Gaming companies vanishing little by little... Where do we go from here?

I suppose everyone's on-topic since the latest news about Konami 'going mobile'. Sega, Capcom (kinda), Konami, all of them seem to be struggling to keep afloat these recent years, and it saddens me because they have all great Intellectual Properties which aren't being used or are left to be forgotten. At least some staff that worked on these companies made their own, like Treasure, Inti Creates and Platinum, and more recently, Playtonic.

The thing is, these new companies, while they have a decent amount of products and receive satisfying results from the consumers, they're... not as big as their predecessors. Did these developers, somehow assimilated the Independent Developer company structure? I want to be clear on this, I'm not bashing these companies and the way they work; what I'm stating is that while these developers are growing bit by bit, they don't quite reach the status of a big company, while the numbers of these big companies are decreasing.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stop correlating this situation with Kickstarter, because in my eyes it is a factor that plays in this; maybe not by much, but it is a factor. Nowadays most of Independent developers, including Third Party companies are used to get their projects backed by Kickstarter. In a sense, I understand they have the freedom or necessity to use it for a thousand reasons; but have developers nowadays became dependent to get their projects backed by fans?

Lastly, I want to ask: after all the problems the big companies are having, and how little they have become now... What's next? Are they going to be a thing of the past? Who's next?

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