Casual Fan Art Showcase! (Show your skills, get opinions or just spread something cool you found on Tumblr)

Hey all, bellboy here!

Nintendo fan, casual snarker, dog-lover and hobbyist artist extraordinaire and I'm here to make a platform for you dear audience to display your work (or perhaps something you'd like to share from elsewhere) based on your favourite Nintendo properties!

This will be just be a General Thread (that I will likely abandon from time to time-cause life) for the time being, if anyone gets the urge to make ones for specific topics like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Splatoon etc they can be the budding entrepreneur and start that themselves! Perhaps one day it will be as grand or as ignored as this one!

Fingers crossed!


In the meantime here's something to get us all started!

I created this little beauty because I'm insane as I've been on a bit of a King K. Rool binge lately and an idea on the K. Rool Smashboards thread cropped up about making K. Rool parody of the "Hater Gonna Hate" gif out there.

There was no takers for whatever reason so I piped in and said I'd do it. Took a long while as I'm a perfectionist by nature but here we are!
I'm quite pleased with it! (Especially with how smooth I was able to get it- as most artists will know animation ain't easy, even for a 20-frame-looping gif) Very HappyVery Happy

Thu May 21 15 02:09am
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I made this... partially. It's actually from a cover variant of the Archie Mega Man Comics by Ben Bates. I did inks, flats and colors. http://led-naruto.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Wily-Colors-515406257

This one is mine from scratch. Unfortunately, this 3D Medusa is still WIP, and it's currently under hiatus because of health reasons. Hopefully I can show the final work one day. http://led-naruto.deviantart.com/art/ONE-DAY-I-SWEAR-WIP-481059144

Even with partial credit that's really awesome, man. Very striking.

I can't wait to see the finished product of your 3D project. (Is it a hand injury or something else? Either way hope you're on your way to making a recovery!)

I've got tons of stuff in the backlog personally. Like this for instance...
Now I've been working on and off on this thing for MONTHS. My artistic skills have improved in the time I've been working on this! It's the first time I've ever cataloged my progress on something to a greater degree. (I've done WIPs like you've demonstrated but nothing like this)

It ought to be completed soon though. (But I'm a slow worker so that could be like another month at least)
I know exactly what I'm wanting to do and most of the more important stuff is out of the way.

It was going to be an injury but luckily healed with a break and some meds.

The poster looks good. Are you still working on it?

I've also decided to get back on my WIP.

Sat Jul 18 15 10:58am
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Minor hiatus right now. I'm a slow but passionate worker so I easily burn out.
You get to a point sometimes where something would click and say like "that pose doesn't work" or "it's not anatomically correct; no wonder it's been bugging me the past day or so".

I'm a terrible perfectionist. ...That and I bought a PS4 recently and got into Dark Souls 2. Still drawing just more slowly- if such a thing is possible.

She looks awesome so far.

We're all perfectionists, to some extent. For example I like to complicate myself, a lot.

Like doing Medusa hair.

I've been streaming it a lot though, it gets me motivated to work.

That's the reason why I love art so much. It's incredibly deep. It's not all about pretty pictures, there's a ton of facets that individual artists care about and improve upon- things they appreciate over others.

I mean I'd love to get good at 3D modelling myself. I dabbled in it during university (Animation degree- I passed with Bachelor of Science 2nd Class) but I just got lost. Like I said I'm slow and I couldn't really afford to devote the time I needed to be as good as I wanted to pass so I stuck with 2D as I already had skill with straight-up drawing. It was the right choice as I was able to get through it all on my first attempt.

The only reason I'm a little reluctant to improve on my time is just how complex it can get. It can give you a hell of a headache sometimes as I'm sure you know! Especially as the polygon count grows. Smile

Hey I completed something for once.

It's a collab between me and http://wendy-angel-min.deviantart.com/

Besides that, I'm still working on more hair:

Oooooh, that looks amazing!

Which program do you use for digital painting etc? I swear by Photoshop Elements for my work. I really like it regardless.
You did a great job of capturing the really subtle details like with the shimmering water (how it cracks and has slight rumpled form to capture the illusion of how water is; I mean, without it could easily be mistaken for an ice sheet or something), the light fog on the surface of the water and especially the light from the Moon (with the cyan a stronger hue and fading the further away the water goes from right to left).

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the reflection while I'm buttering you up and the appropriate de-saturation of the colour.
See. I pay attention. (Mostly.)

You put in awesome work, man and it's amazing how consistent you made it too. I know how easy it is to get carried away with one element and have it dominate whereas yours keeps the "dream-like" feel in the entirely. Brilliant.
(Your collab partner's done solid work too.)
In regards to Medusa I'd like to pose a suggestion. Something I very occasionally do.
Have you ever considered copy-pasting? (Or BS-ing as I call it... acronym not required)
Hear me out. Doing multiples is tedious. Doing unique multiples is torture. I'm a 2D artist primarily, I don't cut corners often. Rarely in fact but BS-ing as I call it, not only saves time, it saves sanity.
I'm not saying to be blatant about but to lighten the load. You'd be surprised how well it works, how easy it can blend. Especially with little masking. (Hiding slightly, tweaking attributes like size, length, colour. Just even a touch. Or not all. Not everyone's eagle-eyed.)

Think on it if you don't do it already. I think of Medusa's hair and two words come up plainly in my mind.
Volume (or "quantity") and Chaos. ...Catch my drift?


On that note, I've been putting all my effort recently (past few days or so) to getting my K. Rool poster finished before the Smash Ballot ends. (My deadline I intended to finish by) It'll be doable. I'm certain.

My "timeline" has been updated: http://imgur.com/a/3pgf6
I've been rushing a little to get it done and I'm approaching a halfway point and it's really testing my mettle. I'm usually strong under pressure and I've been getting nice feedback on the Smashboards K. Rool thread*.

Copy-pasted ;) from the post* I originally showed this on.

...Hoo boy. Nothing like a deadline to get your butt in gear!
Your eyes are probably glazing over trying to figure what I'm doing here. But I promise it make sense to me!

    [*]To the right: Blunderbuss, propeller pack, DK Coins (from KoS), Crystal Banana (Climber), Scepter (Sluggers) and of course the long omitted tail on the Kritter! (Adding a flap of K Rool cape to this side too.)
    [*] Foreground: Large table with a set of mad plans and nick-nacks, including a model of Rare-era DK Isle with black "K-flag" from DKC3. A mini model of the Blast-O-Matic (underneath the "Rool") jutting into the picture. Partially obscure to the left is K.Rool jet barrel from Barrel Blast/Jet Race....... and a DK amiibo on it's side discarded like a chess piece. (Subtlety!)
  • Background: Kalypso is the one holding the "Smash" sign. Kass will be just below here holding a flag saying "KrocTheVote" while Kip blows a party whistle. Entertaining the idea of putting Crocodile Isle in the background (above K. Rool's crown). Scene was originally gonna be infinite blackness...not so sure now. Hmm...How total to make this victory... And of course more bananars in the background. Won't be super-detailed but enough to get the image across.
  • Left side: K. Rool's trophies from past Smashes. Bongos from Donkey Konga and a Gameboy. (And the Crystal Coconut from the TV show... :p )

In short, a "trophy" of every K. Rool appearance that comes to mind. No matter how small. Strikethrough means what I've done so far.

You give me too much credit, because my partner was the one who did the colors. =P But I'll send the message.
It was done in Photoshop CS6, by the way.

For the hair of Medusa, I do duplicates of hair, but I end up tweaking them whole. Yes, it causes me some problems and I end up just doing 3 or 2 bangs, but I do this because I intend to do a turnaround of the model at the end. So yeah, little by little I'm managing this.

Good luck on your picture, it looks great so far. I appreciate a lot the details of the scales, the monkey fur and the volumes of each banana. =)

......................................... *insert blushing emotion*

I clicked the link you gave me without reading it and made the assumption.
Ah well. Take some of the credit. (I feel like such an ass. ...Must be a Saturday.)

Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

It's okay, I should have stated who did what in the first place, but I thought no one would pay mind to that. =P

Good luck, keep at it. *thumbs up*

...And done. (Submitted it to RMC. Fingers crossed he posts it as news item. That would make my day.)

Sat Oct 03 15 10:12pm
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CONGRATS! It came out great and it looks like the GN masses loved it as well based on the comments from the news story.

Something I put together to support Whirlwind being in Disney Infinity 3.0 http://t.co/RBtBEIBwDE

So I took a break from modelling hair for quite some time. I started another collab, and it's always a problem for me to ink, I take too long.

But Medusa is fine for now.

I made a video of the process of modelling the hair, part of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTDALbZVqnM

Sun Feb 21 16 04:29am
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It's certainly been a while (almost 10 years), but with all the nx rumors going around I couldn't resist any longer.
So what did I do? Took some old files added a new logo and made some new wallpapers ofcourse Smile

Wow. That's quite stunning. o_o

Hopefully I'll get around to doing a small series of these. Just need to find the time.

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