on-going.



Tue Jul 12 16 11:45pm
(Updated 1 time)

Spoilerific long summary:


Short version:

The story has advanced slowly and IMO it hasn't gotten as good as the Golden Arc. If anything the best aspect is still getting better and evidently the Dark Souls director took a lot from the creatures and monsters that have appeared. But its most style over substance nowadays, it kind of feels Miura is as tired as the fanbase on this story, and despite how long it has been I don't believe the conclusion can live up to how long it has taken to move the plot forward.


"evidently the Dark Souls director took a lot from the creatures and monsters that have appeared"

Taro Yoko, the Odallus guys, and the dude who designed Cloud for FFVII all cribbed from the series too.

It is one of those franchises that apparently everyone takes stuff from, like Fist of the North Star.

Yeah it's a genre defining work, like Sailor Moon, or Space Odyssey, or Super Mario.

Like they say; a work of media or art has a lot of parents. I think the difference is mainly of adding your own signature to those concepts in order for it not feeling cheap or blatant plagiarism. (Though that last one doesn't seem to affect videogames as much as other mediums at least going by the IOS or Steam influx of games).

"I think the difference is mainly of adding your own signature to those concepts in order for it not feeling cheap or blatant plagiarism."

imo miyazaki in particular crosses the line to where it feels like he just has the From concept artists trace over Berserk pages and calls it a day.
http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/7/77538/2360331-1317501018006.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-uuR9B1gjQ

(On the other hand, shameless copying of its aesthetics by other sources did save me the trouble of ever having to actually read it again, so there is that.)

That pile of corpses looks like a Castlevania SotN boss.

I'll have to agree. The designs are cool but tbh I somehow enjoyed more the more plausible aspects of Berserk. Since aside from the Eclipse there aren't that much story beats that had as much weight as the ones from the Golden Arc. It may be because monsters are more unrelateable or something.

It could also be that monsters work better when they serve to add tension in making the characters we're following vulnerable. I suppose that's why it felt a bit dull just expecting Guts beat the conga-line of monsters before anything interesting happening storywise.

"The designs are cool but tbh I somehow enjoyed more the more plausible aspects of Berserk."


Thu Jul 14 16 12:06pm
(Updated 1 time)



The thing I love about berserk (aside from the phenomenal art work) is that it's approach to a crapsack world is pretty understandable. Like Guts isn't exactly the hero of the series. In fact, he's a line swordsman that has highly questionable morals. However, the world he inhibits is so terrible that you'll ask the question of it's ok to just let the world get destroyed. Better than most mangas where the main characters are doing a world a favor, even though it's just them.

What' s kind of sad and frustrating for me is that despite how godly the art has gotten, the story hasn't been as good as the Golden Arc. It has taken WAY too long to advance the plot from how that one ended.

The only two Arcs I liked were:


Up to date spoilers:


I'll like to share this video. It's of a guy that reviews (mainly) old anime. He did an analysis on Elfen Lied from the point of view of why it does have a cult status.

I suppose it's just me but it did ring a bell, how despite the flaws, exploitation and shock value. Elfen Lied does provoke you. I suppose it can be an age thing but I haven't found an anime that despite heavy flaws like this one I turned to like it as much. It could also be because it also has a thing I do like in any media. CONTRAST. Violence vs. cuteness, bland dialog with gorgeous music giving it weight, heavy handed sadness but also sweet and tender melodramatic moments.

I don't know. I suppose I'll agree with the bottom line. That sometimes you stick with the homeruns and sometimes you stick with the strikes with something. Sometimes the few good aspects brush aside some serious issues, and sometimes the issues ring too heavy to appreciate the overall good points something brings.

Anyway just to go back down-to-earth. This anime isn't for everyone and I do understand why many people despise it.

Fri Jul 15 16 04:31pm
(Updated 1 time)

So the new Berserk episode actually had the


The further berserk goes on, the more it seems that the anime is combining several arcs. I still wished they didn't cut two entire ones..... Both arcs had some great characters and development in the realms of subtlety.

Subtle isn´t the idea behind this adaptation. I mean, as someone who read the manga, it kind of came a sore point mentioning the brought the horse to the mansion. Kinda felt like a wink to the audience right there. "See where we're going with this? ;)"

Still I've now put it on me to see which doll like series will climb on top. Berserk with their uncanny CG or Thunderbolt Fantasia samurai action figure show (the first episode gave me Power Rangers gen 1 vibes).

Mon Aug 15 16 10:54pm
(Updated 3 times)

I watched the Bayonetta anime movie and I finally get what happened with the first game's story.

I have to wonder if videogames are having an issue delivering exposition since last gen, considering the anime takes lines directly from the game but while I felt bored with the exposition there in here I did get more invested. (btw for some reason there's a latin spanish dub so also hearing Bayonetta in spanish was amusing).

I think directly comparing it with the games it comes down that the game has way better action scenes (plus you actually play many of them). But the anime explains better the lore of this universe, at the very least spacing better the exposition dump. For me specifically the Balder monologue was very tedious and utterly boring in the game so I didn't catch the twist of why Bayonetta met her child version. I do wonder if is how in 3D exposition for the most part is very dry in more adult productions.

Anyway, I'll recommend it for both the game's fan service, the animation and a more easily understanding of the game's lore. And still I don't think it takes any enjoyment from the game if you watch this first since the game does the action up and beyond and you play most of it. But IMO the story is delivered in a duller way.

EDIT: I also wanted to express that I like if Bayonetta stays as an exclusive second party series with Nintendo. I have always wondered of what an M-rated IP could fit the house of Smash and in a way Bayonetta seems to clash and at the same time fit in comparison to other M-rated characters. Just wishful thinking since she was added to Smash and I'll like for the IP to keep on growing. Also it needs a rematch with Just Dance since that game beat Bayonetta back in the day. :p

4°C animated a scene in the Amazing World of Gumball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Sy6GJAQto


Funnily, I was having a discussion the other day, regarding closure in Metroid Prime, using the examples of the Pirates of the Caribbean. And don't you know, a trailer for the 5th movie was released today:

Now I'm conflicted since the last one was not only awful but had a lingering loose end with Barbossa getting the bottleship fleet of Black Beard or in Hollywood fashion, dropdead that contrived idea. On the other hand, it has Javier Bardem as the villain, and I really liked him in No Country for Old Men and 007: Skyfall.

Hmm, not much that immediately catches the eye this season, outside of Haikyuu. At least the DCTV series start today. They aren't the best TV, but I'm curious to see how they grow.

Tue Oct 04 16 02:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

Seems like an average season.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku


Shuumatsu no Izetta

are the only ones so far I see with potential as both have interesting premises that could either succeed or fail. Bloodivores seems like an low budget action schlocke premise that I'm just curious because it's apparently chinese, and it does feel like a manwha in regards to the shock value.

October got emptier most of the things I was expecting were delayed to the end of November, which is a shame, I'll not be able to catch all that at the same time. :/

EDIT: Keijo felt more like Sport anime than boring fanservice. Perhaps the PR wasn't that off.

I've fun that we live a world someone put effort making this:

Though I'll see, I mean his other work was about a guy having his right hand turn into a girl.

And there's a manga about a strange man living through his school girl doll.

Which also has a live action version.

All in all, I think it's funny having weird ideas.

Even in America, cartoons have had their own set of weird gem girls, psychodelic times of adventure and I've heard there's quite harsh dramatic cartoon starring a horse.

Anybody watch Mob Psycho 100?

I have not, is there anything you're watching right now? Attack on Titan maybe?

So far I've only checked out a couple of shows from the current season and neither of them were particularly good. I definitely want to watch Carole & Tuesday, though. It's the latest project from Shinichiro Watanabe, the guy who's debut feature was Cowboy Bebop. Watch that one if you haven't yet; it's an excellent series.

That aside, I've mostly just been working my way through stuff that's been backlogged for ages. Nothing to recommend, unfortunately.


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