Images not showing up in articles

Sometimes images in articles don't show up. I have an example right here: http://gonintendo.com/stories/236008
If I look at this article in my RSS reader, I do see the following image attached to the article: http://gonintendo.com/system/stories/promo_images/000/236/008/original/630x.jpg
However, if I look at this article on the GoNintendo site itself, the image isn't there.

I think this problem arises for every article that has both a header image and written text? That's what it looked like during limited testing.
I have AdBlock turned off on GoNintendo.

That's interesting.

The story actually doesn't have any images inside the story or its code. I'll have to check a bit more, but is it possible that your rss reader is somehow automatically adding images?

I won't deny the possibility of that, though I'll have to wonder how my RSS reader would actually achieve that, because the images always seem pretty spot-on and hosted on the GoNintendo site itself.
Then there's also this article, for example: http://gonintendo.com/stories/236035
The article shows absolutely nothing. (I wonder what the code says?) The RSS reader, however, does show an image of Peach (and only that): http://gonintendo.com/system/stories/promo_images/000/236/035/original/18679786488_915f7987ce_z.jpg

I use Feedly.

Okay, here's another beauty of an example: http://gonintendo.com/stories/236220
My RSS reader thinks it has this header image: http://gonintendo.com/system/stories/promo_images/000/236/220/original/iwata-sad.jpg
(Look at that face!)

How intelligent is this RSS reader if it truly just adds those images itself? Iwata is mentioned nowhere in that article, yet my RSS reader would know to search the GoNintendo database for an image of a sad Iwata?

So it turns out that a feature we threw together for promoting stories on Twitter is crossing streams with your rss reader. For some stories, RMC includes an extra image for Twitter that doesn't explicitly appear in the article. It is shown in the html meta data however, and that's where your reader is getting the images.

It's a feature I'd like to tweak for a few reasons, including avoiding confusion with readers, as you called out. How many other people noticed on some level but don't bother saying anything or trying to figure out what's up?

Thanks for your help on this!

Sat Jun 20 15 11:19am
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Ah, I see! That all clears it up, then.
I actually enjoy the little header images. I am not sure how others would feel about it, but I wouldn't mind if the actual articles would show these images too. It'd clear up confusion, and more people would get to see a hilariously sad Iwata.

EDIT: Oh, and of course... You're welcome! Thanks for looking into this!

I'm now following the RSS feed from Feedpress and the direct raw RSS feed. I am noticing that the the Feedpress feed does have these extra header images, but the raw feed doesn't. So, it's not my reader, but Feedpress adding these extra header images!

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