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Guess we should have this topic back. I mean, all you Americans need a place to complain about your how crappy your nearest retailer is handling amiibo, right?

Anyway, I got 13 SSB amiibo so far, and I'm hoping to pick up all three Splatoon amiibo, but they don't seem to be having the three-pack in the Netherlands, so I either have to import them, or get the Splatoon + Green squid pack.

Fri Jun 05 15 12:09am
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Yeah I'd buy some too. I even broke my buying only English boxed Amiibo streak. http://i.imgur.com/pUwTEPz.jpg just arrived today from nippon and it looks pretty cool. So much that I don't want to open it now. But muh space.

Sat Jun 13 15 04:08am
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I finally took pics of my collection since my girlfriend gave me her old camera. No more grainy, badly lit pics from the 3DS!

Here they are via tumblr:
Smash 64 Characters, Mario Series & Donald Duck
Melee, Brawl & Splatoon Characters
Smash 4 Characters & Bonus

Obviously, I have said in the past, I am not shooting for a "full" collection. Just favorites. I was given a few I didn't plan on, though (like Lucario).

I'm pretty fortunate in that I have not had to pay more than MSRP for any of these aside from having to pay shipping on Marth from WalMart since I couldn't do "pickup at store".

Tue Jun 23 15 02:47am
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Toon Link
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Captain Falcon
Little Mac
Inkling Girl
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Sonic the Hedgehog

Bowser Jr, Olimar, and Dark Pit are on the way! :D

Somehow, I found a japanese Donkey Kong in a local store, and of course I nabbed it. The employee also told me they got japanese amiibos of Link, Pikachu and Bowser, but those sold out quickly. Granted DK was the only one I wanted of those (already have Link; debating whether get Pikachu or not given his uselessness; and Bowser can be found easily)

I guess this means the scarcity of figures in Mexico is getting to the point where stores have to get "foreign" ones.

When was the next wave coming out? On October or Holidays?

Sat Jul 25 15 03:55pm
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Which wave are you referring to?

Wave 5a/"5"
- Palutena just came out
- Dark Pit comes out next Friday (BB).

Wave 5b/"6" & beyond
- Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. & Olimar are out in September

- R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner & Mii Swordfighter are presumably all out in September as well.

- Falco was not given a date, but is 2015.
- Mewtwo was not given a date, but is 2015 (presumably October).
- Lucas, Roy & Ryu are all scheduled for next year.

- 30th Anniversary Marios, Skylanders & Animal Crossing cards are September.
- Chibi Robo & Yarn Yoshi are October
- Animal Crossing figures are "Q4 2015"

Using US timeframes, just for reference.

Wave 6-beyond. Thanks!
I'm waiting for ROB, I'll probably buy the red one since I like that one better.

So, I bought Ganondorf online for $18. I may have been able to wait and get it for normal MSRP, but I want too many of the September amiibo and I don't want to spend all that money at once, so I'm trying to get a few spread out so there's less all at once then.

Still need Dr. Mario, Olimar, R.O.B., and Mr. Game & Watch and I'm about done with what I 'need' from the SSB line outside of DLC characters, which are all next year aside from Mewtwo.

Just want 1 NES Mario, 1 Yarn Yoshi, Chibi Robo and I'll get a few cards from AC and undecided on who I want from amiibo Festival, but likely only 1 character (Tom Nook or K.K. Slider?)

Just wondering:

A) What have you all spent on amiibo?

B) Back in November, what did you all think you would spend on amiibo?

Mon Jul 27 15 12:58am
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I'm probably gonna guess around $700 for my collection and it's not even complete due to paying scalper prices, import prices, shipping prices, and i've only gotten a few for regular MSRP or discounted (Mario, Luigi, Fox, Samus, Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Sheik, Peach, Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Charizard, Inkling Girl,and Toad are the only ones I got for normal price) 18 x 13 = $234 ( not counting tax) Sonic was a gift from my sister so that one was free.

Meta Knight = $30
King Dedede = $25
Rosalina = $40
Captain Falcon = $30
Villager = $25
Marth = $25
Little Mac = $25
Ness = $27
Robin = $25
Ike = $25
Pit = $30
Ganondorf = $25
Shulk = $30
Wario = $20
Jigglypuff = $24

All of those are rounded up and added all together I get $406 + $234 from earlier you get $640 add another $60 for tax and shipping (though most of these amiibos had "free" shipping) and you get yeah like $700.

As of November I originally didn't want any amiibos. Until one day I had like $20 on me walked into Gamestop saw the amiibos on the shelf thought they looked nice decided to get the last Fox they had said to myself "this will be the only one I get" opened him up sat him on my tv stand thought he needed a companion and the rest is history....

A) I got 16 amiibo so far.
Most of them were €16,-
The Squid was part of a bundle, so that would be €10,-
Mario and Yoshi, someone bought for me in America, and since amiibo are cheaper there, that was about €10,- in euros.
Some of them I got as a gift.

So, either the normal price, or less.

B) (Amount of SSB amiibo x 16) + (1 Waluigi x 16) That's if Waluigi ever gets an amiibo.
I was planning on doing no other series besides Smash, since that's already enough money to spend. I ended up getting the Splatoon Squid (and I really want the two Inklings), and I will get the SMM 8-bit Mario bundle. I missed out on the Yoshi Woolly World bundle, otherwise I would've had a green yarn Yoshi.

Kinda hard to calculate in dollars considering the messed up exchange rate that has been impering since like Q4 2014.

But let's see how much I've spent in pesos for each amiibo since they were at different prices:
Mario (SSB) - 240 pesos
Kirby - 240 pesos
Luigi (SSB) - 250 pesos
Diddy Kong - 240 pesos
Link - 250 pesos
Samus - 250 pesos
Peach (SSB) - 270 pesos
Yoshi (SSB) - 250 pesos
Donkey Kong - 250 pesos

2nd Link - 250 pesos (Gave it to my sister for her birthday)
2nd Samus - 225 pesos (Sold it, but I just could sell it for what I bought it)
3rd Samus - 225 pesos (Traded it for my Sonic)

That's 2690 pesos (somewhere around $162.04 if using today's exchange rate of 16.60MXN=$1) in 12 figures. What's wrong with me?! knowing how expensive they are (and how expensive they'll get from here on) and I still buy them.

And as of right now, amiibos are as expensive as low-tier games.

And no, I didn't have an idea on how much I would spend on them, especially considering back then I wasn't much worried about scalping, and boy, I was so wrong.

As for myself:

Mario: $10
Fox: $10
Toon Link: $10
Total: $30

What I thought I would have spent back in November: $26. Little mac and toon link were all that I wanted.

$0 for Link (free w/SSB)
$20 total for Samus & Kirby (part of a deal I split w/my gf)
$18 for restock Marth due to shipping.
$0 for Zelda (free with Captain Toad via a deal)
$0 for Little Mac, Captain Falcon or Luigi (Christmas gifts)
$12.99+tax for Shulk
~$40 for Sheik, Sonic & Dedede
$0 for Meta Knight (gift from friend) and Lucario (gift from another friend)
$12.99+tax for Toad
$12.99+tax for Ness
$0 for Robin, Pac-Man, Wario, Charizard, Greninja, Silver Mario or Inklings (compensation for a brand deal I did)
$18 for Ganondorf on eBay
$35+tax for Retro 3-Pack
Total: 28 amiibo for ~$170+

I really lucked out. I haven't spent much on what should have cost over $300. I feel kind of bad, but also greatful.

As for how much I expected? I'm about on tier with my expectations, but I expected wanting/having far less amiibo.

Quick question: How rare is Toad?

Today I bought one I suddenly saw in Lameplanet (not sure if there were more in storage, but this is the first time I happen to see him), but I'm not sure if I'll keep it or try to trade it for something else, since it's only useful for me in Mario Kart 8 and amiibo tap; if it was compatible in Smash, I'd definitively keep it.


Sat Aug 08 15 11:58am
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Toad is rare, but not 'unicorn'. He shows up, but not very much.

Preordered the Retro 3-Pack. Just need Olimar & Dr. Mario and I'm done with what I want from SSB aside from DLC. Thank goodness.

What are your top 20 amiibo you would like to see that aren't announced yet?

1. King K.Rool
2. Dixie Kong
3. Cranky Kong
4. Ridley
5. Waluigi
6. Toadette
7. Medusa
8. Wolf O'Donnel
9. Peppy Hare
10. Slippy Toad
11. Krystal
12. Tharja
13. DJ Octavio
14. Midna
15. Gengar
16. Skull Kid
17. Pokey Minch
18. E.Gadd
19. King Boo (Luigi's Mansion style)
20. Ghirahim

Mon Aug 10 15 11:05am
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In no order:
- Skull Kid
- Tingle
- Waluigi
- Slippy
- Balloon Fighter
- Ice Climbers
- Takamaru
- Diskun
- Kraid
- Brewster
- Isaac (Golden Sun)
- Dillon (Rolling Western)
- Starfy
- Big the Cat
- Baby Luigi
- Nabbit
- Pascal
- Pico
- Louie
- Vaati

- Squid Sisters
- Anything from Fatal Frame
- Raymond Bryce
- Simon Belmont
- Ashley from Trace Memory
- Kyle Hyde

Not as many for me, off the top of my head:

- Isaac [Golden Sun]
- King K.Rool [Kaptain guise preferably]
- E. Gadd
- Gardevoir, Suicune, Gengar, Blaziken... [thankfully Pokken Wii U will take care of these]
- Mew
- Jirachi...

Mewtwo's coming.

I'd love Knuckles, Robotnik and Tails amiibo on the third party side of things too.

Fri Aug 21 15 04:55am
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EDIT/UPDATE (September 5th):

Dr. Mario, Olimar & Blue Yarn Yoshi arrived.

Girlfriend preordered Classic 30th Anniversary Mario for me (says shipped now) and I already have Retro Trio preordered.

I'm done until Chibi Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mewtwo/Falco. I'm also going to get K.K. Slider.

So, current amiibo:

Super Smash Bros.
Wave 1 - Link, Samus, Kirby, Marth
Wave 2 - Little Mac, Zelda, Luigi, Captain Falcon
Wave 3 - Shulk, Sheik, Sonic, Dedede, Lucario, Meta Knight
Wave 4 - Ness, Pac-Man, Robin, Greninja, Charizard, Wario
Wave 5 - Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Olimar

Super Mario
- Luigi, Toad, Silver Mario

- Inkling Boy, Inkling Squid (gave Inkling Girl to my girlfriend)

Woolly World
- Light Blue Yarn Yoshi

Will re-update when Classic Mario arrives & I pick up the Retro Trio.

So, of this upcoming wave which ones are retailer exclusive in the US?

Because here in Mexico, we've only heard about SMB30th Mario (Lameplanet), Zero Suit Samus (Best Buy) and Olimar (Sanborns), while we haven't heard about the rest, not even preorders. I'm worried if I'll be able to get my Dr. Mario at this rate.

The Retro pack is Gamers exclusive.

Thu Sep 10 15 02:11pm
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Yeah, I saw that. Not sure what to think about it, but I'm glad Gamers gets a shot at these things.
Don't get me wrong, I hate this exclusivity bs, but I'm always glad when Lameplanet doesn't 'scalp' (for the lack of a better word) items for their sale in Mexico, more often than not, LP normally has more games than Gamers, at least in my city, where there's at least 2 Gamers and 1 LP.

Well, as it stands, it seems I'll have to go tomorrow to Lameplanet when they open at 11 a.m.
As much as I hate their questionable work ethic, it's the only place in my city with the most variety of amiibo figures, so hopefully I'll be able to get Dr. Mario. I also want Zero Suit Samus, but there was no way I could get her...unless my local Best Buy Express suddenly started to sell amiibo...and Nintendo products, for that matter.

EDIT: Bowser Jr. exclusive to Lameplanet, online only, but at THAT PRICE?! REALLY?! I know the economy is going from bad to worse, but come on! This is an example of LP ethic.

EDIT 2: SMB30th Classic Mario has fallen victim of Lameplanet's rip-off, too.

EDIT 3: Here's the exclusivity in Mexico

    Dr. Mario, Ganondorf and SMB30th Modern Mario (via Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle): Liverpool (Dr. Mario limited to 4000 online and Ganondorf to 1000 online)
    Zero Suit Samus: Best Buy
    Olimar: Sanborns
    Bowser Jr. and SMB30th Classic Mario: Lameplanet (at 400 pesos each)
    Retro 3 Pack: Gamers / El Palacio de Hierro

That's right, an entire wave has nothing but store exclusives.

Additionally, Wal-Mart Mexico seems to (still) have preorders on Captain Falcon.

The one positive with exclusivity (especially more recently) is that the numbers are ridiculously greater than all the non-exclusives. At least in US.

So, for example, Dr. Mario & the Retro Trio have been extremely easy to preorder from the day they started and have been up consistently. Bowser Jr.'s the only one who had no preorders, but he'll likely have good stock in most TRUs.

I just saw the estimated price of the Retro Pack in Gamers... $800. Yeah, no.

Why don't you try buying online?

In US it goes as follows:

    Dr. Mario - Target
    Bowser Jr. - Toys R Us
    Retro 3-Pack - Gamestop
    SMB30th Mario (Modern) - Wal*Mart (via Wii U bundle)

The rest (SMB30th Mario Classic, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf & Olimar) are non-exclusive.

Additionally, the Dark Bowser Skylander is exclusive to Toys R Us.

Retro Trio & Animal Crossing amiibo cards out Friday. Anyone else pumped?

Or, in Europe, Mii Fighters as well.

I'm actually excited for the prospect of Animal Crossing going back to the e-Reader days with the amiibo cards. I don't know why, but I loved those days, such a shame that they didn't last. I still have what I managed to get for the e-Reader, so, yes, I'm pumped for them, I just hope I can get Bunnie and Coco cards.

About the figures, as much as I'd like to get the Retro 3-Pack just for R.O.B. (my nephew loves robots and R.O.B. is no exception), I'm not sure if I want to pay the price it's going here in Mexico, but if I ever come across one after launch, I'd gladly buy it.

Oddly enough, I want a Mii Gunner amiibo, my collection could use a little more women other than Peach & Samus. If I get the other 2, then that'll a bonus since we're not sure if Miis will ever get merchandise again in their lives.

Tue Sep 22 15 07:58pm
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I have the Retro guys preordered as well as a pack of cards. Gonna get the AC game too. Can't wait.

Skipping the Mii fighters when they drop though.

Have my Yarn Yoshi and Chibi Robo is taken care of, so I'm just waiting for some AC figures, Falco and Mewtwo in November. Oh, and Shovel Knight.

Of the upcoming ones, besides Mii Gunner, I want Chibi-Robo!, Ryu, and maybe a Yarn Yoshi and whoever 3rd-party character(s) they announce for Smash. There are still a lot of figures I missed from past waves that I want, especially Mega Man, Pac-Man, Dr. Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and the Splatoon trio.

I keep reading Dr. Mario, Olimar and Zero Suit Samus are still available on their respective exclusive stores here in Mexico, so I'll have to check if the only stores in my city have Dr. Mario and Olimar, there's no Best Buy here, so no Zero Suit Samus unless I visit my sister 1 hour away and go to the Best Buy there.

By the way, do we know if any of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards or figures unlock the 'Animal Crossing' Mii costume in Mario Kart 8?

The cards do not, according to various sources. We don't know if the figures do, but it looks unlikely. A shame, I'd have liked the outfit, but even before he was impossible, I didn't want the Villager. I hate the look of the first print AND the reprint. A shame.

Will get the Retro Trio and Mii Trio on Friday, but the Animal Crossing Cards aren't out here for another 10 days. ^^

Thu Sep 24 15 09:10am
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Welp, Gameplanet's now telling customers they are only going to sell the NFC reader bundle for Happy Home Designer, they sent an email mere hours ago (!) and now I'm gonna have to pay more for nothing since I already have a New 3DS.
Last time I'm preordering stuff here.

Well, it has never been a good place, anyway. After the false info from their website regarding the availability of LEGO CIty Undercover in my city, when I asked my sister if she could get me a Fox amiibo they supposedly had in a store in Monterrey, and a recent story I read of a guy who was scammed by the employee when he was buying an eShop Prepaid Card (she activated one and swapped it for an unactivated one).

Yesterday, I went to the lone store in my city, and it was a mess, the place is very small and they had a lot of boxes obstructing the tight aisles. And of course, they had a lot of Bowser Jr. amiibo, nobody's buying them for that price, there weren't SMB30th Classic Mario, though.

The only time I spent a huge amount of money there was on December last year when I bought the Smash Bros. Wii U bundle for 1800 pesos, I only bought it because I just happened to see it, not subject to any preorders or anything, and because I could afford it, otherwise, I'd have gotten just the game from Gamers.
It was actually the second and last bundle that arrived to my city.

Sat Sep 26 15 12:02am
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I've personally only had a couple of bad experiences there, the guys at my local GP are pretty chill and I'm sorta friends with them. It's not their fault, but the asshat that's behind all of these awful decisions really should be fired. It sucks because outside of GP and the very few Gamers stores I can find (I live in Mexico City), there are few places to get games from, let alone Nintendo stuff.


Sun Sep 27 15 10:35pm
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Granted I only buy in Gamers, unless GP have something they don't (except amiibo, they don't have exclusives I want...luckily).

The stores in Saltillo that sell Nintendo products are:
1 Gameplanet
2 Gamers (one of them close to my place)
1 Sanborns (also close to my place)
1 Liverpool (relatively close)
3 Gamerush/Blockbuster/The B Store/whatever, but they're like Wal-Marts, where they have a space dedicated to Nintendo, just not Nintendo products and is usually filled with PS and Xbox stuff.
The rest are second hand locals or local Facebook groups, so it's a bit hard to be a Nintendo fan here.

About your spoiler, it hasn't arrived here, either. I saw Wal-Mart online had boosters for 150, though.

EDIT: I lied, they're listed for 140, sorry.

Sun Sep 27 15 10:38pm
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Well, sh*t. I knew they were going to be pricey but not in that range. Time to cry and buy them anyways, I guess...


Today, before going to professional practices, I decided to check the local Sanborns, I went with the intention of buying pretty much the last Smash Bowser of my city, and, to my surprise, they had a restock, they had at least 2 Pac-Men (which I ended up buying one), 2 Inkling Girls, 1 Inkling Boy and 1 Splatoon trio, plus the aforementioned Bowser and 2 Smash Luigis, 1 SM Luigi, 1 Smash Yoshi and 1 SM Yoshi, additionally, they had Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (game only), at least 2 boosters and at least 2 NFC Readers.
I totally forgot to ask the employee if she could show me the boosters, though, but they seem bigger than regular-sized boosters.

So glad I decided to go, hopefully, the next time will be that Splatoon trio and maybe that Bowser or a booster.

Fri Sep 25 15 01:59am
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Quick Question: What's the rarity of Silver Mario?
Today I saw at least 3 of them and they were on sale. If they're in the range of uncommons, i'd think about buying at least one and try to do a trade with it for something else.

They're somewhere between uncommon and rare.

Well then, I'm ought to buy one, even though it doesn't guarantee I'll get a trade for it, I could keep it and see it as a Metal Mario amiibo.

Duck Hunt Duo, Mr. Game & Watch, ROB, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner just arrived. Lookin' nice. ^^ Only opened G&W so far, and he is very neat what with his poses and such.

Finally some more Amiibo~

Girlfriend picked up my Retro Trio and ACHHD today. Just waiting for her to get off work. Hnnnngh.

Heads up, fellow Mexican amiibros, Lameplanet just announced they'll have a limited restock this weekend of Pikachu, Charizard, Pac-Man, Little Mac, Toad and the Splatoon trio.
As much as I want Pac-Man and the Splatoon trio, I'm not sure if I want to pay GP prices for them.

Sat Sep 26 15 12:08am
(Updated 1 time)

I saw a couple of Pac-Man, Toad and Splatoon boy & girl at my local Liverpool, I suggest you keep looking if you don't want to get scammed :\
I'm really just looking forward to the Animal Crossing cards, whenever they appear here.

I once saw a Japanese Pac-Man in a Gamers shop, about $300. I haven't gone shopping in a while, is that the normal price at Gamers?

Sun Sep 27 15 10:21pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yes, it is the standard price now, although they have some listed for 250 on their website, including Pac-Man.

Using amiibo rarity terms (common, uncommon, rare and unicorn), seeing Japanese figures in Gamers seems to be becoming an uncommon sight, for example, and like I said before, one of my local Gamers had a Japanese Donkey Kong, which I bought (it costed 250, though), and the employee told me they also got a Japanese Link, a Japanese Pikachu and a Japanese Bowser. Also, a few weeks ago, I read a guy bought a Japanese Smash Luigi in a Gamers in Aguascalientes.

Something worth mentioning is that my Japanese DK had a Gamexpress sticker, so I believe it wasn't just a random figure that was accidentally sent, my guess is that Gamexpress somehow got Japanese figures to distribute.

Average amiibo price is about $300 these days, although some stores have them cheaper in the $230-270 range.
Gameplanet's the only store as of right now that's overcharging for their amiibos, and specifically they're only doing it on uncommon/rares and their exclusives.

Well, sadly, my city is one where restock rarely happen (if ever), I still can't believe Olimar didn't arrive to the sole Sanborns in Saltillo.

Welp, that sucks. I often miss restocks either because of school or because my wallet's conveniently empty whenever they happen. ; _ ;

Just had a thought.

What would you guys say about... Console Amiibo?

Like, buy a GameCube Amiibo! Maybe they come with a special tiny figure as the controller as well. I'd love that.

I'm down.

SEGA has had systems/controllers as characters before. Would be neat.

I'd be all over some of those. They'd also fit well with R.O.B.

Well, not sure what the Console Amiibo would do in games, but yeah, they would look neat. I want dat super rare Virtual Boy Amiibo!

Where do I throw money for that to happen?

I'd totally buy them, especially a Famicom + Famicom Disk System and Gamecube ones.

The question is, would they also include Handheld Amiibo? 'Cause I'd also like a brick Game Boy and DS phat.

Don't worry, the Handhelds would get Amiibo as well. ^^ Hell, the DS/3DS Amiibo may even be able to be opened, just to be extra kewl.

Got a few cards. Specifically:
- Kapp'n
- Bill
- Molly
- Clay

Waiting on my pack in the mail still.

Okay, so- counting my Animal Crossing cards, I now have 43 amiibo.


Still several cards that I am likely just going to buy on eBay for inflated prices (like $2-3 instead of the $1.10 they cost normally when using funky math) and I'm waiting for Chibi Robo to come out so I can pick up my preorder and waiting on Mewtwo, Falco & Shovel Knight to have preorders or something.

As for Animal Crossing figures, I'm likely going to buy Amiibo Festival & the 3 Pack, splitting them with my girlfriend. I'll be taking Digby, K.K. & Cyrus while she takes Isabelle & Reese.

Then I want Resetti and -maybe- Blathers from Wave 2.

I am surprised there has not been a Mario Amiibo Wave 2 for Ultra Smash, I must say. Or at least the Mario & Sonic Olympics game. :s

Well, Mario & Sonic isn't even out until next year anyway. We haven't seen that game since E3, I think.

As for Ultra Smash, I feel like Nintendo doesn't know what to do with it. It hasn't changed from E3 and still looks like nothing.

For what it is worth, around E3 or slightly after, they said they weren't making any more "sets" for right now because they wanted to focus on finishing SSB/restocking and getting out the Animal Crossing series. I think they just wanted to finish up what they had. It's also possible the Wave 2 was delayed because Mario Party 10 wasn't received well.

I expect a Wave 2 to still happen. Just no idea when.

I actually thought Mario & Sonic was out this year. Not kept a close track on it. I also missed that they said there'd be no more 'sets' out, outside of the Animal Crossing one. That makes sense. I guess we souldn't expect any new Amiibo to be revealed to be released this year, right? We have 8 Animal Crossing ones, Shovel Knight and Mega Yarn Yoshi still. Oh, and the two Smash ones and Modern Mario in some places.

Next year better have the Airwing Amiibo shown for a Zero Boundle!

I thought Mario & Sonic was this year too for a long time, because usually it is the year BEFORE the Olympics, but I guess it didn't work because the game wasn't ready for summer and it'd be weird to have a summer olympics game in the winter.

As for the sets, I believe it was in response to when Miyamoto & co were asked if there would be Star Fox amiibo and they said no (at least not this year) because they had their hands full with the ones already out and that they were launching the AC ones this year.

Then of course, Shovel Knight got revealed months later, so I mean, take that as you will.

Also, I dunno if NA/Europe/Oceania will get them this year or not, but we technically have 12 Animal Crossing ones this year (as Wave 2 hits in December in Japan).

So we still have a good 16 or so amiibo left this year. Not to mention more Animal Crossing cards.

I guess that makes sense. I am not sure if Mario & Sonic will get some sort of Amiibo line, but it would be neat to see it get a exclusive Mario Amiibo, and Sonic Amiibo, Boundled exclusively with the Game. It would certanly help sales. And would force me to buy it.

And yeah, I remember Miyamoto saying something like that. And the Wave 2 is releasing this year in Japan? I sorta hope it releases next year here, then, haha. XD

I really wonder how many Animal Crossing ones there will be before the next main Set comes along. And I wonder what that set will be.

My expectation is either one or two more sets of 4.

Rover, Timmy/Tommy, Kapp'n and the other Isabelle, like in Super Mario Maker. Then I dunno, if another was made.

You know, even if there's not an amiibo line for Mario & Sonic, it'd be nice if it was compatible at least with the Mario characters plus Sonic.

After all, Sonic is the only 3rd-party character amiibo from Smash (excluding Ryu) that's yet to be used in one of its original company's games, Pac-Man is compatible with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus, and Mega Man will be compatible with Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS.

The 3DS box art from Europe had an amiibo icon on it, so there is a chance it does support amiibo.

Really? I think I must've missed that. Nice to know.

That said, there is also a chance it doesn't.

Art Academy had amiibo support listed on eShop for a while, but doesn't support them. That new Taiko Drum game in Japan had it on the box, then it got removed.

So we'll see, but it feels right.

Alright, so I got Chibi-Robo (back when the game came out), got Pascal (AC card), and preordered Mewtwo and Falco.

My girlfriend and I are going to preorder Amiibo Festival next week at Gamestop (covering Digby for me) and then I am just waiting it out until I can import a K.K. Slider by himself. Not that I dislike Reese/Cyrus, but I don't $35 like them. I'd sooner overpay a few bucks for K.K. on his own.

Then I am good again, unless Shovel Knight hits this year instead of being delayed to next year.

And if Wave 2 of AC comes this year, I will get Resetti.

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