Super Mario Maker

So, might as well create a thread for Mario Mak-- oh, excuse me, Super Mario Maker, since the game will likely be covered at E3, and I'm sure there are people here excited for it.

And man, this game just looks better and better each time they show footage of it. And to think that when it was originally revealed people were complaining about how Lunar Magic was a better tool!

I only watched Days 1 and 3 of the Mario Maker Treehouse demos. Did they ever show how warp pipes work?

I remember a few years ago when RMC had posted videos of Mario levels remade in LittleBigPlanet or old Mario Kart tracks remade in ModNation Racers and the videos would get down voted for some reason. When the eventual videos pop up of people using this game to remake levels from other games, I expect them to get down voted too or you're all a bunch of hypocrites. :P

My mind is constantly running to all kinds of ideas I won't be able to make for several months.
I wonder what will happen when you end a NSMBU stage with the propellor suit, and the next stage is, for example, a SMB3 one. I believe Mario's state and extra lives carry over?

I don't know. I don't think so. I've seen people going through doors or pipes and ending up in different kinds of worlds, so I'm expecting there's a lot of things possible.

Gamexplain should really get to making a video with all the new stuff from the last few days. I'm guessing they'll have quite some work with that, though.

I have LOADS of great ideas, and being such a simple-yet-powerful creation tool, I am positive I can make levels that will get noticed. ^^ I am super excited.

I do wonder what things they have not shown yet, though. Are there still themes or enemies we do not know of?

And will there be DLC? I want some Desert and Ice worlds!

I'm SO stoked for this. The tools are both simple and powerful, which is so important for a software built around this concept. I'm glad to hear of how much premade content is being included, too. I have a few more things on my wishlist, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else is left to reveal. My only real disappointment so far is the lack of Koopa Kids.

Very curious what that Frog button does. I have a suspicion it's music-related given its use in Mario Paint. I'd also be happy to see some more themes and the ability to make 'Coin Heavens' with beanstalks.

Wed Aug 05 15 11:06pm
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Does anyone know if it's possible to privately share courses? I know it's an odd request, but my nephew just got a Wii U and I know he is going to want Super Mario Maker. I figured it would be cool if we could send courses to each other without uploading for everyone. Would also be nice if we could save levels to an amiibo and take them to a friend's or family member's house(I would get an amiibo for that).

I don't think they announced that feature (private sharing). Also, I doubt that they will. Any reason you are against just uploading it to everyone?

I'm not against it, but my nephew is 6 and so I'm not sure what restrictions there might be for him to upload. I figured if he could share directly with me it would be easier.

Well at least we know the Pokemon and 3rd party amiibo work in this game now. Which is pretty cool.

The charizard costume looks amazing.

I can only imagen the amazing (and horrible) combinations of all the elements people will make in Stages. Can't wait to see more of those Sound Effects and whatnot. ^^

Wed Aug 19 15 09:48pm
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I hope this game gets DLC there is quite a lot more stuff they could add to this game for example:

-Big Bertha (works in all modes)
-Dry Bowser (works in all modes)
-Shy Guys (works in all modes)
-Luigi (not costume) with "Luigi Physics" (works in all modes)
-Nabbit (exclusive to NSMBU style)
-Golden Flower (works in all modes)
-Ice Flower (works in all modes)
-Penguin Suit (exclusive to NSMBU style)
-Flying Squirrel Suit (exclusive to NSMBU style)
-Mini Mushroom (exclusive to NSMBU style)
-Poison Mushroom (works in all modes)
-Ice themed levels (all modes)
-Beach themed levels (all modes)
-Launch Pipes/cannons (exclusive to NSMB style)
-Yoshi's abilities from SMW (exclusive to SMW style)
-Fire Bros. (all modes)
-Ice Bros. (all modes)
-Boomerang Bros. (exclusive to NSMBU style)
-Chargin Chucks (exclusive to NSMB and SMW styles)
-Koopalings (exclusive to SMB3, SMW, and NSMB styles)
-Boom-Boom/Pom-Pom (works in all modes)
-Reznors (exclusive to SMW and NSMB styles)
-Bonzai Bills (works in all modes)
-Desert themed levels (works in all modes)
-Sun from SMB3 (exclusive to SMB3 style)
-Hotheads (works in all modes)
-Flame Chomps (all modes)
-Amps (all modes)
-Tanooki Suit (exclusive to SMB3 style)
-Frog Suit (exclusive to SMB3 style)
-Fuzzies (all modes)

^ That's just the stuff off the top of my head! If they added all of this in one big update/DLC Bundle. I would gladly pay $20-$30 for all of that.

Thu Sep 03 15 04:29am
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...Soo, how about them all (spoiler) 99 costumes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tmxL0uNvfg&feature=share

Edit: Never mind, the video went private.

Anyone know about how the sharing features for this game work? I would love to play some courses created by others here.

So, who here expects a 8-Bit Luigi Amiibo to be released for this game sometime soon?

Fri Sep 11 15 11:09am
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Why didn't I get prompted for an update when starting this game?

Edit: Got the update notice after trying to download courses, somehow didn't kick in when first booting the game.

Sorry for back to back comments, but is anyone else having an issue with the unlocks? I still get a message saying my next items will be delivered tomorrow even though I have the update installed and I rebooted the game.

Fri Sep 11 15 12:32pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah, it wasn't really reported on "accurately". You don't JUST play for 15 minutes, you have to also spam blocks for a bit.

I've finished unlocking everything this morning, but all my playtime last night didn't unlock a thing. The best thing to do is grab the white goal-box at the bottom of the screen(not the actual goal-button on-screen), drag it all the way to the right, then take a ground block(or anything really) and just fill in the gap two-high - tap and hold on the screen, hold left-control-stick to the right, and just lay down blocks all the way to the end, then head back the other way. 5 minutes later, you get the next-day-message. After that you can kinda swirl some twirls of blocks on each screen, stop, wait a few minutes, scroll to the next empty screen, swirl some blocks in real quick.... after 15 minutes of doing that at your leisure, you'll finally get a message saying the delivery truck "came early" and then you get the chance to play an example level.

Also, I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I think I had to actually USE the new items before it decided to give me the next set, but I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not.

I tried this method, and when I used the new elements (on the second set) it immediately delivered the elements. I didn't time myself but it was a while after I scattered blocks around.

Ah ok, it still says next day delivery but then delivers them early if you just keep playing? I thought maybe I messed something up so I decided to use the time travel method.

I guess for the last couple days I'll just keep building my levels instead of stopping and changing the date every few minutes.

I'll be really happy once I get hidden blocks and warp pipes....unless that's accomplished by shaking? Guess I'll have to try it once I get back home.

I can't remember the exact days, but hidden blocks come a bit earlier than the last delivery, and warp-pipes ARE the last delivery. :/ But oh well, at least you can get things maybe a little easier and not have to make adjustments all the time. XD

Yeah, I thought I'd messed up too...but they just didn't explain it well enough. Oh well.

I kinda wish I could pick the costume I want when I finish 100 Mario Challenge. Getting the one I want for the level design I want is going to take a while...

So, I assume we'll be sharing course IDs in this thread? I haven't made anything really worth sharing yet, but I look forward to playing some of the courses you all make.

If we're sharing IDs then, then the ID for my first course is 738F-0000-0015-A33B.

I just edited the tutorial course thing with a few challenges. Unfortunately I didn't know that the mystery mushroom came with a "random costume" option... so whoever's lucky, I meant to put a Kirby costume in the first ? block.

I got the Mario Kart the first time and Wario on my winning-attempt. It's a little empty, but I liked the step-jumping at the end, haha.

I pre-ordered this off Amazon with day of delivery and got an e-mail this morning saying it's been delayed until Wednesday. I was really looking forward to getting started too. :/

So, just in case anyone would wanna play my first Online Course...

"NO jumping, NO running!"

Code: 703C-0000-0016-CD77

It's a pretty neat level, although as a self-imposed rule it's easily broken. XD Definitely difficult getting past the goomba without running or jumping.

Yeah, I am sure a lot of people will break the rule, and thus, the Course doesn't work well. But I did make it so that you can get past that Paragoomba without Running or Jumping. ^^ it just needs you to get on the Platform as soon as it gets close, and keep a distance.

Did you beat it without Jumping or Running, Magnus? :3

I got pretty close, but after dying to the para-goomba like 5 times, I got antsy and just run-jumped the whole way to the goal at that point... XD

Aww. XD I designed it so that the ParaGoomba will be super close before you touch the goal, but I guess it is much esier for me since I designed it. I'm sorry if my first level was sorta dull. XD But I had a awesome time making it!

Alright, I spent several hours making this course, but it just happened to come together well enough that I was able to pretty-it-up a bit. I actually ran out of semi-solid-platforms in the upper-world... XD

AC56-0000-0018-3DBA - Nihao My Conveyor Belt

It's a small Ranma 1/2 reference for no real reason, other than you change in cold water and change back in 'hot' water. I would have rather used Peach instead of Sheik, but at the time she was the only female costume I had worth using(no offense Celes).

I'll get to trying some of yours as well, but for the time I spent on this one, it'd really help if you guys would also help to keep it up there maybe... ^^;

It's a pretty clever stage. I found myself messing up at a lot of the jumps. When I beat it, it said 1 clear out of 25 players. I guess I'm the first one to complete it.

Yeah, it's supposed to be like 'training on bamboo, then falling into spring-of-drowned-girl', but I guess it's too hard.

What's funny is that when I uploaded it, I actually finished it in ONE attempt...so... if that's how they grade things, they'll put it in the 'easy' category. Later I tried my uploaded version and it took me 3 times to beat it(with both deaths in the first easy part), but I didn't think it was thaaaat hard. XD Looks like I might be on an uphill battle putting all my effort into something that's maybe too hard. Thanks for clearing it though, maybe that'll help a bit. I get the feeling I need a bigger audience to hear about it before it'll get anywhere, but I don't like spam-vertising my stuff like that, so... *shrug*

I couldn't do it and gave up. I died a ton in the beginning, finally made it to the water and cleared it first try but then died at one of the final spots when I fell off a conveyer belt and onto a spike. Fun level though, it was tough but didn't feel cheap.

My first level attempt if anyone wants to try.
BB84-0000-0019-541A Path To Riches

Fri Sep 11 15 09:21pm
(Updated 1 time)

Ah.. I died once or twice to the spikes just to make sure it was possible(for the end conveyors I mean), but I didn't think that part would be toooo too hard. The beginning is better if you just avoid conveyors entirely.

The only one I've skipped so far was asking me to build a coin-block-bridge upward after an entire full-screen worth of walking with nothing there. Not giving them the time of day. XD

Oh sorry, I meant to say I played your level.. XD It was a bit antsy, made me a little nervous throughout, and the tiny-mario filter was a little annoying, but it was pretty good.

I assume your talking about the part where you need to be small to advance? I'm thinking I might need to edit that part and re-upload. The shells should break the blocks and allow you to slide under as big Mario but I noticed when I replayed it that if you mess up you are forced to get hit to advance. Also, there is star power hidden there along with a secret exit out of the underground.

I feel pretty good about it, needs work but I'm still learning. I went ahead and uploaded some more that are pretty short, more concept than anything.

It's a nice level, but is it possible to get past the fire bars without taking damage? It totally ruined my (Up until then) no damage run.
If so, then I'll have to give it another go.

As I commented there, you're supposed to filter-off Zelda. That's the whole reason for the respawning mushroom... you need an extra hit to make it through the "Hot Water". After all, hot water turns girl-Ranma back into boy-Ranma. It's mostly story related, but you're supposed to not take any damage through the spike area so you can have a hit to waste on the firebars.

"As I commented there"
Sorry, that's what I get for reading the comments last night and then playing the level the next morning.

warth bunan
Fri Sep 11 15 08:43pm
(Updated 2 times)

I made a sort of prison break type level. Kamek breaks into the prison where Bowser Jr. is held and zaps Jr. with a Super Mushroom, who then starts tunneling out. Race through a partially broken prison and catch up and defeat Jr. before he can reunite with Papa Bowser and escape via his Clown Car. (Note: You need to let Jr. finish his tunnel before you take him on. He sorta wants revenge over freedom.)

Edit: I have taken the course down to make improvements with the Jr. fight, and add a sub-level to show where Jr. was going. I'll upload the update sometime tomorrow, once I am satisfied with everything.

Edit 2: Level back up with big changes. See my post on page 2 for the new info.

Fri Sep 11 15 09:33pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah, the Bowser Jr thing threw me off the first time... I made sure he broke through the other blocks, but then I was screwed on the outgoing part. It was an interesting level but having to kill yourself because the end boss was gone kinda sucks. Does make sense to make it an obstacle though.

EDIT: By the way, I don't remember if I've starred your level or not.. as I was finishing the level my router dropped and reset itself on me, guess I'll have to check on it again..

I had one star when I took it down to make improvements.

Aw, sorry to hear that..

Would love some feedback on my levels. Just getting used to the game. Will play the levels here tomorrow and give my opinion.

Short & Sweet

Stalkers on the Ship

Ninja Mario

Simple Start

Short & Sweet - Not much to say, it feels like a regular Mario level

Stalkers on the Ship - I took the top route and ended up making a leap of faith into a giant death pit. You should probably avoid doing that. Also, that fireball at the end made me hate you.

Ninja Mario - I managed to get practically straight to the door before the exit without much effort, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

Simple Start - Not much I can say besides it being true to it's name.

Thanks! If you take the top route on the ship you should be able to make it. I put the coins as indications as to where to make the jump. Right at the edge.

Ninja Mario, yeah its a secret exit. But want to know how you went up there?

I wall jumped off of the fire bar wall and then jumped off of the pillar left to it. Thanks to the momentum from the wall jump plus the mid-air spin, I was able to easily make the jump.

Interesting didn't see that. There is a way to get there as a secret but that was not it lol. Have you played my most recent level would love some feedback on it since I had designed before the game came out.

Ninja Mario gives me some ideas... not a fan of NSMBU style, but wall kick has always interested me, and now I can see a way to make them a little more palatable, maybe.

Stalkers on the Ship was kinda neat, more so when you get the timing right and you just happen to bounce your way right to the goal. Your latest that isn't listed was a little harder to get that to happen, but still works for about the same reasons.

Thanks. Completely agree in the new one but if you find the secret path is just beautiful. I need to tweak the normal path

Ah, I mean I took what I think is the secret path(the vine?) each time because the level name hinted at not taking the direct path. Coming from the upper route, it seemed like I had to wait a bit between bounces in a way that made me worry I might miss the timing on the next thing, but it eventually worked out alright in the end anyway.

Jaja yeah. There is a hit you need to take thats why I made sure you could get a mushroom on the vine. The thing is that it seems like you will miss one but thats there for the other path. And you got the tittle hint. I realy wish we could see replays of people playing our levels haha.

My New, better course is done! I have not played any of yours yet, been so busy making stages. D: But I will!

"Escape From Koopa Prison"

ID: 8B37-0000-001F-E9B6

Not a bad course really.. ^^; And it'd help if you were able to complete/rate mine, it seems like it's falling down pretty far(19 people played, but only 5 completions, but like 100+ attempts by those 19 people. I did at least see one person from Japan went back the next day and finished it though, that was cool).

Now I've got like 3 unfinished levels and still only the first level I made finished... some of them feel okay, but some feel short and don't "feel" just right yet. Ah well.

Thank you. c: And yes, I will play yours and the others ones on this page tomorrow, I've gotten so addicted to making stages that I've barely played any at all. ^^" Not sure how many Start I've gotten, but my Koopa Prison got a few.

I ended up killing one of the koopas and had to restart, but all in all it was a fun level.

Sorry about that. Couldn't figure out how to make a back-up Koopa there. XD But, glad you enjoyed it.

Really happy to see my stages doesn't completely suck. Need to actually play others stages soon, haha.

Oh, don't worry about your stages being bad ( I really liked your level btw). I've seen MUCH worse while doing the 100 Mario challenges. I'm just glad to see a level that had more than 5 minutes of thought and effort put into it.

(Also, on side note, I may or may not have been majorly disappointed after finding out that a certain flying cloud was actually just a platform).

Thank you very kindly. ^^ Really happy to hear nice words about my first attempts, haha. I am taking hours on my stages, for better or worse, and so far, I am quite happy with them. But it's true there are a lot of very, err, bad stages when you play 100 Mario Challenge. Oh well.

(if you mean in my Stage, sorry, they were leftover as bird stand-ins from before I made it Castle-Themed. XD)

I gave making an airship stage a shot. I'm not super happy with how it turned out since the para-buzzy-beetles towards the end can get a little out of sync, but whatever. You're supposed to go for Lakitu's cloud anyhow.

Here's the ID: 7201-0000-0023-FDD3

Just a note to those of you wanting to make a para-buzzy-beetle style stage - they're always auto-scrolling for a reason.

Sorry, I kinda added to the death-count there quite a bit.. just kinda casually started playing it while I was late for something, and had to wait on someone who was holding me back, so...I wasn't really in the best state of mind to be playing at that point. And then I tried it legit now and it took me about the same amount of time before I finally beat it. Like I said on the level-comment, it's a lot more sensitive about you taking damage on those things than the original ones.

Yeah, I'm kind of struggling to find a good middle ground in terms of difficulty. On one hand I want to make something challenging and fun, but on the other hand I don't want to make something bull**** hard. When people die I want it to feel like it was their fault, but I feel I might be making things too easy.

I'm noticing I tend to "dudespam" at first, and then I have to pluck apart those groups and drag them over by quite a bit. Things are a lot different from when you plunk them down and when you actually play the level(which feels a lot more zoomed-in and almost scary). I think 'nah, this is pretty empty, I better fill it with more enemies' when you end up forgetting that Mario should probably go in those "empty" spaces.. XD

New level!

9AFB-0000-0025-92CE - It'sa Mario Kartin'!

At first I set the time for 100 seconds, but it wasn't challenging. Tried 50, but I still had 13 seconds left, so I put it at 40 seconds now. =P I still finish with 3 and sometimes 4 seconds left, so... hopefully you'll get it sooner or later if not on your first try. =)

I died on my first, but easily made it on my second and third.
You get brownie points for the Super Mario Kart nostalgia.

My updated course is now available. No longer Bowser Jr.'s Escape Tunnel, it's now Escape from Bowser's Prison (not stealing from masterofmonster's level, promise.)

Captured by Bowser, Mario must find a way to escape. A mysterious being has placed hidden blocks with helpful powerups, and sabotaged certain bullet bill dispensers to dispense fire flowers near Jr.'s post, along with one of Warden Bowser's personal defense.

Can Mario make his way past all of the prison guards and traps, ending with an intense showdown with Warden Bowser and his top Lakitu guards? Will Mario free his friend/fellow inmate Yoshi before escaping? It's up to you.

Course ID: DA5B-0000-0025-AA7F

As with Bowser Jr.'s Escape Tunnel, feel free to leave feedback. Note that I may again remove this if I feel I still need to tinker with the level some more.

It's an alright stage, but It feels like that final battle has a few too many Lakitus. If it wasn't for Yoshi I don't think I would have been able to beat it so quickly. I would also suggest holding back a bit on the sound effects next time.


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