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Guess we should have this topic back. I mean, all you Americans need a place to complain about your how crappy your nearest retailer is handling amiibo, right?

Anyway, I got 13 SSB amiibo so far, and I'm hoping to pick up all three Splatoon amiibo, but they don't seem to be having the three-pack in the Netherlands, so I either have to import them, or get the Splatoon + Green squid pack.

Mon Oct 19 15 12:55pm
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Not sure if my fellow Mexican amiibros noticed it, but with the release of the Yarn Yoshis, other stores like Liverpool and Gamers have adopted the "Gameplanet's price" of 400 pesos, meanwhile GP themselves have raised the prices yet again, this time with the Yarn Yoshis for 450 pesos.

EDIT: Heads up, GP has Zero Suit Samus...for 400 pesos, of course.

EDIT 2: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash confirmed to have amiibo support. Does this means a Super Mario Series Wave 2 or even a Mario Tennis Series amiibo?

Eh, last week I went to a plaza, the prices varied.
From 250 to 300 to 500. Depends on the amiibo.

Good thing is, I'm starting to see more and more of the amiibos I never saw here like Charizard and Greninja, and the Splatoon pack returned too.

Where did you see them for 500? o_O

That's going a little too far.

Gameplanet... maybe it was 400, I don't remember well and I'm mistaking them for Amazon prices.

Sat Oct 24 15 09:03am
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I've just checked Liverpool and the only amiibo at that price for now is the 8 bit "Modern" Mario, and the price is already knocked down to 330.
I think it's just a stunt to seemingly lower the prices for the "Buen Fin" before they normalize them.

As for the Yarn Yoshies, they're already more expensive in the US going for $17 instead of the usual $13, so the Gamers price makes sense.

Oh, I think I missed that US pricing.
I saw the Yarn Yoshis with that price listed in Liverpool online, though. So maybe they haven't been relisted.

But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if stores suddenly go "Here's your amiibo for 250/300, only on El Buen Fin". Still, I'm wondering why this is an issue with amiibo, but not for Skylanders or Disney Infinity? If it's because Nintendo's informal presence in Latin America, then they better step up their game, especially now that the successor of Club Nintendo is coming.

Yes, we desperately need Nintendo to increase their presence here in Mexico. Latamel can really be worthless sometimes.

Welp. Mewtwo's confirmed to be a Gameplanet exclusive.

I started ordering a few AC cards I wanted for cheap. Feel like a tool. Whatevs.


Got the 8-bit Modern Mario, looks cool.

But I missed a preorder of the Famicom Rob, woe is me.

I had a nervous breakdown and bought Fox & Diddy Kong off of Toys R Us with the 2 for $22 deal.

So I have those, Falco & Mewtwo preordered, getting Digby and K.K. down the line and I have 19 cards now. What have I done?

You have lost to the Amiibo Empire. The Amiipire. Accept your defeat.

Just got my Mewtwo and Modern Mario Amiibo (plus my second Classic Mario, to keep in my Mario Maker box, just for the heck of it). They look nice. Now only Falco, Roy, Ryu, Lucas, and whatever DLC characters there will be remains.

Tue Oct 27 15 10:19am
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I told my mom to get me Dark Pit after she got off of work.

I'm a monster.

BUT... to be real, I'm still sticking to my master plan. I did want Diddy last year, and Dark Pit after my gf passed on him. Fox was the moment of weakness.

I am going to ask for a few others for Christmas that I skipped (Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu, Bowser Jr. & Bowser specifically), but I'm done bying "old ones" except if we get an Ike restock.

Quick Question: Do the Animal Crossing amiibo cards have "rarity levels" like other collectible cards?

Mon Oct 26 15 02:34pm
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The only truly "rare" cards are the promo ones being issued out.
There's 5 regular cards per pack and 1 special character, all equally random. There's an equal chance of getting Isabelle as there is for getting Resetti, same goes for the regular villagers.

The Isabelle from that girl magazine in Japan.

The actual cards do not have rarity. You have an equal chance to get any of them. The Special Characters are technically rare, as you only get one per pack, but with only 17, you're more likely to get doubles of them than of regular villagers.

You guys are lucky. We only get THREE Cards in each Pack. :c

"I'm only gonna buy one pack of series one Animal Crossing amiibo cards".

I bought one pack, got ACHHD and split a pack with my gf... But now I have 30 cards. Bought 20 of them off of eBay.

That said, I now have ALL the ones I wanted except Walker, Redd, Tortimer and Timmy.

Ah, amiibo. My only weakness (not really).

I currently have 23 amiibo, all Smash Bros. ones. I'm not really trying to get every single one, but I have been trying to get my favorites and ones I've found to be interesting. Unfortunately, the one amiibo I've wanted the most is Ike, and he is next to impossible to get in the states. I'm hoping he eventually gets a restock like Marth did (and possibly also alongside Robin and Lucina, even though I already have both of those).

I've never been particularly invested in the fine art of amiibo collecting, since I only buy them if I stumble across one I want. Right now I only have two: Pac-Man and Olimar. When amiibo were new the only ones I saw in stores were Mario characters plus Zelda and Pikachu, but nowadays there's more variety.

That being said, there isn't really any amiibo I particularly want aside from R.O.B. (my Smash main) and the Fire Emblem ones (for Fates).

So I *think* I am finally done this year for real aside from uncertainty.

Animal Crossing cards Series 2, Shovel Knight and Wave 2 figures don't have set dates in NA if I am not mistaken. So whenever those happen, I will be on those, but I have all the ones I wanted and I got some excess.

Preordered what I needed. Own what I wanted.

40 figures and 30 cards by the end of the year. Spent less than half on them. Feels good.

Mon Nov 02 15 07:31pm
(Updated 1 time)

After weeks of mindlessly wasting my time looking for him whenever I could, I finally got my Dr. Mario (once again) in a trip to Monterrey. Also, I almost bought either Zero Suit Samus or Splatoon Inkling Girl, but if I would of done that, I'd hate myself and my mother would have probably killed me thanks to the messed up prices in Mexico.

Now if I could find Mega Man, I'd have the Gaming Legends* in amiibo form.

*I call that the group of classic characters that appear in Smash Bros. 4: Mario, Dr. Mario (I include him for being Mario in another costume), Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man.
If Snake would've returned, I'd have (reluctantly) included him; debating whether or not to include Ryu and any upcoming third-party character released as DLC.

Alright. Preordered the Animal Crossing 3-pack.

So, I have that, Amiibo Festival, Mewtwo & Falco preordered. I just gotta wait it out.

NOW I am officially done buying amiibo in 2015.

The exception is if Wave 2 AC figures, Shovel Knight, and Series 2 AC cards drop this year in NA. Likewise, if Ike gets a restock, I am trying for him.

I'll ask for some I skipped, but I'm done. Again.

So right now, I have:
- 31 SSB figures, 2 preordered.
- 3 Super Mario figures
- Squid & Boy Inklings
- Light Blue Yarn Yoshi
- Classic 30th Anniversary Mario
- Chibi-Robo
- 3 Animal Crossing figures preordered (5, but giving two to my gf)
- 30 Animal Crossing cards, plus taking Stitches from ACAF, giving my gf the other two.

Heads up, for the just released and upcoming amiibo in Mexico:
Mii Fighters 3-Pack - Liverpool
Mewtwo - Lameplanet
Falco - Blockbuster

I now have the first AC Amiibo Card collectors' Album. It is nice. However, it will make some of my cards slightly bent, which is disappointing. :/ Oh well, since you get a Card Pack with it, the cost for the Album itself was pretty much nothing at all. Only 3 more Albums to go!

Why are the cards going to bend exactly?

Something about how the Album design. The cards closest to the Album's back will bend slightly. Tried it with a duplicate Renée, and it certanly does.

So here is a question, has anyone leveled up all their amiibo?

As in, maxed out SSB figures to 50, maxed out Chibi-Robo, etc..?

How much do you guys use them in-game and stuff?

Sun Nov 08 15 10:04pm
(Updated 2 times)

Well, save for Toad and the lack of Mario Party 10/Mario Tennis, I only have Smash Bros. amiibo, but not all of them are Lv. 50, I've at least maxed out to Lv. 50 those of characters I can handle without problems like Mario, Dr. Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Kirby. I want to learn how to use a character before training his/her amiibo.

As for how much I use them in-game, I use them a lot, sometimes they surprise me with a few tricks.
As for Mario Kart 8, since they're a one-use only, I haven't scanned those I've gotten since July.

I'm still in track with my original plan of getting those compatible with MK8; if I get Fox and Bowser, I'd have gotten everyone I could that's compatible with it and I'd be missing only Captain Falcon (which I could technically get if I was allowed to buy online), Wario, Rosalina, Villager and Mega Man. After those, plus Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Inkling Girl, Ryu, a Bunnie amiibo card and whoever 3rd-party they announce for Smash, I don't know if I'll continue to get them. My stance in getting the Shovel Knight amiibo is slowly going from "no" to "yes", though.

My initial desire was "all the characters I play in SSB4", which I've stuck to for the most part. Only 4 of the SSB ones I own are ones I don't play, but they are characters I grew up with (or in Lucario's case, a gift).

Characters I play but don't have are Peach, Wii Fit Trainer, Lucina, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and runner-up with Ike, Villager & DK.

My girlfriend has the first 4 of those, so I can live with going for the others whenever.

As for leveling, only a few of mine are Lv.50. Specifically, my Wave 1-2 figures. My Chibi-Robo is maxed out at 6 though.

I scan amiibo with every game that uses them. Only reason I haven't used them a lot with SSB is because I always have other stuff in the way and was doing single player modes.

Unlocked all demos in Amiibo Tap.
Found all Pixel Toad's in Captain Toad.
Used figures with Hyrule Warriors to get Spinner and enough rewards to earn the "amiibo Warriors " medal.
Only used each Kirby figure once in Rainbow Curse, but mainly because it felt like cheating.
Have 13 out of 19 outfits in Mario Kart 8 (will have 16 when I scan my gf's).
Did all the challenges in Splatoon, unlocking all the bonus stuff.
I plan to use them to unlock their costumes when I get YWW & SMM.
Scanned them all into Chibi-Robo and got all their figures, maxed out the Chibi-Robo amiibo, got all figures & stages that require his amiibo.
Made houses for all my cards in Happy Home, gave jobs to some, copied items, invited them, plan to save houses and use them all in Amiibo Festival.


Today I bought the retro 3-pack! Technically I won't get it until Christmas, but at least now I have three amiibo that I wanted (I suppose that I forgot to mention Mr. G&W and Duck Hunt in my last post).

Besides the retro pack, the GameStop I visited also had Pink Yarn Yoshis, Splatoon three packs, and Inkling Girls, plus general Mario characters and Links.

Sun Nov 08 15 09:04pm
(Updated 2 times)

I'm in the middle of a dilemma.

Today, I saw some Fox (they also had Zero Suit Samus and the Splatoon trio, but Fox is my focus this time) in my local Cimaco, the same store I found Link and Samus back in January/February and that's pretty much empty in customers when it comes to videogames, I almost bought one, but then I remembered the next weekend it's El Buen Fin (Mexico's Black Friday).
The thing is, those are the only Fox I've seen in my city since December last year, so I don't know if I should go and buy him or wait to see if they'll be on sale, risking the possibility of not finding him by then.

Side question: How do you refer to an individual amiibo, using gender-specific pronouns (he/she) or gender-neutral pronouns (it)?

Mon Nov 09 15 10:06am
(Updated 1 time)

I'd say go for it if you have the money. I've had one too many bad experiences with thinking no one's gonna come and take it before I do, and as they say "Mas vale prevenir que lamentar"
It's ultimately your decision though.

As for your second question, I really don't care or put attention into it. They're plastic figures and nothing more :P

I'd say go for it because you never know what might happen.

As for genders, I say "it" most of the time, but refer to their genders when using them, and sometimes when referencing what they do.

I'm kind of inconsistent.

Tue Nov 10 15 12:47pm
(Updated 2 times)

Ok, so today I went and they still had those two Fox I saw on Sunday, and without thinking twice, I bought one. Zero Suit Samus and the Splatoon trio still were there, too.

Now I finally have my Rigby amiibo, not sure if I'll get Mordecai (Falco), though.

And with that, and if things follow their current course (unless something comes out of the upcoming Nintendo Direct), I'm done buying amiibo this year.

As for my second question, I tend to refer to them by their gender most of the time, exceptions where I don't use "it" include Samus (I don't know if refer to the amiibo as "she" or "it", given that Samus [as a human] hides behind the Power Suit and you can't see her in the amiibo) and R.O.B. (for whatever reason, I refer to as "he" in the games he appears, and it'd probably be the same if I had the amiibo).

Thu Nov 12 15 09:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

So, with Mega Man Legacy Collection Limited Edition, we're getting a Gold Mega Man amiibo, no word on regular Mega Man restock, though.
I do wonder, who's handling that amiibo, Nintendo or CAPCOM? I mean, it's a gold version of the Smash Mega Man amiibo, but in NA it's exclusive to the Limited Edition, in Japan it will be sold individually, while there's no word for Europe.

EDIT: Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games 3DS coming to Japan on February 18, confirmed to have amiibo support.

Fri Nov 13 15 04:35am
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah, the box at E3 leaked support for Rio. No info was given though.

If I had to guess, I'd say Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Yoshi, DK, Diddy, Rosalina, Wario & Sonic are compatible.

Whelp. Preordered Twilight Princess HD.

I don't even like Wolf Link that much, but I can't turn down Zelda amiibo.

Mon Nov 16 15 03:19pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well, Roy confirmed as a Gamestop exclusive, Timmy & Tommy exclusive to Target. At the same time, Ryu amiibo revealed, Famicom R.O.B. shown for North America.

Interesting twist. My Falco arrived, three days before it's official Release.


Mewtwo & AC 3-pack arrive tomorrow morning. Falco shipped today.

So with the exception of whenever Shovel Knight goes up for preorder, I am OFFICIALLY done buying myself amiibo and receiving ones I preordered this year unless I can get to a GameStop on Black Friday and buy Ike.

Done until January 22nd. Hnnngh.

And then the'll reveal Tingle Amiibo, Gold Tingle Amiibo, and Bikini Tingle Amiibo, and you are stuck again.


Well, I didn't say I was done with amiibo.

I just have all of the ones I wanted to buy this year aside from Shovel Knight (who keeps changing when he wants to come out) and if I can get the Ike restock.

Next year I have all the DLC characters, Resetti, Timmy & Tommy, Kapp'n, maybe Rover & Wolf Link so far on my plate. More cards.

I'm pretty much getting any Zelda amiibo that comes out.

But THIS YEAR, I am done abusing my wallet. Birthday just happened, may be getting a few amiibo for Christmas, etc. Gonna wait it out until the new year (again, aside from Shovel Knight & Ike if possible).

Gives me a good two months to not worry about anything (slightly less, since, whenever preorders start).

Don't worry, didn't mean you meant to stop. I was just joking. And admit it. You WOULD get a Bikini Tingle Amiibo, right? :P

I just got Falco, and won't get any AC Amiibo until Christmas. I'll probably have them all before the end of the year, and then I will have every released one. Aside from the metallic ones we never get, of course.

Pfft. Why would anyone not get a bikini Tingle?

I wouldn't. I would walk right past him, and pick up the much better Pink Gold Bikini Tingle Amiibo instead.

I can make it much worse!

In serious news... when do we think the Cloud Amiibo might release? Not in a long time I assume, since we've yet to even get Ryu. :s

Thu Nov 19 15 07:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

Don't be silly, everyone knows that the best amiibo is Dark Dr. Pink Gold Metal Zero Suit Bikini Super Mega Ultra Tingle Prime 30th Anniversary Edition Deluxe & Knuckles... featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series!

But anyway, Cloud, and presumably any other future Smash characters, will probably release in 2025, just like the FFVII remake next year, summer at the earliest and winter at the latest. But I'm no good at predicting, so I made a pretty broad prediction to minimize my chances of being wrong.

I was going to very much agree, but that '& Knuckles' really confirmed that you are right, that IS the best Amiibo!

Also, yeah, I guess it'll be pretty late next year. I'd hope they'd worked on his Amiibo alongside him, but I guess they only start working after he is revealed. :c Which is probably why we got Mewtwo so fast.

Don't give up hope! You need them all, right?!

If by May/June 2016 we still don't have the remaining Smash DLC characters, I'd be done waiting for them.

Can almost guarantee we won't have them all by then.

Lucas comes out January. Say Roy & Ryu come out together in March. Then you have Cloud, who would probably come out in April or May.

But we have no idea how many characters are getting revealed in December.

To make a better guess, you could take a look at all of the games we have release dates for. With certainty, amiibo will release on some of those dates.

Wanted to mention I bought Falco today. No line whatsoever. I thought maybe it was an isolated issue with my area, but I looked around a bit and noticed it was like that almost everywhere. Multiple reasons for why, I'm sure. I previously stated elsewhere that it was probably a mix of people forgetting, getting him online, and/or realizing you couldn't sell him for a high price.

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