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Guess we should have this topic back. I mean, all you Americans need a place to complain about your how crappy your nearest retailer is handling amiibo, right?

Anyway, I got 13 SSB amiibo so far, and I'm hoping to pick up all three Splatoon amiibo, but they don't seem to be having the three-pack in the Netherlands, so I either have to import them, or get the Splatoon + Green squid pack.

Speaking of Falco, mine arrived on Tuesday in the mail.

With that, I have all the amiibo I ordered and I am good until Shovel Knight.

May try for Ike on Friday, but I may be too lazy.

Since I cannot reply directly...

It's not that I want them all, but that'd be a certain bonus, but if I cannot fulfill my original plan of getting the ones compatible with Mario Kart 8 (even if I'm only like 5 figures away from it), I at least want to have the Smash Bros. 3rd-party guests along with Mario and Dr. Mario; so far I'm only missing Mega Man (and no, I don't want the Gold one), and I'm awaiting for Ryu and Cloud...and whoever 3rd-party characters they announce on the December broadcast, if any (which seems unlikely), I want those, too.

Still debating if I'll get Shovel Knight or not. I kind of wish there was a Plague Knight amiibo as well; if that existed, it'd be a definitive "yes" for both.

Sat Nov 28 15 01:36am
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Whelp. Ordered Ike. Done for 2015 for the 5th time.

So now I'm just waiting on Shovel Knight. To be done again. If Target & BestBuy are to be believed and it was pushed to January, I'm legit done for this year, for real this time.

Edit: Ike shipped. No indication of when he'll arrive though.

This puts me at 40 amiibo figures/32 cards right now, with 3 amiibo definitely coming my way Christmas and MAYBE a 4th as a late birthday gift, but I'm not 100% sure.

Then next year, I have 11 on my plate already. Ugh.

I manged to get Ike on Black Friday with no problem. He has been available on Gamestop's website for a while though, so by now most people who wanted him should be able to get him by this point.

So, seeing how there are some unboxing videos about the Shovel Knight amiibo, how longer before we know when it's coming?

So, I currently have 44 amiibo with 2 on the way.

32 cards with 9 on the way from Wave 2.

Got Dark Pit, Diddy Kong & Fox for Christmas and Shovel Knight last week.

Preordered Lucas & Resetti.

So now I just wait it out until the next group comes out.

I still really hope we'll get a proper Pokémon Amiibo line with Pokken. I wonder if we'll get any Pokémon Amiibo this year. I mean, it IS their 20th Anniversary.

Also, Off-Topic question, I'd love to discuss more of general Nintendo collecting, having a fairly large collection of figures and other stuff right now. Should I make a dedicated Thread for that? Would anyone care?

I suppose the worst that would happen is merging the topics back if a mod feels a separate topic is redundant, but sure.

I have tons of non-amiibo collectibles from Nintendo.

I suppose so. But I'd rather not make a topic in case Mods would not like it. I rarely make threads. I guess I'll ask a Mod if it is ok. ^^


Oh, and I hope I can find the Amiilanders on stores soon here. I forget when they release.

Are mods even around anymore? Haha. I jest...?

... now that you mention it, you rarely see them anymore. D:

Yeah, I don't remember the last time I saw them. Maybe when the site changed a year ago?

Pretty much, I think. I hope nothing happend and a bunch of them left or so. :/


And for the sake of staying on-topic... Amiibo! We know of so few upcoming Amiibo. I am very excited to see what the next ones will be. ^^

After this batch, we still have:

- Series 3 & 4 of Animal Crossing cards.
- Shadow/Dark Mewtwo card

- Global Famicom R.O.B.
- Gold Mega Man

- Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin & Bayonetta
- Kapp'n, Rover, Timmy/Tommy
- Wolf Link

There may be another Isabelle, wearing her Summer outfit, because it would match Mario Maker and the unnecessary distinction that she is wearing a specific outfit in the first place.

Beyond that we don't know.

I do NOT expect an actual Pokkén series or Hyrule Warriors one.

I DO however expect some more Zelda & Pokémon amiibo to release this year for the anniversaries. Hopefully Metroid gets something cool too.

There is also the chance Star Fox delays may allow SF amiibo, and maybe we will finally get more Mario series, haha.

Another possibility is releasing Smash alts. Specifically characters, like genderswaps, Koopalings and Alph. Then the possibility of releasing Smash cards.

The possibilities are endless.

I am going to say I am certain at least one more Zelda amiibo, if not more, are coming besides Wolf Link, and some more Pokémon of some kind. Be it cards, a 20th Anniversary fat Pikachu or whatever.

Mon Jan 18 16 11:15am
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Got Zero Suit Samus as a belated birthday gift!


Lucas & Resetti arrived, bringing my amiibo figure count to 47.

Got cards of Jack, Felicity, Pate, Chops, Cookie, Gabi, Julian & Vic, bringing me to 40 individual cards.

Preordered Roy & Ryu.

This was some days ago, and forgot to update it, but in New Year's Eve, I decided to buy Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and 2 Animal Crossing amiibo Cards boosters, with that I got 2 figures and 15 cards.



Hopefully the next time I buy a Series 1 booster, I'll get my Bunnie card.

I'm not complaining about the game, it was on sale for 900 pesos, BUT...


Also... Well, geez! After not knowing what's going on with the Shovel Knight amiibo in Mexico, now I see that Lameplanet.will get it, and of course for the LP price, 400 pesos. I really hope other stores get it, even if it's much later, like 30th Anniversary Mario - Modern Color.

Sun Feb 28 16 05:57pm
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I'm salty I didn't get an email about that amiibo survey...I NEED a Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and Metroid line of amiibo. Hell I'd even take a Punch-Out set of amiibo. While I own 51 amiibo figures. There's still a LOT of characters I'd love to see as amiibo figures.

-King Boo
-Dixie Kong
-Cranky Kong
-Funky Kong
-King K.Rool
-Slippy Toad
-Peppy Hare
-Wolf O'Donnnel
-King Hippo
-Bandana Dee
-Callie & Marie
-DJ Octavo
-Proffesor E.Gadd
-Skull Kid

In regards to DK, Metroid and Star Fox, I think you'll just have to wait until those games are released for a console, whether it be the U or the NX. Outside of Chibi Robo, I don't recall any 3DS game getting amiibos and I doubt Federation Force will yield a Metroid line.

Metroid and DK seem like NX amiibo lines.
Star Fox...well maybe you'll get some good news tomorrow (Or today depending on where you are located I guess)!

Kirby amiibo!

I don't feel the need to get any aside from Waddle Dee, but I am excited!

Preordered the whole Kirby line.
Not dealing with shenanigans of my country this time around.

Sun Mar 13 16 04:07am
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What the King Dedede Amiibo should have been.

So... just asking, is it ok to post and discuss about Nintendo figurine collections and such here? Or, is there a more proper place for that?

I managed to take a picture of my Nendoroid collection, and I'd love to hear what people think of them.

Sat Apr 29 17 05:58pm
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Here is probably fine, or you could make a separate figurine thread if you want.

Looking forward to seeing how your collection has grown from the last time you showed it to me.

Thank you kindly for replying, Blade_Master. Smile Since I now took pics of my entire collection, maybe it is best to make a new thread for it, but if that thread is ignored (made a Splatoon 2 thread ages ago I think, not a single reply, aw) then I post here instead. ^^

Thank you.

Sun Apr 30 17 09:46am
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Weirdly, new threads don't always pop-up in the sidebar until someone makes a reply, so if you do make a thread, reply to it right away too.

Ooh, really? How odd. Thank you for the tip, though. Smile Made the thread earlier, but I guess it is hard to find right away, then, haha.

I got some amiibo like a lot of the smash ones and a few of the legend of zelda ones

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