Wii U Virtual Console Thread 2.0 (With complete list of leftovers)

Hello again! Well, it seems that sadly the old VC thread was lost with the new website, so I decided to restart the Wii U VC thread as releases are picking up again due to N64 and DS VC games.
If you knew me from the old website, you likely may have noticed that I made a big master list of every single VC game from the Wii VC, which ones came over to Wii U VC and in what regions, etc. Well, I did some digging around and found a backup of that list, so here it is, updated to include info from as recent as today.

NES VC games












































Turbo Grafx 16


MSX Games





SNES Games


GBA Games


N64 Games


*DS Games*


Turbografx 16 Games


MSX Games


...And I'll update this first post as much as I can to keep it up to date. Sadly my saved version was only up until March, so there may still be a few holes in my list. The new formatting of this site also can easily cause formatting errors considering how this was made with the older format in mind, so I'll try to get those fixed sometime soon. For now let me know if I missed anything and I'll add it, and of course feel free to discuss the Wii U VC here, including latest releases, your hopes for future games and more.

You know, I just had an interesting thought, out of all the third party companies to bring games to Wii-u N64 VC, I actually think Konami may be most likely. Greed is their weakness, and it'd be free money, and an easy thing, especially in the west, where they have what, about 6 or so games eligible for VC(2 Goemon games, 2 Castlevanias, and Hybrid Heaven), without bringing in Hudson-Soft games, which they've been willing to share/license to Nintendo as shown by them being able to license an IP(albeit obscure one). Also, on the Konami side at least, we've already gotten what, 3/4s or so of their SNES catalog in the west, and PCEngine VC is still alive in the East(and the Turbo Graphix may be returning in the west if recent ratings are any indicator.) Heck, they released some on the wii side already, and out of all the Third parties, they have the most valuable N64 games to lend out(other than Rare of course)

Super Mario Galaxy (1) on the Wii for tomorrow.. Man, I really wanted Mario RPG, 64 DS, Zero Mission, DS Zeldas, Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii), or Super Mario Advance 4.

Ah well, there could be more I guess.

Wed Dec 23 15 06:45pm
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That's not even a VC game so we aren't getting anything tomorrow in regards to the Virtual Console, which is rather upsetting.

I had higher hopes than thisSad

Thu Dec 24 15 12:19pm
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Heh, well it seems the folks who wrote today's PR aren't sure what to classify SMG as. They labelled it as a VC game even though it's technically not... I have a feeling that NOA/NOE classify the Wii Retail Downloads as VC even though they really shouldn't. If they had all the fancy VC features then they would be, but it really is just a digital version of the game with no changes or features whatsoever. Still good for folks who don't own it, but at least we get a Capcom VC sale.

EDIT: Never mind, they messed THAT up too. No Capcom VC sale, just a sale on newer games from them

Hmm, ok so I'm considering getting a few Wii-u VC games as a little Christmas present to myself and for when the family visits. So, wii-u only(don't have the controllers for more than 2 on the wii side), multiplayer games you'd suggest? was considering Mario Tennis, and was maybe thinking Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga(like the series, but never played more than half the original), so anybody got any good multiplayer suggestions? Also considering original Sin and Punishment, I have the sequel, but not the original

Original Sin and Punishment is an excellent game, so you should pick that up right away if you liked the second one.

As for multiplayer VC games, I say go for Super Dodge Ball. It's a crazy 2 Player NES game that's a ton of fun to play with a friend. My friend and I love to play that one off and on when we need something competitive to play.

If you want a four player game, then the Advance Wars games could work, as you actually CAN play the multiplayer on the Wii U Version by passing around a controller, which works well. Mario Tennis is also a good choice.

You can't go wrong with some Co-Op games as well. Sin and Punishment has an odd one where one person moves the character while the other aims and shoots. An interesting way to play the game, but it's not the best form of co-op IMO. Super C, S.C.A.T, Shadow of the Ninja, Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Shura, (they are both included) River City Ransom and Double Dragon II are all excellent 2P Co-Op games

More after 4 player(got 3 sisters, although one may not make it up, the middle one is bringing her boyfriend, who's a cool dude), so Tennis seems like a good pick since I already got Mario Kart 8. They wouldn't have the patience for advance wars. Been meaning to go after S&P, and in regards to fighting games from the Ninties, well that's what my Genesis, and my Saturn with Virtua Sticks are for. Wish F-Zero X had made it over from the wii side, would totally update that, and I will be updating Paper Mario.

Wed Dec 30 15 07:56pm
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Curiously enough, no VC game was revealed the day before usual updates (tomorrow) for the first time in months. It either means-

-No game at all tomorrow


-Surprise game(s) in the press release tomorrow morning.

Here's hoping for the second option. With Japan getting Mario Kart 64 and EU getting Wave Race/1080 Snowboarding, I have high hopes.

Then again I'm sure NOA will have no problem giving us another GBA port of an already released SNES game.

Honestly, a New Years batch of good VC games would be fantastic.

Luckily for you, Europe has no GBA ports that we need to catch up on. Japan does, though so we could get FFVI/FFI-II Advance or SMA4, but even then those are the superior versions compare to the originals. I'm hoping for TG-16 Bonk myself, hopefully. As long as it's not a Wii title, I'll be fine with anything we get.

Agreed, hoping for surprise games too! First third party N64 would be sick, but guess we'll see in the morning

Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman, and Bayou Billy. 3 bi games we had yet to receive in NA!

Never played any, but I picked up Hogan's Alley and it had a lot of charm. Love the Zapper games and will probably get Gunman soon.

Good job NOA. These plus 1080 Sonowboarding are very nice indeed.

Honestly, at this point I'd trade any NES/SNES game for new N64 first and second party games!... well that or Super Scope with Metal Combat and Yoshi's Safari(well and Super Mario RPG)

Sun Jan 10 16 11:37am
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Yoshi's Safari would be such a big reveal. Hopefully we start a nice streak of getting 1st Party VC games now.

My predictions for this week:

Mario Kart 64 or Wave Race 64
Game and Watch Gallery 4


The 3 Mario VS DK games that Europe got a while ago.

One of the most requested Virtual Console games from the past year is getting it's North American Virtual Console release tomorrow: Metroid Zero Mission(GBA). I'm sure many people are going to be pleased with this game getting released in North America after being out in Japan and Europe for quite some time.

Hub page link here: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/Hj2801qlSPoNH2tmr70ieYKzlOwsUFYm
Source: Nintendo of America Wii U games hub page (unclick 'Available Now')

With all of the folks spamming for it over the past year (despite it just being part of the tradeoff) you'd think it was the greatest game in the history of the world. Still, 2D Metroids are great, so I'm definitely going to pick this up and play it tomorrow for the gameplay channel, though for now I'm still waiting for Turbografx Games on Wii U VC.

Mon Jan 18 16 11:37am
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So we're getting Mario Kart 64 in EU this week. Guess that means @TheDreamingHawk, we're going to find out whether or not we got memory pack support. Though I'm not entirely sure that's going to effect N64 selection this time, since we have save states at least.

I'm still betting on Konami being the first third party to release a N64 VC game(since they just released the first third party Zapper game). Bomberman and the Goemon games would be sick.

Also just realized you'd be a good people to ask TDH, @MoldyClay, got any unlikely to ever hit VC N64 games you'd recommend? both high and low end(like ones that are cheap and have mixed opinions). I'm picking up a spare 64, and have the rare opportunity of being near a game store with a sick selection, so nows a good time for me to act(picked up Perfect Dark, Beetle Racing Adventure, Pilot Wings, Castlevania, Beast Wars, and Shadows of the empire the other weekend). Got a decently solid collection already(including MP2+3... wish I could find my copy of Banjo Tooie though), but never hurts to pick up a few things)

Wed Jan 20 16 01:59pm
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I've submitted this as a news story here on GoNintendo (like with Metroid Zero Mission) but I'm going to post it here in the Wii U Virtual Console thread:
Tomorrow(January 21st 2016) we here in North America are getting Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, the Gameboy Advance version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Hopefully, they'll include the eReader levels like the Japanese VC re-release did (they should, but one can never know for sure until it's out).
EDIT: Hub page says we are getting the eReader levels. Rushed this post out and didn't fully read the hub page until after I made the inital post, my apologies.
EDIT 2: Having played this particular VC release, I can confirm that all 38 levels which were released as eReader cards (this includes the ones that were only released in Japan) are included in the Wii U Virtual Console release of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.
Hub page here: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pIE2OZ9JugoKlTD15QpcsmXuktcEqPK6
Source: NoA games hub page for Wii U, unclick 'Available Now'

hm, with SE doing the Final Fantasy Tactics advance release this week, wonder if that means we might get Ogre Battle 64 on wii-u VC now?
I mean only question is now rather than if with SE's proof of supporting VC in the west again if you think about it, but what other S-E owned games might have a chance of popping up?

Squaresoft Never published any games on the N64. Enix did very few, and I believe Ogre Battle was handled by Atlus over in the US. Outside of Mischief Makers, I can't think of any others, at least ones worth bringing over.

Updated for the first time in a few weeks. Sorry about that guys, had some personal issues slowing me down as a whole.

In other news, adding PMD Rescue team to the list as European only games really hurt my heart.

WOOOAAAAAHHHHH NA is getting 3 VC games today! 1 DS(big Brain academy), and 2 GBA ones(Kuru Kuru Kurunin, and Polarium advance)

Now if only we could start this as a trend! 1 new and 2 catch-up a week would be sweeeeettttt... also when was the last time we have had this happen with 3 releases? have we?

from the press release

Virtual Console on Wii U

Big Brain Academy – This Nintendo DS staple brings entertainment that anyone young or young-at-heart can enjoy. It’s the perfect way to challenge and stimulate your mind. Test your mental acuity in a five-category quiz: thinking, memorization, computation, analysis and identification.
Kuru Kuru Kururin – Oh no! Kururin’s brothers and sisters are lost across 10 different worlds! In a special helicopter, the Helirin, navigate through mazes as quickly as you can while avoiding obstacles such as walls, pistons and cannons. You can also customize your Helirin by using items acquired in Adventure mode.
Polarium Advance – In this Game Boy Advance puzzler, create horizontal rows of the same color to clear the board. Challenge yourself to 365 puzzles, with many modes that will test your mind.

Hunh things are looking up, in NA we're almost halfway caught up to the wii N64 VC wise with 9 games(EU is over halfway with 11 having Mario Kart 64 and wave race). Japan is getting Yoshi's Story next week bringing them up to 9 but they are the first to get it. which means we'll be up to 12 N64 games total globally on wii-u VC which leave 8 first party Nintendo games from the wii VC left, and 2 likely to return third party. Fact is within the next month or so we have a pretty decent chance of getting a previously unre-released N64 game on VC, especially if things start speeding up. if we start getting catch up games every week in conjunction with new ones. It seems the N64 games are quicker to emulate than GBA(or at least the previously released ones), since all they have to do is apply the new emulator to the already tweaked roms, and if GBA release is accelerating so could N64

Wed Feb 17 16 01:51pm
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Woohoo! NOA treats us to yet ANOTHER batch of 3 games! Europe has all 3 already, so it definitely seems that they are trying to catch us up here in the states. We have:

Ninja Gaiden II
Ninja Gaiden III
Double Dragon III

Completing both series' NES titles in the states. I'm blown away honestly, as this VC love is out of nowhere.

Now, if only we could get 3 N64 games next week..

Wave Race 64
Mario Kart 64
Yoshi's Story

I would pay the $6 upgrade cost in a heartbeat:D

I definitely second this... although what I really want new third party N64 games

The Catchup routine is certainly in full effect. I wouldn't be surprised if we soon get G&W Gallery 4, Drill Dozer and PMD Red/Blue, along with the boatload of DS games we need to catch up on

A general comment about Virtual Console here (this seems to be the most appropriate place):

Nothing outlandish or new, but I am so freaking done with VC. At this point, no CrossBuy/forward compatibility for any software is completely inexcusable to me, and I refuse to invest anymore in it.

What's really pushed me over the edge the recent launch of SNES games on New 3DS, but this has been an issue since Wii. Although there has been some outrage since the Direct, I feel like it's not nearly as loud as it should be. I don't even see a general feedback form on Nintendo's website anymore.

I guess my reason for posting this is....I'm really interested to see who else feels this way and if perhaps there is some way show Nintendo our dissatisfaction en masse. Yeah, I know it probably won't amount to anything, but I still want it to be heard loud and clear.

We should not have to buy a new digital version of Super Mario Bros. for every single new Nintendo system. Iwata called Virtual Console the 'iTunes of gaming.' iTunes this ain't. Purchasing and having a catalog of Virtual Console software that persists across platforms has much more value than having to hit the reset button with every system. Some people say that that's what Nintendo Account is for. There seems to be this foregone conclusion that this issue will be rectified with the worldwide launch of My Nintendo, but there hasn't been a single indication that this is going to happen. Through NNID, we know this is already possible. If they wanted to over this sort of service, they would have already. I'm thoroughly unconvinced that Nintendo Account and My Nintendo will bring about any sort of change to this policy whatsoever.

Sorry for rant, but I'm beyond done with Virtual Console right now. The purchase structure is so anti-customer it actually makes me angry.

Tue Mar 08 16 06:42pm
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Quite honestly, I think the VC is the one thing that Nintendo fans tend to take WAY, WAY too seriously. I've seen rants much, much worse than yours (which at least had fair points and isn't a full on "THIS ISN'T MY GAME THEREFORE THEY ALL SUCK" that I see on NeoGAF and Miiverse, so I respect your opinion), and the overall Idea I've gathered is that it's impossible to please everyone regardless of how the service is run. You could have 15 games released a week with cross buy and saves yet folks like Dan Adelman and publishers would be upset because all the folks would go straight to the Mario Games like they did on the Wii VC (And being a dumb kid back then, I was guilty of this, I flat out AVOIDED every title on the Wii Shop that wasn't a Mario, Zelda or Kirby game. Yes, that means all the Mega Man games, Konami Games and the small bit of good wiiware games), and if they do it the way they do now, then some folks will whine when their favorite game can't/isn't released during a set week. It's impossible to please everyone.

I was upset about no discount for owning on Wii U as well, but frankly I also thought that the N3DS/3DS shouldn't get NES/SNES games, as those are taking up priority more than the GB/GBC games that still need a rerelease (first and third party).

Other companies aren't immune to this either, take Sony who seems to be getting backlash for the PS2 ports on PS4 (Though to my knowledge, none of the ports are even on PS3'S PSN right now, correct me if I'm wrong). I think that's why Nintendo started treating the VC like a "Bonus Service". In other words, something that no sane person would/should buy a system for, but a simple way to fill the gaps for those wanting new games for their backlog.

As for why nobody is making a big deal about this, well, that's probably because VC being a bonus service means frankly nobody cares about it as a whole unless a big game is launched on it, therefore there's nothing you can really do. Though if it may give you some hope, My Nintendo apparently DOES allow a half off discount on SNES VC games in Japan, so it's proof that you could use My Nintendo to make the SNES VC games not a hassle to repurchase again (maybe by either making it free or discounted if you register it on the opposite sysem, or by giving you a coupon code to use at checkout). That being said, I did hope for at least the $1.50 discount, so you aren't the only one disappointed with the SNES N3DS games, though I don't think it's worth quitting the whole service over. Then again, you have folks who make spam campaigns like OperationFacePlate NA and TorrentialDownpour despite both of those also being for minor things (and in those cases, folks get so upset they resort to unnecessary harassment).

So I haven't had my Wii U in a few months (it got broke sent it in for repairs 3 months ago and FINALLY recieved it back about 3 weeks ago) I redownloaded all of my previous VC games but wasn't bothered to check what new games were added, I did tonight and to my surprise....we literally haven't gotten much of anything....What the hell, Nintendo? There are hundreds of VC games they could be releasing or could've been releasing (at least here in NA) to fill in for these long software droughts but no they want to keep us waiting and it's frustrating. In fact let me make a list of games that should/could be on VC but aren't (all 1st party) here we go...

-F-Zero X (N64)
-Super Smash Bros. (N64)
-Pokemon Snap (N64)
-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS)
-Yoshi's Story (N64)
-Mario Kart 64 (N64)
-Mario Party 2 (N64)
-Super Mario 64 DS (NDS)
-Star Fox 64 (N64)
-Zelda: Spirit Tracks (NDS)
-Super Mario RPG (SNES)
-Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA)
-Mother 3 (GBA)
-Mario Party 3 (N64)
-Pokemon Puzzle League (N64)
-Pokemon Ranger (NDS)
-Mario Party DS (NDS)
-Diddy Kong Racing DS (NDS)
-Kirby Mass Attack (NDS)
-Pokemon Conquest (NDS)
-Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (NDS)
-Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (NDS)
-Metroid Prime: Hunters (NDS)
-Wario: Master of Disguise (NDS)
-Chibi-Robo Park Patrol (NDS)
-Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS)
-Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)
-Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (NDS)
-Super Princess Peach (NDS)

Plus MANY more...I'm hoping once Star Fox Zero releases and the release schedule for Wii U becomes basically non-existant until Zelda U, Color Splash, and NX come out, Nintendo just goes balls to the wall and starts releasing a bunch of those games I've listed above and hopefully with the new "My Nintendo" and NX these VC games will be able to transfer for FREE and the library will start off exactly where Wii U left off...

Mon Mar 21 16 10:09pm
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As I mentioned earlier, they will never dump a big amount of VC games at once, ever since Dan Adelman showed the eShop team and publishers that the few releases a week strategy leads to more sales every time, and is the main reason why North America is the region where VC titles sell the most. Not to mention that they quite frankly can't release too many more GBA/NES/SNES/ titles on the service as they are pretty much out of releasable first party titles.

While that still doesn't excuse NCL rejecting great games like Lufia II in favor of the abysmal Pac-Man 2, they kinda have a reasoning for the slow release schedule. VC is a bonus service, nothing more, nothing less. At least we GET games on the service every week, unlike 3DS VC (where Japan suffered a one and a half year drought with no explanation) or the PSone Classics (where games can take freaking forever to come out even when they get an ESRB rating).

If the Codename NX rumors of it being unable to do backwards compatibility like the Wii/Wii U are true, then I imagine that NCL might end up rereleasing everything from scratch again, or at least offering discounts or early access to folks who register it on My Nintendo.

Actually, that's kinda scary now that I think about it... What if NCL just decides to go "eh let's only count games bought after the startup date". Unless they also plan to have NNIDs count for said discounts/crossbuys on Codename NX, that would lead to a LOT of VC gamers being unable to upgrade/do whatever they have planned for that VC, since all the major games that the kids throw money at like SMB and Earthbound came out years before My Nintendo was even announced. Hopefully they at least do something like the Wii/Wii U discount deals.

Europe's getting Star Fox 64 this week, with half off for a few weeks... if It drops on NA VC I'll grab it... heck there are a ton of N64 games I'd love to grab. Wish they'd start releasing some rare ones they have the rights to though, and do a few more Japan only bring overs, like Custom Robo 64. or heck Bomberman 64 2 would be killer

After a two month period of dormancy (Sorry guys, was busy with RL stuff), I finally made the VC list up-to date with today's new releases. Some interesting observations:

1: NA is 100% caught up to EU with NES VC games EXCEPT the Culture Brain games. I wonder why they haven't come over yet? It's especially weird since all their EU VC releases are imports from the NA versions.

2: Natsume was pretty much 100% right on SNES games dying out on Wii U VC. Barely any have been added worldwide for months, and that includes Wii VC leftovers. Will Kirby's Avalanche ever make it over here? I personally hope so.

3: N64 games on Wii U VC released all over the world equals almost half of the Wii VC's N64 library. We may be almost done before the end of the year, depending on what NCL feels like.

4: NA only has three missing GBA VC titles that the other regions have but we do not: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red, Drill Dozer and Mario Vs DK. All three great games... Hopefully we get those before long.

5: Speaking of GBA VC, Sega doesn't seem interested in releasing their GBA VC titles over in the west, which is a shame as they picked out some of their best for the Japanese VC. I wonder if it's because most NA Sega Games were published by THQ? (Who doesn't exist)

6: NA is finally catching up on DS VC games. I predict before September the world will mostly be caught up on VC releases before it goes dormant to prepare for a reboot on Codename NX. Considering the N3DS's VC standards, don't expect NCL to discount or give you the VC games for free when/if Codename NX gets a VC service.

7: It seems in the wake of the success of indie games on the Wii U eShop, Nintendo has been slowing down on the VC service similar to what Sony has done. Surprisingly, NOA mostly is successful at releasing 1 VC title every week, something Sony hasn't done for years with their PSOne classics. Lately NOA seem to be taking week breaks to put up Wii Retail download titles, however.

Some quick thoughts on the current state of affairs. I'll try to keep this list updated whenever possible, and will provide another update if anything cool happens to the VC.

Sat May 28 16 11:41am
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Thanks for the update! Good to see the list getting more and more complete. I have a feeling we will get Kirby Mass Attack, Canvas Curse, and Epic Yarn (?) when Planet Robobot releases.

As for me, still waiting on Wave Race, Mario Party 2, Mario Kart 64, and SMRPG

You know, the only game I truly want is Kirby Super Star Ultra, the only Kirby DS that's yet to be released on VC, I hope that doesn't take too long.
I mean, it's not out of the question when we have the Super Mario Advance games, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Mario 64 DS (at least in Japan), so there's a precedent that remakes can be there along with the originals.

Even though I still have my cart, I'm willing to get it again (bias towards this game aside) and play it on the TV, much like the original.

Maybe also Kirby Mass Attack since I feel that kind of game fits better on consoles, though.

But yeah, where is Mario Party 2? I need my fix of Hudson's Mario Party. In fact, I need my Hudson's dose. Goddammit, Konami!

Same on Mario Party 2 and Hudson for me! we really need some new N64 games on the VC, especially with NX not coming till March

Wed Jun 01 16 12:09am
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I know, right?

I'm not sure if VC games will hold us until March, though.

Also, this might come as a surprise, but there are actually two Hudson games (five if you count Mario Party 2, Advance and DS) on the Wii U VC, those being Adventure Island and Lode Runner.

Well, thanks, Konami! Why don't you want my money on games you didn't even make?! Especially when you offer them to the folks in Japan.

Updated again with the two catchup DS VC games from the past two weeks. Seems NA is getting really close to getting 100% caught up with EU and Japan, probably indicating the slowdown of the VC service. Hopefully they don't move to the Wii Retail Downloads soon...

Finally got SMRPG in NA this week, and just downloaded it... kinda wish it was Mario Party 2(my family is going to be together on the fourth which is rare and my sisters love it and it would have been great to have on wii-u) But I am hyped to play it

With SMRPG, only ONE First party SNES VC title remains to be brought over from the Wii VC...

...Kirby's Avalanche. If only Sega was willing to get it to happen.

So, besides that and some N64 games, what other first-party Wii VC games are missing?

Personally, I just wish we could get caught up quick on N64 games so that we could finally get some new ones, like Mario Party 3 or the 2 Cruis'n games we didn't get last time(or some third party ones)

NES Play Action Football is one I think (but that should never be rereleased ever again IMO), but I'm not sure at the moment. Check the list in the first post to see the current status for yourself.

Fri Jul 01 16 04:40pm
(Updated 2 times)

Ok, after a little research, and not counting games that are available in some territores but not in others, I found out that the first-party games we're missing are...

NES Play Action Football
Yoshi's Cookie

Kirby's Avalanche

Cruis'n USA
Pokémon Puzzle League
Super Smash Bros.
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (status as a first-party title debatable, originally published by Nintendo in Japan and by Atlus (N64) / Square Enix (Wii VC) in the rest of the world)
Bomberman Hero (status as a first-party title debatable, originally published by Nintendo in the West and by Hudson Soft / Konami (Wii VC after they acquired Hudson Soft) in Japan and all territories for the Wii VC)

In the case of the N64 games, when we get those, we'll have the entire N64 catalog from the Wii VC. I might've missed some, though.

Japan getting AC: Wild World and Pokemon Ranger (I think Almia). Just realized Wild World has been out in Europe for a while but must've slipped by the list!

NA sure has a lack of Pokemon games for the "Summer of Pokemon VC", so I'm gonna predict either the ranger Trio or Snap tomorrow.

Summer lasts until September and there's not many Pokemon games they can release. I don't think there's any worrying needed for the Pokemon VC games because of that.

Honestly, with TG-16 games finally on the Wii U, I'd prefer if we just keep getting more games from that system for the next few months

Glad they have a following. I just wanna see some N64 repSad

Still no game announced for tomorrow.

Same, TG games are cool and all, heck I may grab a few, but not what I really want(Mario Party2... heck any number of N64 games

Wed Jul 27 16 04:54pm
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Looks like NA is finally getting that Kirby week with Epic Yarn/Mass Attack hitting Wii U and Dream Course on 3DS. Still missing Canvas Curse, and of course Avalanche.

The N64 drought continues unfortunately. Hopefully the releases continue to come in batches going forward.

Waiting for a Mario VS DK GBA/DS week as well.

This might be my best chance to get Kirby's Epic Yarn. I can still find the disc version, but I cannot believe stores still have it priced as if it still was 2011.

As for Mass Attack, I've read not that many have played it, I honestly wonder why, I mean, I know it came out when the 3DS was still struggling for software, but still..

But yeah, I want Canvas Curse and Super Star Ultra, Avalanche seems to depend more on SEGA's mood, though.

Where are my Game & Watch games!

I honestly don't get why Nintendo hasn't released a complete collection of the G and W games. Sure, Snoopy and Mickey can't be rereleased, but there are tons of gems that haven't been rereleased anywhere.

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