"What are you playing?" thread

What are you playing?
What have you recently beaten?
Any opinions on it?

Figured this would be a good thread to bring back. So get posting!

I'm currently playing through Majora's Mask (3D), which I never played much of before, and it's awesome.

(Put this in "Random Time!", because where else to put it.)

Mon Aug 29 16 11:16pm
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I've played a bunch of 3DS games this month.

Woah Dave!




Super Monkey Ball 3D


Asphalt 3D


cheesus 2
Tue Aug 30 16 10:13pm
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Well, I've never owned a Sony console but Sony released PSNow for PC, so I get to play some of the games I missed out on like Uncharted and God of War.

Last game I completed was Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma.


I played some Rayman 3D.
Back when 3DS first launched I remember this game getting some pretty crappy review scores, so I made sure to cross it off my list of titles to buy at launch. Now 5 years later I'm playing it and I realize it is far from perfect (the camera can be troublesome at times), but Rayman 2 (which this is a port of) was a pretty damn good game, and this may not be the best way to play it if you've already got it on one of the older consoles, but for someone who has never played it before and doesn't own any of the older systems it was released on, I think this is an acceptable way to experience it for the first time. The only other complaint (besides the camera sometimes) is that I've gotta add this to a list of about 3 other games I've played on 3DS where at times the 3D effect is so strong it will start to bother your eyes after a while and gave me a headache.

Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice and AM2R.
Also managed to get Monster Hunter Online working. it's a surreal experience playing something in a language you don't understand.

Golden Sun on the Wii U VC. Man... I wish Camelot would make another one instead of Mario Sports games... but at the same time, I really don't want a follow up to Dark Dawn. I'd rather see some sort of prequel on the events leading up to the seal of Alchemy. Also Motoi Sakuraba has to be on board. GS just has one of the best soundtracks.

Wed Sep 14 16 05:52pm
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I finished Abzu and Bound. There pretty, but it borders the line of what I think a game is. There's input from the player but there's little game design here. I think the frustration just comes from these not having a development of it's mechanics more than trying to tell something. Well at the very least both let you stage select any part of the games so there's that I suppose.

Axiom Verge; it looks like Metroid, it doesn't play like one. Axiom Verge felt to me like a middle of the road execution. The weapons are interchangeable so there's little incentive to get all of them. The story lacks an interesting hook and overall aside from the glitch concept for the dash, and roadblocks there's little identity in this one. I suppose it wasn't for me.

I beat Chapter 1 of MGS V. I'm not feeling the will to continue because it felt like an ending. I don't get why the game is apparently going. What else can they bring? What heart wrenching twist and turns can they add to this great game that ironically is the worst Metal Gear experience I've had. I'll leave at that in fear of becoming a resented Paper Mario "fan". But I suppose it's kinda like that.

Federation Force. Not bad. Despite the flare of criticism the game is fun to play with other people. I think that's the main strong argument in favor of this experience since levels aren't that long, for the most part people know what to do and there was only one time someone screwed the team. I suppose it's just how little it adds to the series that hurts it but then again for a stop gap game I've seen more lazy efforts.

AM2R. It's kind of a shame the only game in the last couple of months I'm willing to replay and likely retry the hard file I started is a free game. Feels kind of wrong but I think it's a well made game for the most part, the control feels great, the design is interesting, there's little to no padding and it does what it intended for the most part right. I also appreciate the lack of handholding that Nintendo would likely have put if they had made a remake for this game.

I'm now waiting for Shantae 1/2 genie hero. I liked the last game very much and I just hope the animal transformations are smoother and more fun to do than in Risky's Revenge.

I've been playing Rondo of Blood from the Wii's VC. It's a fantastic throwback experience. The remixes are some of the best it's classic Castlevania with the right measure of difficulty and a stage selection and alternate character makes it very replayable. The only shame is that Konami nor Nintendo could be bothered to add english subtitles for the only game in the franchise with anime cutscenes with dialog.

EDIT: I bought Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and I didn't liked it, like the worse Megaman games its bland and formulaic to the point only playing as another characters is the standout, and I think reviews agree with that statement. This is the kind of game that makes one wonder just how played out is the formula mainly because it doesn't add unique elements to it, feels like more of the same game and to me, I wanted more ambition and the first game had the benefit of starting a new IP. Also a minor nitpick, having a boss talking in japanese rap slang is annoying, weird and out of left field at the same time. It's sad that aside from the rap guy the only other characters that standout are the ones speaking with internet slang.

I suppose I'll save my money for the end of November, since Shantae also was delayed. T_T

Mon Oct 03 16 01:53pm
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Advance Wars (GBA)

+ Deep and solid gameplay.
+ Good graphics and style.
- The special abilities are overpowered.
- The fog of war doesn't work well in a turn-based game.

Score: 9/10

Shantae (GBC)

+ Very advanced game for the Game Boy Color.
+ Very good graphics and music.
- Annoying backtracking.
- Collectibles are too hard to find.

Score: 8.5/10

I had to play it on the Virtual Console because the cartridge costs 300 euros. And I can say that it's not worth it, it's worth less than 100 euros.

I finally finished up Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. No chance of me going for 100% completion on this. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because it'd drive me crazy.
I recently played through Giana Sisters and had complained about the difficulty a little bit. Well, this game is a lot harder but still manages to be fun. I have no problem wasting 30-40 lives repeatedly dying on bosses as long as the game is fun, and this game is fun. I'd say it's the best platformer I've played on the Wii U. In fact I'll also say this is my favorite entry in the DKC series. It feels just like the old ones, minus some load times when you first boot the game up. There's some really good level design in here. I dread underwater levels in Mario games, but I look forward to them in DKC. And the mine cart levels are back and still hard as ever. The music however, while good, is the only area that doesn't surpass the original DKC trilogy.

Also I've been playing Uno on PS4.
I spent $10 on this and couldn't even play it for the first few days due to it requiring a Uplay account and I had forgotten my login info years ago and went through hell with Ubisoft support to finally be able to get back into my account just for this game, but it was all worth it because Uno rocks.
If you played this back in the day on Xbox 360 you might remember this as the first (and only?) game to make the Xbox 360 (pre-Kinect) camera relevant. This version supports the PS4 camera, but only when you're playing with friends and it's the same for voice chat, so be ready for some silent sessions if you're just playing with randoms. I find that to be ridiculous and I'd expect those types of limitations from Nintendo, not a major 3rd party developer.
There's a bunch of new rules added but they're optional of course which is good because I didn't like most of them (and they require you to use a Rabbid's themed card deck with Rabbid characters running around the screen and they're just annoying sometimes). One complaint I have with the game is when you want to join a game you're just thrown into a random game instead of it showing you a list of active games with what rule set they're using ahead of time.
Also this version seems slower than other versions of Uno I've played (Xbox 360, Wii and mobile). It sucks but a couple of times games were just taking too long to finish so I had to quit before they'd end.

Finished up two Sonic games recently:
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut on Steam:
Every now and then it's nice to go back to old games that at one point had people blown away by its graphics. Cause graphics are about the only thing this game ever had going for it, imo. Even in 1999 I thought this game was just completely average and all these years later I still feel that way. I spent an hour and a half playing the vanilla game, it's still just as average as I remember it, so afterwards I switched to BetterSADX mod, which improves the graphics and controls among other things. It's still not a very good game. I cannot force myself to finish this with any character other than Sonic. Screw the other characters, and as soon as I finished it with Sonic I uninstalled it.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on 3DS:
I skipped the 2014 Sonic Boom game (played the demo but didn't like it enough to play the full game), not even sure why I decided to give this one a shot, but I did and I'm glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised by this.
There's a story here, but I'll admit I haven't been paying attention to it a whole lot. Mainly because the cutscenes and voiceovers are a little corny (at one point during a cutscene Knuckles shouts "Winning!", ya know, like how Charlie Sheen used to say that 5 years ago during his mid-life crisis?), but I'm guessing that's how the Sonic Boom cartoon is too. Basically you have the power of fire & ice which you can switch between using the L&R buttons, and you will use those powers as you progress through levels. At the start of the year I played through the original Sonic The Hedgehog (the 3D eShop version) and I've found this game to be a lot easier in comparison and that might have to do with this one being tied in to the cartoon, so maybe they were aiming it more at kids (you even get infinite lives).

Level designs are alright. There are different paths in each level that you can reach with certain characters which you can change to at any time using the touch screen, but I don't bother even looking for them and for the most part I played through like 75% of the game only as Sonic. Adding in so many unnecessary characters is part of what got to me to stop giving a crap about Sonic games to begin with.
Each world has the regular levels you'd expect from a Sonic game (ya know, running fast through loop-de-loops and crap) but also 4 levels that play different. Those levels are a level in which you are controlling a submarine trying to find trading cards underwater in a certain amount of time, a racing level where Sonic is racing through an obstacle course against Dr. Robotnik (Eggman, whatever), an on-rails endless runner where you have to try and collect 200 coins and avoid hitting any obstacles before you reach the end of the level, and finally, a level where Tails is driving some hoverboat and you have to reach the finish line in time to collect a trading card. Of those 4 the only ones I enjoy are the endless runner style level and the races against Robotnik. The other two style levels felt like a chore to beat and I never looked forward to playing them.

I've had no issues with the controls (though there is a sprint button for some reason, and back in my day you didn't have to hold an extra button to make Sonic run fast, that's all he knew how to do) and graphically the game looks alright, the camera is zoomed out a bit far, but the frame-rate stays smooth at all times, though the 3D effect is barely noticeable even when the slider is at max. The character models still suck but I guess they're sticking with them.

Sun Oct 16 16 07:10pm
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Finished 2 games this week. Attempted to finish a 3rd (Dementium Remastered) but couldn't.
Alan Wake
I was very surprised by this game. I had heard good things about it, so I don't know why I let it sit in my Steam library for 3 years before I finally decided to play it myself. The story is very good, the gameplay is good, though the shooting feels a bit weird at times (I can shoot an enemy in the head but it only seems to do about as much damage as if I were to shoot them in the foot). There were also a couple of episodes that I felt could have ended 20-30 minutes sooner than they did and felt like they were just dragging on because of all the walking around you have to do. And one of my gaming pet peeves rears its ugly head, where you are constantly stripped of your items and guns, though for this game it makes sense when it happens and I can forgive it.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force
I had read someone describe this game as "it's kinda like your favorite band's worst album". That's an interesting way to put it. I enjoyed the game though, it really started getting good 6 or 7 levels in. But I can't help but feel like this should have been a Wii U game and part of it is because I have a strong hatred of the little extra nub on New 3DS systems, and this game suffers because of it. Oh, and some checkpoints would sure be nice. Most levels aren't long, it just sucks when you plow through a level and then it might have a surprise boss fight at the end where if you die you gotta start over from the beginning and do everything over again.
Another thing about the game, before a mission, you and your teammates (unless you're playing solo, which I don't recommend because this looks like a terrible single player game) are given a limited number of items and ammo to split up before before you head out to begin the mission. I've been running into too many douche bag random players who take all the good crap for themselves (somewhat surprisingly, this happens more with Japanese players).
Another issue I have, I like to kill enemies from a distance, but my co-op partners like getting up close and personal with the enemies, and then what ends up happening is they end up blocking my shots from ever reaching the enemies. Frustrating...
It's no secret the game has bombed as far as sales go, I dunno if I can recommend the game unless you have at least 1 other person who will go through it with you.
In addition to the campaign there is Blast Ball mode, it's basically soccer, 3 vs 3. It's not bad, it's actually fun.

Dementium Remastered
I enjoyed this back in 2007 when it released on the old DS, even though I could never finish it. Replaying it now and I don't know how I ever thought this was good. It's so easy to get lost when all the hallways look the same. You can check your map but you can't just have it stay open and displayed on the touch screen. If there is even a story in this game, I still haven't figured it out.
On the old DS this game's graphics were great. They're even better now, but I still hate that black fog that prevents you from seeing too far ahead unless you have your flashlight equipped. The controls are good, too. You aim with the touch screen, which is how just about all fps games on the old DS controlled, and how I wish Metroid Prime: Federation Force controlled. But just like I did back in 2007, I'm giving up once again on this game, except I don't think I'll be giving it another chance in 9 years from now.

cheesus 2
Tue Oct 18 16 09:07pm
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Never picked up a Sony console, but PS Plus Network released on PC so I'm playing through all the Sony Classics I missed out on.

Played all 3 Uncharted games, started the Last of Us (decided to save that for when I get a vacation) and just started God of War.

I finished Nano Assault EX on 3DS.
I'm always amazed at this small indie dev and how they manage to make their games look better than most bigger dev's games. And when I say it's a small team I really mean it. During the end credits there was just a handful of names listed for various credits.
Graphically the game looks very good with the 3D effect on, but that comes with a price, and you will deal with some slowdown once in a while. Controls were solid and it was one of the few games where I didn't have a problem with the little nub on the New 3DS. The game is half twin-stick shooter (like Nano Assault on Wii U) and half shmup. I enjoyed the twin-stick shooter levels more for the most part. My main issue with the game was it was pretty difficult at first, but then seemed to get easier the longer it went on, mainly because you earn a bunch of extra lives and then when you die, your sub-ammo (missiles and crap) gets refilled so I'd use that to my advantage and cheese my way through some of the boss fights, where I'd spam my missiles and then die on purpose to refill them and then spam some more. Repeat until I win.

I now get why Star Tropics was forgotten. Even in Smash.

Zoda's Revenge is kinda like the third Ninja Turtles live action movie. It has pointless time travel that at its best is window dressing to add variety to the visuals with the tropes from each time period, but at its worse is how most of this game is interchangeable.

I think the first game is a special hidden gem from the NES. Kinda like a treasure hunter adventurer, but also it's gameplay while restrictive was varied, the challenges keep increasing and is one of those games you can eventually conquer by playing it better. In the sequel the controls while more "smooth" made the mechanics of the last game awkward. The bosses while more distinctive are very easy. The puzzles weren't as clever.

All in all I suppose grasping straws the best addition was the sequel starting where the last game ended, but aside from the beginning and the last level there wasn't growth neither in the world or the MC. I don't mean depth but any kind of change to make the character feel like he was getting something from the journey. The only thing that changes is the ways of attacking but even then I suppose those didn't felt fitting with the character.

Even with all the ranting the game isn't technically bad, but like feeling of Nintendo sequels of this year. This one didn't felt as ambitious or creative as its predecessor and worse of all most of it, it's pointless in giving a unique identity.

In short, I do now get why this series was forgotten. I mean it's the only case I've seen where the subtitle is totally more prominent that the series it's supposed to be part of.

Sun Oct 30 16 04:34am
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I finished up Yoshi's Woolly World.
I've never played a Yoshi game and not been impressed by the graphics, and this is no exception. Gameplay wise it feels just like previous Yoshi games. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that it's fun, bad in that they're almost disappointingly easy unless you feel like devoting the time to find all the collectibles.
I was also a little disappointed in the boss fights as well. There's only a handful of bosses and they get recycled so you will face them more than once, and to beat them is always the same, just hit them then butt-stomp them 3 times.
Level design is alright. In the original Yoshi's Island, anyone who has played it remembers "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" even all these years later. There were two or three levels in this game that stood out, with my favorite being "Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy", but I dunno if it stood out enough that I'll still remember it 25+ years from now like with the original game. There are little segments in some levels where Yoshi transforms into a little motorcycle, or an umbrella, or a mermaid, and those are fun, but those sections only last for like 30 seconds. In some cases those little segments are more fun than the rest of the level they take place in.
There are power-ups ("badges") you can buy to help you, but I never once needed any. I'd imagine they come in quite useful if you're going for 100% completion, but for me, just going through the game trying to get to the end, I didn't even think about buying any. And the bonus games suck. A few times I found myself at the end of a level trying to time it right so that I'd jump through the loop and avoid it landing on a flower, so I can skip the bonus game. They're just a waste of time, imo.
I haven't played Yoshi's New Island on 3DS yet but I remember reading some complaints about the game's music. They must have listened because the music is just fine in this game. The controls are good as usual, though I had to switch to the "B style" controls in the options menu because the default setting just felt weird (basically all it did was swap the buttons for jumping and using Yoshi's tongue).

im playing quite a few games at the moment. if i play one game for a while i get bored of it and start another one and this goes on and on. its not that i stop enjoying the game or that its a bad game i just get bored. so heres what im.playing

yokai watch. adventure time investigations. rune factory 4. monster hunter 3 ultimate. one peice unlimited world r. nano assault ex. soul hackers. confeption 2. etrian odessy 4. retrocity rampage. radio hammer. shantee and the pirates curse. steamwo4ld heist and code name: s.t.e.a.m.

loving them all

I beat Ikachan today. Before downloading it on the 3DS eShop I knew nothing about it, but it ended up being pretty fun. There's barely any story and the game lasted less than 2 hours, but I liked it but wish they could've did more with it.

Just finished Bioshock 2 for the PS4. Great game. Better gameplay than the first game. The whole Elanor thing was not as interesting the story of the first game, but I enjoyed both. Now I started Xenoblade Chronicles X. Will be weird not hearing any Reyn Time quotes.

DOOM on PS4:
This game is f'n great. It's also one of the few games I've played that, at least graphically, finally feels next-gen to me (current-gen technically).
The game is pretty much just non-stop action, some parts get really tense, and then to add to it you got the kick ass soundtrack to top it off. During the entire playthrough I never felt bored at all or caught myself thinking "maybe they could have made this level a little shorter". It was just great from start to finish. This is by far my 2016 GotY.
Multiplayer plays how I was expecting it to. Not something I'll b playing regularly a 8 or 9 months from now, but I still enjoy it. Now, it may not hook the CoD and Battlefield kiddies, but screw them, they don't have to wait 10+ years between their new sequels. I'll put some time into the custom map mode soon.
So with all positive things I have to say about the game, there is one thing I kinda hated and that was the load times. It took a long time for this game to finally get here, I would have gladly waited another 6 months or so for them to figure out a way to get the load times in the 10 seconds or less range.

River City: Tokyo Rumble on 3DS:
I'll keep this short and sweet: if you enjoyed River City Ransom on NES, you will enjoy this. It is more of the same and when you've waited this long for a sequel, that's not a bad thing. The main story mode lasts barely 4 hours, but there are extra modes to play like dodgeball. It would have been nice if they supported online multiplayer, but I won't complain since I'm just happy this game finally exists.

I'm trying to dig on System Shock 2. Which so far seems like the blueprints from Bioshock, with more number crunching.

What I like is how it gets to business quicker, and its simpler in its storytelling. However it's less elegant in how it tells it's narrative considering even this early the VA clashes with one another in scripted sections.

I do like being able to return to previous areas, though that could be because it may not be as big as Bioshock in terms of level variety.

All in all, I do like the similar feeling I had when playing the SNES Jurassic Park game since it seems to be figuring stuff by yourself.

I was playing Paper Mario: Colour Splash.

The necessity to ace the


minigame has killed my desire to play it anymore, though. The need for Things to kill bosses hadn't been a problem until now [as you could find them exploring as you go through - this one just makes no sense]

Shame, I actually liked it [once I got used to the battle system after the first hour or so, and got the 2nd+ card turn].

Oh well... Pokemon Moon next week! Smile

I've been playing some BoxMaker on Steam.
I want to crap on this game, I really do. It's a bad game that does very few things right, and it deserves to be crapped on, yet I've put more time into this game than I ever should have. It's basically a complete rip-off of Super Mario Maker by some Chinese dude(s) and I don't know how or why Nintendo hasn't gotten it taken down yet. As far as building levels, anything you could do in the basic Super Mario Maker game (like, Super Mario Maker as it was shipped, meaning almost nothing that was added in later through updates, such as checkpoints) but they screwed up on one very important thing...the controls. Nintendo has nearly perfected the controls in 2D platformer games, so if you're going to rip-off their ideas, the least you could do is try to mimic the controls as closely as possible, and this game just doesn't even try to get that right. So everyone is having a ball making levels inspired by "kaizo " Mario levels, but with no checkpoints and sloppy controls on top of that, they're just not very fun to play.

Sat Nov 19 16 10:25pm
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Pokemon Moon!
After the very mediocre Pokemon X/Y, and then going back to trying Pokemon Red for the first time via 3DS Virtual Console and not enjoying it at all, I thought I had outgrown the Pokemon series and was ready to move on. But then along comes this game, and it seems they've got their crap together. They made some great changes.
So I decided to rush through it. Normally I'd talk to every NPC I see, but this time I'm just like screw it, I'll do battles when necessary and grind when I have to, but I'm not reading hundreds of lines of text that aren't going to tell me anything useful.

The graphics are not bad (they kinda have a PSP look to them, if that makes sense) and this is kind of how I expected Pokemon games on 3DS to look like from the start. Unfortunately there is no 3D effect and even without 3D the game's frame-rate takes a big hit when battling with more than two Pokemon on screen at once. It's very disappointing.

The music...is there. I've never been big on the music of this series and this game didn't change my opinion, so I can't say if it's good or not. If you liked the music in previous games I don't see why you wouldn't like it here.

Battles can get really tedious sometimes. I hate just walking through grass, a wild pokemon appears, I'm close to whooping its ass and am gonna try and catch it...and then it calls for backup. And when the backup arrives you can't use a pokeball until you beat one of them and it's back to a one vs one battle. And these sons of bitches will call for backup more than once during a battle. But they improved the UI in battles, and it was all for the better. You now just have to tap the Y button to use a Pokeball, and if you're battling a Pokemon that you've beaten previously, it will now show you what moves you have are most effective against it.

There's also a Pokemon Refresh thingy, where after battles you can interact with your Pokemon via the touch screen and clean them up and feed them berries...almost like Pokemon meets Nintendogs. I don't bother with this feature too much.

Overall it is a damn fine game. I'll most likely have it beaten tomorrow.

I've been playing Rayman Origins on 3DS, but I'm gonna quit now.
I only played up to the second level of World 2 before I decided I don't want to waste more time on this. It is really such a poor port. Rayman Origins is a very good game as long as you're playing it on anything but the 3DS.

I finally played Kersploosh! after avoiding it for so long because it looked like muff cabbage.
Most people view Pokemon Go or Miitomo as Nintendo's first real attempt at getting into the mobile market (even though they've been on mobile before that). I say it was this game. Even though it is available on 3DS and not mobile, I think they used this game as their first real attempt at trying to see if they could do something simple and cheap.
The "story" of this game is not important, and it changes depending on the object you choose. I will use the default rubber ball as an example, since it's available from the start: a woman ordered a rubber bouncy ball and soon after, her daughter became ill and her husband left her, so she blames it all on the rubber ball and she throws it down a well. Then you are controlling the ball as it's falling down the well and your goal is to make it to the bottom of the well while hitting as few objects as possible on the way down. For some reason there is crap like cookies and donuts you must avoid. This is really what Nintendo thought mobile games were in 2013. They didn't know you could play mobile games with just as much depth to them as a retail 3DS game.
Not a whole lot of replay value here. 10 stages and they all look very similar and all can be finished in barely over an hour. You can compare high scores via Street Pass but that isn't much.

Sat Dec 10 16 03:15pm
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Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

+ Intense gameplay.
+ Good atmosphere.
- No automatic skill based matchmaking.
- Crappy community & kicking.

Score: 8/10

Star Fox Adventures (GameCube)

+ Zelda-style gameplay.
+ Good graphics.
- Too hard in few cases.
- Slow in some parts.

Score: 8.5/10

I loved SFA, but agree that a few spots were unusually hard. I specifically remember this kind of cut-scene that suddenly appeared in a wooded area..something like a dinosaur knocking the trees in a certain order or something, but at the time, because it came on suddenly, I didn't know to be paying attention to it in any special way, but the order of the tree knocking was the code to continue to the next section of the game, and there is no way to re-watch or re-trigger the animation. Think I had to resort to a guide or something at that point.

Would love an HD or extended remix of SFA, maybe add a few more of the space flight sections.

The parts where I had a hard time were:
- the first boss, when you have to hit him to the chest, the moment is specific and unclear.
- the two trials of strenght where you need to mash the A button really quick, I had no chance with only my fingers, I had to use the pen trick.
- when Andross sucks you in his mouth, I didn't know that you could spin with L/R and that it would resist to the attraction.


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