The StreetPass Mii Plaza Thread, continued

Hopefully, this is in the right place... I'm still getting used to the new setup. (And this is for the 3DS, of course.)

Whether or not it's another version of Kyle or a relative, a "BBY Kyle" Special Mii is now available through SpotPass, in honor of a special Best Buy-only StreetPass weekend event.

BBY Kyle wears the NES hat, has Ultimate NES Remix as his last-played game. He should have all puzzle pieces available to choose from, so those of you willing to use the exploit can have another opportunity to try it.

Yes, I know this has already been mentioned on the main page, but for the sake of being a completionist, I guess...

To "celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.," a "special Mii Parade" is being released. The first Special Mii is of Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

"Miyamoto" is a red Special Mii, wearing the Mario hat and has Super Mario Bros. as his last-played game. I'm assuming he has all of the available puzzle pieces, as we haven't had any new puzzles released in the US in a fairly long while.

This 'parade' of Special Miis is also likely to be the lineup of Special Miis for this year's E3.

The second in the lineup of E3 Special Miis/SMB's 30th anniversary 'parade,' is Hiromasa Shikata, whom the SpotPass notification lists as "director of the latest Zelda game," as well as A Link Between Worlds, and having worked on other Zelda games.

"Shikata" is a red special Mii, wearing a Mario hat, and has A Link Between Worlds as his last-played game. His quote is "Zelda for N3DS!", and admits his dream for the future is to "fly through the sky." Which could be viewed as a Skyward Sword reference, I suppose...

Thu Jun 18 15 07:30am
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(accidental reply Sad )

E3 day three's Special Mii is "Watanabe" (Emi Watanabe), a member of the Yarn Yoshi development team. Like Shikata and Miyamoto, she's a red Special Mii wearing the Mario hat, and has Yoshi's New Island as her last-played game.

E3 day four's Special Mii is "Kyogoku" (Aya Kyogoku), the director of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, as well as New Leaf. She's another red Special Mii, wearing the Mario hat, and has Animal Crossing: New Leaf as her last-played game.

The final Special Mii of the E3/SMB 30th anniversary "parade" is "Takahashi" (Tetsuya Takahashi), director and board member of Monolith Soft, as well as the executive director for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

He's another red Special Mii, wearing the Mario hat, and has Xenoblade Chronicles 3D as his last-played game. Oh, and he likes making money...

Fri Sep 25 15 12:29pm
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Yes, I know this has already been posted to the main news, but...

Aya Kyogoku's Special Mii ("Kyogoku") is making a repeat appearance, today, in honor of the release of AC: HHD.
Her Mii wears pink this time around, without a hat, and has AC: HHD as her last-played game.

This version of Aya's Special Mii doesn't conflict with or overwrite the Mario/E3 version, so you'll still have that Special Mii in your Plaza as well.

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