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Guess we should have this topic back. I mean, all you Americans need a place to complain about your how crappy your nearest retailer is handling amiibo, right?

Anyway, I got 13 SSB amiibo so far, and I'm hoping to pick up all three Splatoon amiibo, but they don't seem to be having the three-pack in the Netherlands, so I either have to import them, or get the Splatoon + Green squid pack.

Fri May 15 15 11:41am
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I have 11 SSB amiibo & 2 Mario amiibo. 4 of them are "unicorns".
Preordered the Splatoon 3-Pack (but girlfriend's getting the
Inkling Girl), Ness & Pac-Man.

Still hoping for Robin, but we'll see what happens. Been trying to get Marth, but it seems I am destined to not get it.

I have 6 games that support amiibo.

I mostly only get favorites, so I am not on a mission to complete the collection. Most of the characters have special meaning to me, or I grew up constantly playing their games or playing them in SSB. I'm pretty content with my collection. There are a few others I'd love to have one day, but there isn't a huge priority and they're not as important.

Fri May 15 15 12:04pm
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So far, I have 13 amiibo, all American, except Donkey Kong, that one is Japanese:


3 amiibo-compatible games:


The ones I'm looking forward the most right now are the Splatoon ones and third-party characters (Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man). Mexican stores be damned, they don't get them even though I keep reading they're some of the most common ones in the US.

My plan with them has always been to get the ones compatible with Mario Kart 8, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, plus Zelda, Dr. Mario, Zero Suit Samus, along with Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man pre-MK8 Ver4.0, maybe Ness and Jigglypuff for the sake of having the "SSB Original 12". Now add the Splatoon trio, even though I don't know when I'll get them or the game.

I have 20.  This came down to a lot of lucky breaks online, but I still furious over the way Nintendo handled wave 4.  I haven't even seen wave 3 amiibos for a while.  It's all half of wave 2 and the non-Toad Super Mario amiibos in the stores I go to. 
I only have 3DS Smash so I'm going to have to wait for the dongle to come out.  I've also given up on buying Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. after how rare the Fire Emblem amiibos have been. 
This whole thing reminds me of my Happy Meal Toy collecting youth.  So many half-finished toy sets in a bin somewhere in my parents house.

So far I have:

Donkey Kong
Rosalina & Luma
Mega Man
and Lucario. All US version. The only Wave 4 amiibo that interest me are Pac-Man, Charizard, Greninja and Jigglypuff, so I'll hopefully get those in two weeks as well. I just hope they announce a Falco amiibo soon...

Here is my current collection: http://imgur.com/a/zZugI
Yes, I currently own 20 amiibo. I first started when Super Smash Bros. Wii U released, when I got Fox and Link, and now it's at 20. I do plan to continue amiibo collecting, hoping to get Robin, Pac-Man, and Splatoon Girl. 
Fun Facts about my collection:
-All of them except for 1 are from the US (That one is Shulk from Japan)
-All of these amiibo have either been won in a giveaway, received as a present, with about 1 or 2 actually being me buying it myself.
-NONE of these amiibo were preordered in any way. Still to my suprise, not even Rosalina & Luma.

Sun May 17 15 03:03am
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"I mean, all you Americans need a place to complain about your how crappy your nearest retailer is handling amiibo, right?"
My collection hasn't changed really. Aside from what I got in the link just waiting on Charizard and the Splatoon ones. http://imgur.com/a/6OyZV

I have 23 Smash Bros amiibo and 4 Super Mario Bros amiibo. The only ones that have already came out that I'm missing out on are Marth, Villager, Fox, and Meta Knight, and the upcoming ones I want are Pac-Man, Robin, Lucina, Dark Pit, Doctor Mario, Ganondorf, and blue Yarn Yoshi. That's not counting ones I wanted but gave up on even trying, like Jigglypuff and Ness since they're store exclusives, and Palutena because she might be Walmart exclusive and even though I love her character and Uprising, that's just too much of a pain for me. And her amiibo is one of the more "Eh" ones. If she's not Walmart exclusive, I'll try getting her.
It's a real shame with Fox, Jigglypuff, and Ness in particular. I want to own the original 12 but Ness is Gamestop exclusive and I never got a preorder, Jigglypuff is Target exclusive and I don't think I'll have a chance to go to Target May 29th, and I already missed out on Fox.

Is Fox rare in the US? On the website of the biggest webstore in the Netherlands he is 5 bucks cheaper than other amiibo. The only amiibo I've ever seen cheaper anywhere in my country.

In that same webstore, Little Mac and Villager are over 100 euros!!
Ness and Robin are like 95 bucks. To be fair, those four seem to be only available through third party sellers, and aren't available anywhere else in the Netherlands as far as I know.

It's kind of all over the place. Looking at different stores, webstores in the UK, or Germany, one amiibo may be gone at one place, expensive at another, normally priced at yet another...

I will say I will have to start pre-ordering more, though.

Yeah, Fox is really rare here at this point. He was uncommon towards the beginning, but fairly fast he started becoming rare, even if not as fast as Villager/Wii Fit/Marth.

So far I have Toon Link, Megaman, SM Luigi, Sonic, and SM Peach. I got SM Luigi and Peach because to me they both look far better than their smash amiibos do.
I only have Rosalina (either Smash or SM Rosalina works fine for me), Diddy and Palutena to go then I'm done!

I have:
- Mario
- Luigi
- Yoshi
- Pikachu
- Kirby
- Meta Knight
- Ike
- King Dedede
- Bowser
- Link
- Peach
- Toon Link
- Toad
- Sheik
- Donkey Kong
- Diddy Kong
- Zelda
- Sonic
- Shulk
- Captain Falcon
- Fox McCloud
- Samus Aran
- Rosalina & Luma
- Inkling Girl (pre-ordered)
I'm hoping to add Little Mac and Villager to my collection come Tuesday as well.

Wow, you guys put me to shame! O_O 
All I have is Toon Link and I plan on either picking up the girl inkling or the 3-pack Splatoon later this month.
I hope Ninty makes an announcement on the card version at E3. I've always been more of a card collector than a figurine one.

So, I'm finally getting Marth. At long last, I'm getting Marth. Holy ships.

Now I just wait for Wave 4 & Splatoon guys to ship/be picked up and I'm good. I'm still hoping to pick up a Robin on launch day, but at least I'll have Marth, so not all is lost.

Then I'm good until near Fall when Ganondorf/Dr.Mario/Olimar/Yarn Yoshi come out.

I almost got Marth a few days ago. I was out to pick up my Ike amiibo preorder the other day and guess what the guy in front of me was buying the last one of? Just guess. It was sorta depressing.

And with my Wave 4 plans, my top priorities are Marth, Lucina, and Robin, who also happen to be the hardest to get. Technically I do have B&H preorders for Lucina and Robin, but I'm not holding my breath for it to come through. I also plan on trying to get Jigglypuff at Target, Pac-Man at Best Buy (since I have a gift card I'm saving for an uncommon/common amiibo like Pac-Man), and the supposed Meta Knight restock we're getting. Plus, I have an Inkling Girl preorder from Walmart that recently processed, so I'm at the very least guaranteed to get that.

Wed May 27 15 07:23pm
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Anyone want to wish me luck on getting Diddy at Target Friday? I can't go in until then, and I'm hoping that when I call my local Target to have him put on hold for 24 hours tomorrow he won't be sold out by that point

Sorry to ask, but is Diddy Kong still that uncommon? I mean, stores in my city all have a lot of Diddy Kongs. In fact, along with Luigi, Zelda, Bowser and the non-Toad Super Mario amiibo, these are the only things available, not even the other Wave 3 figures have been restocked since they were released on February 28.

But nevertheless, good luck!

He's uncommon around my area. I had to go to another city ten miles away to get him. The only wave 3 amiibo around my area are Sonic and Sheik.

Fri May 29 15 01:35am
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I'm outside my nearest gamestop as of this writing, and this is what it's offering. Blackmiibo Friday is on!

They had one Ness at the GameStop I went to and I was second in line.

I picked up the lone Wario, a Silver Mario, and a Pac-Man.

I spent about an hour and a half waiting for Greninja at TRU today and got one with no issues, along with Pac-Man and Charizard. It honestly isn't that hard, though Robin was out of stock by the time I was in the store and I kinda wanted him (They got like 10-15 of him, and 40 Greninjas) Oh well, not really that worried to be honest. I got my Greninja so now I wait for Falco.

Fri May 29 15 07:19pm
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Did anybody get a Lucina off Amazon? I set here for the entire half hour refreshing like every 2 seconds and never even seen it. How could they have sold out in less than 2 seconds? I don't even see how it could be possible unless people have some kind of robots programmed to buy them at the speed of light or something.

Okay, Robin just went up. I was refreshing every second. It went up, I immediately clicked it to my cart, as fast as I could even hit checkout it sold out and kicked it out to my saved for later list. It had to have sold out in 2 seconds. This is the most ludicrous thing I've ever seen.

I went to WalMart at midnight last night and they only got Charizard in for some reason. I was at Target an hour early this morning and they had absolutely nothing by the time I got through the line. Went to Toys R Us immediately after, an hour and a half before they opened and managed to get Greninja (because they literally had 50 of them) and a silver Mario. Then rushed to Gamestop and made it there 3 minutes after they opened and they only had Pac-Man and Silver Mario left. So, I missed out on Jigglypuff, Lucina and Robin. Probably will never be able to get any of them ever again, I absolutely refuse to buy from scalpers. Nintendo has to do something about this, when your product sells out in less than 2 seconds it's a sign you are not making enough of them.

My explanation for Lucina selling out in less 2 seconds is probably because of everyone simultaneously clicking refresh all at the same time until the purchase option pops out. It's like when you and a bunch of other people roll dice all at once: when enough people get the winning number, that's it.

So today I have received a Silver Mario, Splatoon three-pack and Pac-Man. Wario is friggin' everywhere, but none of the others are anywhere in sight.

Sat May 30 15 02:42am
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Got a bunch of amiibo today as gifts, and got ones I was intending on.

My girlfriend and I actually got the entirety of Wave 4 aside from Jigglypuff, but she took Inkling Girl & Lucina while I got the rest.

I just got Jigglypuff and Pac-Man yesterday, although I was aiming to get Robin and Lucina too. I waited in line half an hour after going to Target at Best Buy, and I didn't get Robin and Lucina because there was two. TWO! And since everyone started running once the store opened, the guy in front of the line (a much older man) didn't make it in time and couldn't even get a Robin and Lucina amiibo. Yeesh.

I tried to get Robin and Lucina later, but since I don't have lightning reflexes I couldn't get them. Seriously, how the HELL do you make 11 seconds worth of stock? How is it humanely possible that Nintendo is THAT unprepared after SEVEN months to be prepared for this. It's unprofessional and embarrassing of Nintendo.

Apparently it takes 5 months. So that would mean, presumably, they decided on how many they'd make back in January. So it's entirely possible that, yes, they assumed the Christmas rush was a phase and didn't bother ordering more.

I still think that's a load of bull though.

I imagine, after the SSB set is completely over, they may finally go back and restock them for NA.

Seems like every other region is attempting real restocks in some fashion. NOA seemingly doesn't want any part of that, and just wants to string people along.

The whole point of Amazon waiting until the last minute was to "have enough for everyone", and instead, they were gone instantly.

Mon Jun 01 15 11:36am
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OK, now we're getting a Chibi-Robo! amiibo (one I'm sure nobody was expecting this soon), and as much as I think it won't be used again in a long time (of course I also think I'm wrong), I want it.

Tue Jun 02 15 02:10pm
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I now have 24 amiibo & 8 amiibo-compatible games (counting SSB twice).

I'm not going for the full collection, though, and I never was. Just characters relevant to me or favorites and such. I do have a few extra I didn't intend to get, but I didn't buy them. In fact, most of my amiibo are gifts or were free thanks to deals. I only paid my own money for less than half of the ones I own.





Of the announced amiibo & games coming up, I am definitely getting or trying to get:


I have 44 amiibo in hand and two more on the way.
I am lacking just the Toys R Us exclusives -- Lucario and Greninja.
(And if I didn't like 30 miles/50 km from the nearest TRU, I probably could have had at least one of them).

Tue Jun 02 15 10:18pm
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It was just a matter of time.

As if getting them wasn't hard enough,, now some fake amiibo popped up. Gotta love that Samus, though

Honestly, I'd buy bootlegs if they were cheap and functioned properly. No shame.

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