Pokemon Thread

With most of the threads being lost I thought that Pokemon would of been one of the first replaced...
Anyway, this thread exists to talk about the Main series Pokemon Games. 
-Pokemon X & Pokemon Y
-Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 


I too am playing pokemon Y.

my favourite pokemon game is sapphire.

However I always find I loose interest in pokemon about halfway through the games even though I'm enjoying it.

Can anyone explain why?

It could be the way you are playing the game. What do you do mostly while your playing? Grind too much? focus on catching shinies? Use the same group of creatures until your bored?

Hi. I have never got a shiny. I do a lot of grinding at the begining of the game. I don't tend to keep pokemon in my party unless I really like them so I will swap them around except for the starter, I always keep that one.

I do love exploring the different locations but all those endless encounters with wild pokemon can be a drag for me when j just want to explore or progress through the story.

you have given me something to think about


Has anyone here gotten Hoopa for Pokemon X or Y through McDonalds? I went today and it simply refused to download the gift. I checked and I was definitely connected to WiFi. I even connected to the eShop. Has anyone else had this issue? It's really frustrating!

Even if I'm not that much interested on Pokémon Go (due to me not wanting to have a 3G subscription just to play a mobile game), I'm curious to hear the first impressions of people playing with the official release/beta/alpha/whatever; I know the game is shaped around the Ingress app, but it'd be interesting to hear from who has had experiences to either both or one of the apps

(also, if you happen to spot a Lokamp in the game, refrain to approach the guy/gal. IT'S AN IMPOSTOR WHO STOLE MY NICK)

Anyone unable to even access the code redemption option for Mystery Gift? I have a Darkrai code I've been forgetting to redeem, and both last night and just a few minutes ago, I keep getting an error that I can't connect to the server. Strangely, I was able to receive Shaymin because it connected there just fine.

Hello. I'm looking for a Ghost type safari with Pumpkaboo and I'm wondering if anyone can help me?


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