"What are you playing?" thread

What are you playing?
What have you recently beaten?
Any opinions on it?

Figured this would be a good thread to bring back. So get posting!

I'm currently playing through Majora's Mask (3D), which I never played much of before, and it's awesome.

(Put this in "Random Time!", because where else to put it.)

"Race to the line" for 3DS.
This ended up being one of the most bland racing games I've played in my life.
It's also possibly the slowest racing game I've ever played. There is no sense of speed here. This doesn't feel like you're racing, it just feels like you're getting a ride from grandma.

The controls take some getting used to. At first I didn't like them at all, but after a few races I learned to tolerate them.

The AI is almost brain dead. They will just start to fishtail for no reason, and you will occasionally find them crashing into walls or simply just sitting there and not even moving as you lap them. It will take a little while for you to get to the front of the pack, but once you are in 1st you can expect to stay there unless you manage to screw it up. I guess that's one con for a racing game to not have rubber-band AI.

The game is very low budget and nowhere in it that I could see was there a single logo of the company that made it, nor is there a Miiverse community for it (this game released within weeks of Miiverse launching on 3DS and the last I heard Nintendo doesn't charge anything if you want your game to have a Miiverse forum).

The graphics are pretty meh. The cars don't take any visible damage and as you're driving you'll notice the environments just sorta get drawn in, very much like racing games from the 32-bit era.

Listed among the game's features on Nintendo's site is a 2 player mode, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I think they might have been talking about time trial mode where you could pass the 3DS to another player and let them try to beat your best time, but by that logic almost any game can be listed as being 2 players.

There are only 8 tracks to race on, only 2 music tracks in the whole game (one that loops over and over in the menu and the other loops over and over as you are racing), and the 2 cars you can choose from at the start are named "Road Racer" and "Black Car" but I guess for a $4 game you should expect a sense of "generic-ness".

holy shite

im still playing those same games and abunch of others tooo

Getting stuck into the Post-Game of Pokemon Moon now, after a [very] close League win.

I'm currently on the




Finished that quest up.

I'm now glad that GF made getting both cover legendaries so much easier this time.

Back in like 2010, my Wii crapped out. I sent it in, got a game journalist expedited repair and data transfer, but still wound up losing a few saves.

Fast forward a few years; I'm back in the states for a few months from Japan, and am working my way through a few old games that lost their saves, like Super Mario Galaxy 1&2.

Also playing through Beyond Good & Evil HD on the PS3...

Speaking of BG&E, Ubisoft is actually giving away Beyond Good and Evil (and six other games) away for free until Sunday. Would be a good way for people who have never played before (like myself) to try the series out before BGE2 potentially releases on the Switch.

The Legend of Kusakari on 3DS.
If you were to just look at the logo of this game and then read this sentence where I'm about to tell you this game was inspired by The Legend of Zelda series (as if you couldn't tell by the name) you might be ready to boot up the 3DS eShop and get ready for some Action/RPG goodness. Well, hold your horses because that isn't what you're gonna get. To be more specific, this game was inspired by the grass cutting you do in Zelda games, not by anything else the Zelda series is loved for.

The levels will consist of a field where soldiers are sword fighting or guards are on patrol or slimes are just...doing what blobs of slime do. You basically just cut all the grass while avoiding touching the guards/sword fighters/other enemies because they can't be killed and you must do it quickly because your health starts depleting as soon as the level starts.

There is some humor in the game, too. The devs knew just the concept of the game sounded silly, so there is very little story here and its not at all meant to be taken seriously. The music is bad too, but it's done on purpose.

I don't know the exact number of levels, but it says there are over 50 of them and after a couple of hours of playing I'm closing in on level 30. To add on a bit to the replay value there is an endless mode and online leaderboards. Overall for $5 I think it was worth it.

Sat Jan 07 17 02:43am
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Axiom Verge (Played on Hard mode, 100% Map and Items): Finally got around to this. As far as Metroid-Pretenders go (and I have played a bunch of them in the last couple months), this one was pretty solid and understood more of the core aspects of what makes a Metroid game better than most (including several games in the actual franchise). It nails the story-telling through environmental cues and logs, the abundant-and-sometimes-tricky platforming, the grotesque NPC design, the intriguing item and skill progression, the music. I would even go as far as saying that this and AM2R are probably the best Metroid-itch-scratchers of the last decade-plus.

Still, there are some irritating aspects that keep me from putting it quite on par with the best of the real thing: There is way too much dialogue. The map needs a couple more connections/shortcuts between some of the rooms to cut down on the giant cul-de-sac traversal. There is a cavalcade of weapons that the main character picks up, most of which are unfortunately fairly useless (and there are way too many to make teasing out which ones are useful for which situations anything but cumbersome). Trace's sideburns look more like helmet straps than hair. Although they have cool visual designs, the bosses are mostly disappointing and get kind of sloppy toward the end. I wish the dash were tied to a specific button rather than a double-tap. The Passcode tool and its associated puzzles are kind of lame. The levels themselves mostly blend together and outside of a couple of super-stellar rooms lack much identity.

The last one is probably the biggest issue, since at their core Metroid games live or die on the worlds they create. Zero and Super-era Zebes, Tallon IV, Aether, SR388 (yeah even the OG Gameboy version to an extent) are not just all unique planets, but even each region within them has their own easily-conjured character as it were. Sudra's stages unfortunately do not stand out all that much from one another. It is a real shame because Tom Happ clearly has a decent set of artistic chops when he lets loose. Several individual rooms (like the Rusalka lairs, the body mounds, the repair drone repository, the hallucinatory world, the bit with the wheelchair, the Breach elevator) are quite impressive, but unfortunately the rest of the game falls well below that standard and it is kind of a bummer.

(Also, I dunno if it is just me but the area names just kind of blend together: Kur, Absu, Zi. Despite filling out the entire map, even now I could not tell you exactly which region was which.)

bring on Rogue Dawn

this doesnt get updated much does it. too busy playing games i guess?

you jerk didnt you bother to read the other posts.

and you forgot to mention how shite that zombie z station game is but how amazing fire emblem fates birthright is and how brilliant dragon quest 7 is but wondering how the hell you will have time to finish it before dragon quest 8 comes out the end of january

mrkapow you are a dick

Mon Jan 09 17 03:00pm
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Eternal Darkness (GameCube)

+ The story is great and creepy.
+ The hallucinations are brilliant, they make you feel an authentic fear.
- The camera could have been closer to the character.

The best survival horror game I've ever played.
Score: 9/10

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D:
Awesome story!
Great characters!
Good Combat system

Shulk can be overly loud sometimes, playing a game were you drink everytime he says Monado would kill you.

Pokemon Moon:
Very Funny
Looks Pretty
Finally streamlined so many things don't take forever

Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World
I already beat this on Wii U a few months ago and from what I can tell the only things the 3DS version is lacking are HD graphics and two player co-op (and on Wii U I think I played through almost half of the game on the GamePad so I was losing the HD anyway). The 3D effect is nice and runs at a smooth 60fps on New 3DS (and a respectable, but not always consistent 30fps on old 3DS/2DS).
The little videos they added of Poochy and Yoshi are cute but you'll probably only watch them once (I haven't seen them all yet because they only unlock one video per day). It also supports more amiibo than the Wii U version did (if that matters) and you can design your own Yoshi now which I don't remember if that was possible on Wii U. I played only two of the new bonus Poochy levels and they were fun. They play like an endless runner and you have to complete 3 bonus objectives.
Right now I've played through the first two and a half worlds, I don't know if I see myself playing through this whole game again but I wouldn't have minded a cheap eShop spin-off of just the Poochy levels. If you've already beaten the Wii U version I probably wouldn't recommend spending $40 (or $50 if you want the version bundled with the Poochy amiibo) on this one, but if you haven't already played it on Wii U then you're getting the same experience in portable form.

Wed Feb 08 17 12:29am
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Recently beat: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (9.5/10)
Next to Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask is my favourite title in the Zelda series. Despite having an N64, I originally played the game emulated, so the 3DS remake is the first time I can say I actually own the game. And it's still one of my favourite games in the franchise. The story is still great, the dungeons are still a blast, etc., etc. The biggest issue I had was how they completely ruined Goht, the greatest boss in Zelda history, by making it so you couldn't beat him solely with the Goron form. Turning an awesome, high-octane boss battle into...a really tedious one. But Gyorg is a much better boss fight, so...trade off? Beyond Goht, every other change was a pretty good one, though I wish they kept the glitch that allowed you to enter Sakon's Hideout after the time as passed. I liked using it in the original so I could say good night to Romani and Cremia before finishing up the Anju/Kafei plot. You kept a lot of the glitches in the OoT remake, so what the heck, Grezzo?

Currently playing: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
During the free game promotion that came along with Mario Kart 8 back in 2014, I chose to get The Wind Waker HD instead of Pikmin 3...I ended up getting the Nintendo Selects version of the latter and 100%ing that with zero deaths before even touching The Wind Waker. I ended up 100%ing Twilight Princes HD before touching The Wind Waker. Several 3DS and Wii U games have came and went without me touching TWW. I don't know why I've been avoiding it. Through watching LPs, the story is one of my favs in the mythos. I think Tetra is the best Zelda in the series. But with Breath of the Wild coming next month, it's time to force myself play this game before touching that one. If only so I can say I'm going into BotW having beat every home console Zelda title. (Getting BotW on Wii U, btw. No plans to get a Switch before summer, and I refuse to get spoiled on story as a result of prolonged waiting.)

I'm actually in the same boat (get it?) where I chose Wind Waker HD as my free game when I bought Mario Kart 8 and I hadn't touched it in the 3 years it has been sitting on my Wii U's HDD. Just today I decided I'll make myself play it before BotW releases.

I just beat Fire Emblem Fates Birthright a couple weeks ago. I liked the game play more than Awakening, but the story wasn't nearly as good (In my opinion). Still a solid game.

Finished the main story and after story of Pokemon Sun before that. I love the removal of HM's (finally) more than anything else. I just hope we get a Switch Pokemon game next.

Very close to beating Majora's Mask 3D. I just beat the 4th temple and am going to do all the side stuff to get 100% as per usual with Zelda games!

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.
After letting this game just sit on my Wii U HDD for the past 3 years I decided it was finally time to play it before Breath of the Wild releases. I rented it on GameCube back in 2003, didn't put but 3 or 4 hours into it because I was renting The Sims at the time as well, and that took up a full memory card, so I had to play Wind Waker without being able to save. Mostly what I remember of this was it being the best looking GameCube game (and possibly the best looking game of that whole console generation) and now seeing it in HD, it's become the best looking game I've seen on Wii U as well. I like how Link is always looking around and turns his head as he walks close to something suspicious, or how he shows emotion with his facial expressions. Toon Link is best Link.
The game overall looks gorgeous. I'd even say it's in my Top 5 best looking games I've ever played. It's just a shame about all these frame-rate drops I'm seeing, even when there is little action happening on screen.

The controls for the most part are good but I ran into a few issues here and there and thankfully the gyro controls with the GamePad are optional because I didn't find them to be useful one damn bit when I tried using them with the grappling hook. I definitely preferred playing on the TV with the Pro Controller and with the GamePad sitting in the dock displaying the map on the screen so I could just glance at it when needed. That is the best way to use the two screen setup and it's a shame more games didn't use it. If open world games like Borderlands or Saints Row came to Wii U then that's where I'd be playing them.

I know a lot of people complain about the sailing in this game and I can see why. Often times I've just got on the boat, aimed it in the direction I need to go next and then I just mess around on my phone for a couple minutes until I reach the destination. That's one thing I worry about with the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild's map being so large is all the traveling needed.
I did like one little feature for a short time. You can write notes in a bottle and leave them floating in the ocean for the next person to find. I thought that was a nice feature until I realized that whatever you put in the note is posted to Miiverse for everybody to see, so it's not just a little personal memo intended for just one person to see. Once I realized that I stopped bothering to go out of my way to collect them.

I've been playing The LEGO Movie Videogame for 3DS.
Every time I play one of these LEGO games on a handheld I always say it's the last time I will play this series on a handheld because they feel like half the game of the console version. But it's never true, I always come back because these games just feel like they are meant to be played on handhelds (I look forward to playing them on Switch because that's the only way we'll get the true console versions on the go). This one though is easily the worst I've played and I already know I will not finish playing through it.
Graphically it's pretty weak, and there are sometimes weird angles that can make your eyes feel funky if you have the 3D effect enabled. It is something I've noticed that happens in nearly all of the LEGO games I've played on 3DS. The framerate sucks, too. I don't expect AAA level budgets to be going into a kids game of course, but it's still disappointing.
There's 40+ levels in here and they're all pretty short. There are traditional levels that play how you'd expect from a LEGO game, but they can be beaten in just a couple of minutes and some of them have annoying touch screen segments added to them. Then I guess to change the pace a bit, they added levels of you falling and you must aim your character to dodge objects, and another type of level where you're in a vehicle on-rails. Those two styles of levels just felt like filler and I didn't enjoy any of them except for the traditional style levels. The worst part is that you can die now, and when that happens you must restart the level. As I've said, the levels are short so it's not that big of a deal, but there are no checkpoints either so every time you die you will be starting from the beginning. I recently beat The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD with no deaths, now I'm playing a friggin' kids game with 20+ deaths and am not even halfway through the game.

After a large binge with BotW over the opening weekend (it's really good, but I do long for some dungeon crawling of the classics), got out my SNES and started playing Joe & Mac with the girlfriend.

I am surprised that game stood the test of time so well. The game even looks pretty decent on an HDTV (considering how garbage so many games look with one). I would definitely love to see this game get some love one day in the future. I remember when my brother and I would compete to see who "got the girl." at the end of every level, made us super amazing at the game after hours and hours of that game. Joe & Mac, along with Rampage and Gauntlet, was my brother and my trifecta of games we'd constantly play and compete with in a way that didn't get us fighting.

But now I am bitter, cause my girl is getting the girls...

Thu Mar 23 17 10:59pm
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Now I've been playing (or trying to play) The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (Japanese version).
A few years back Nintendo gave away The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure on DSi and 3DS as a free download and I was disappointed they didn't at least add in an online mode to it. Well now they've built an entire game around that concept again that finally does support online play and it ended up not being as good as I'd hoped. This game is good...when it works. I skipped this originally because of the region locked multiplayer because the friend I wanted to play with is in Japan, but thanks to the magic of homebrew I can get around that now. But it almost feels like it wasn't worth bothering with, because the number of shitty Japanese players I've run into is surprisingly large, unfortunately. Nobody wants to join the game and play it as intended, instead they see my friend and I who are both new to the game and more experienced players come just to troll us. Only two or three times did someone join who wasn't a complete douche bag and we all played and had fun, but we had no way to add them as a friend because...well, this is Nintendo and they don't like letting you do things the easy way (hence why I had to go through the trouble of homebrew just to be able to play with my friend in the first place).

Recently I've been playing Strike Force Foxx for 3DS.
I played the hell out of Choplifter back on Commodore 64 and Sega Master System back in the day. While this is not an official Choplifter game, it feels very much like the Choplifter I remember, but with an intentionally corny story added that resembles 80's action movies. You fly around, shoot at sumbitches on the ground and pick up civilians and fly them back to safety. For some reason though, they added voice clips for the civilians, so each time you pick one up up and bring them to the drop-off point, they always yell "Thank you" or "Thanks for the ride!" and there are only three or four different things they say, but they're all done by the same two voices (one male and one female) and they get annoying pretty quick. I remember back in the 8-bit and 16-bit era, hearing voice clips in a game was a big deal but nowadays they get added in even if they in no way enhance the game, and this is a case of that. The music as well is nothing special.
The controls are solid. The helicopter gets a little more difficult to control when you take a lot of damage but it's still easy to handle. Graphically it's decent, though the environments look bland sometimes. Another feature (like the voice samples) that was added in but not really needed, is the ability to use pictures you've taken of people with the 3DS camera and assign them to the civilians. Because of the game having that feature, you're not allowed to post screenshots in the game's Miiverse community. And speaking of this game's Miiverse community, it's so strange that this game released in mid-2014 but there are only a handful of posts on the entire board and the oldest ones are only from late 2015.
Anyways, if you liked old school Choplifter I would recommend this. It's only 5 bucks on the eShop.

Games in my rotation right now are:

Mario Galaxy 2
Breath of the Wild
Paper Mario (64)
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Wonder Boy: Dragon's Curse or whatever it's called

And when the semester finishes I plan on getting back into Final Fantasy XV.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D:

I've wanted to play this for a long time, since the 3DS launched. I just wanted to see how this port turned out but it seemed to be one of the least talked about games of the 3DS launch line-up and when it was talked about it usually seemed to be negative...and that just made me wanna play it more because my brain is messed up or something.

It's a port of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which had released 6 years prior to this. I had already played Chaos Theory on GameCube, which I enjoyed, and the original DS port (which mostly was a port of the N-gage version), which I didn't enjoy. This one is much better than the old DS port. Graphically it's almost (but not quite) on par with the GameCube and PS2 versions of Chaos Theory, and it's impressive that it runs on a 3DS with minimal frame-rate drops even with the 3D effect on, but it's still not a very good game. A big reason for that is the controls. In this 3DS version you control the camera with the A, B, X and Y buttons, similar to how first-person shooters played on older systems with only one analog stick, like Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast. To open doors or pickup enemy bodies or operate computers you have cycle through a little menu on the touch screen. There just aren't enough buttons on a 3DS to do what they were able to do on the console versions and so the game suffers because of that.

Because I've already played Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Mario Kart 8 to death on Wii U, now that I'm playing each game on a different platform (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed on PC) I will make this into a little comparison review.

Graphics: Both games look good. The tracks have a lot going on in the backgrounds but I think moreso in the Sonic game. Both games keep a steady frame-rate at all times, it's really hard to pick which one looks better, so I'll say this one is a tie.

Music/sound: This one is a bit tricky. I don't often care about videogame music. Still, I get a nostalgic feeling when I hear the old Super Mario Bros. or The Legend Of Zelda music, but I usually disliked the music in most Sega games and most of it is still corny as hell when I hear it again in this game. Another thing the Sonic game has going against it is the annoying announcer. I recommend just going straight to the options menu and muting him asap. For this category, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wins.

Roster: The Sonic game has a decent number of characters to choose from, but who cares about racing as "Football Manager" or "General Winter" from Company Of Heroes? Something that bugs me about the Sonic game is that my main character is AiAi, but when racing online no two people can pick the same character, so if someone picks AiAi before me then I'm stuck using someone else. I'd say Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wins this category, too. Link almost feels out of place in a kart racer, but everyone else on the roster blends in really well.

Tracks: The Sonic racer has only 20 tracks while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has more than double that. While the Sonic racer has some really good tracks, it just feels like there aren't enough of them (even Mario Kart DS had more than 20 tracks). Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wins this category, even though it does have its fair share of boring tracks, the really good ones make up for it.

Multiplayer: Well, if you have enough players to play locally this could be a toss up as both games are fun, but if your only option is online multiplayer then Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wins easily as there are way more people playing at any time of day. I bought the Sonic game at launch on Wii U and even then I could never get into a full lobby of players online, and it's rare that I've been able to do it on Steam.

Overall racing: Very tough to choose a winner here. These are two of the best kart racers ever, as far as I'm concerned. The Sonic racer has a bit of a Diddy Kong Racing vibe, as you're going to be changing vehicles from karts, to boats, to planes. And as the name implies, the tracks transform during each lap so you're not driving the same route on every lap. It's a brilliant idea that I wish Nintendo had used in Mario Kart. There does seem to be a lack of shortcuts, though. There is also a career mode with missions that add a lot of replay value to the game for anyone who wants to play single player. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the other hand, is not very enjoyable to play alone (why don't they bring back mission mode from MK DS?)

So, kart racers are infamous for having rubber band AI that can really piss you off, so which of these does it worse? In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe if you're too far ahead of the guy in 2nd place, you should expect to get bombarded with shells, or lightning bolts or any other item that can screw you over just long enough for the 2nd place character to catch up to you. In the Sonic racer that isn't much an issue because the 2nd place racer will never be too far behind you. But the AI isn't cheap, so as long as you're good enough to get to 1st place, as long as you don't make any major mistakes you can expect a fair race. The Sonic game offers no equivalent of a blue shell, and that's not a bad thing, imo.
The difficulty level is a bit higher than Mario Kart's. At times, Sonic's "B level" (medium difficulty) is almost equal to Mario Kart's 150CC. But the AI racers in the Sonic racer never really feel unfair as far as item usage, and a couple of days ago I even got the achievement for winning a race without getting hit by any items. Just think about how low the odds of that ever happening in a Mario Kart race are... So this is definitely a category where Sonic's game wins.

So I guess adding up the categories would mean Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the better kart racer, but I'm alternating between the two of them and there are times I'm playing MK8D and wishing I was playing Sonic and vice versa. The Sonic game really needed more tracks and a better selection of characters and it doesn't dethrone Mario as the king of kart racers, but it's a close #2.

Sat Jul 15 17 05:38am
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I'm doing my second play through of BOTW (not on hard mode). Discovered a new Korok hiding method that I had completely missed the first time around.

The first time I played, I traversed the land by essentially getting up high and gliding around. This time I'm stilling to the roads and lower ground and finding things I missed last time. There is so much in this game it's incredible.

Having something like Majora's Mask early on is nice as it makes you blend with early enemies too.

Using horses for the first time really too and love trotting through the land. Have my 16 hearts Wolf Link by my side too who takes out enemies for me.

Doing the Divine Beasts in a different order too. Hit Vah Ruto first this time to get Revali's Gale early to make scaling all the Shiekah Towers easy, especially those ones that are well guarded.

Also getting more into meals and elixirs. Again something I really didn't do much with first time around. I mainly just used them to heal hearts but now making concoctions that give me more stamina, more hearts, boost stats etc.


Overall I think I'm having more fun playing the second time that I did the first time.

I just finished Tales of Berseria, the story keep me going, since the game design is inferior to past entries, while combat is more streamlined like with Nier you either make little to no effort or even just leave autoplay, OR you get constantly one shot which if it were playing coop it'll make sense, but constantly reviving the cpu allies, got tiresome, also I might not get it, but it doesn't make sense to me that you get more experience points in lower difficulties, especially when enemy levels are doubled on higher difficulties. Also level design is mediocre, you take out the textures that conform these environments and what you get is linear corridors with a room pooling a group of enemies and repeat. There's little to no verticality. All in all, if there ever is an anime adaptation I'll recommend that for those inclined, since IMO this is one of the better Tales of, stories, the main character has a Montecristo desire for revenge, the party members team up mainly do to personal interests coinciding, and the antagonists are seen as the good guys from this story. It might not be much in the grander scheme of things, but for this series I think it's a step up. The Zestiria anime gave episodes 6 and 7 to the intro of Berseria and it has a more impressive presentation making me think it might be a better medium for this story. And in that sense if people liked Phantasia and Symphonia's story and characters I think this one is there (since it also takes some story bits from these games).

All in all, I'm a bit surprised even Nier might be more replayable, since despite having worse controls at least it had gameplay ideas and variation. Also since it's shorter that also helps.

Finally got a 3DS after all these years. Now I can start to play the backlog of 3DS games I had before getting it:
Super Mario 3D Land
Kid Icarus Uprising
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Yes, I'm willing to give it a chance)
My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
WarioWare: Touched (digital version)
Metroid II: Return of Samus (Virtual Console)

The return of Samus, felt like a claustrophobic black and white movie. I think the make or break aspect is how good your spatial memory is. Since the game does copypaste certain sections making one easy double guessing were one is going. At the same time the design is fairly linear, mainly pointing downward.

That's true, it's probably the only thing I'm hating about it right now. I hope the 3DS remake solves that problem, I never played AM2R to see if that also solved the issue.

AM2R solves several problems, given it took assets from the GBA Metroid games. It also added new areas, all the 2D standard powerups plus the spiderball from Metroid 2. It also added bosses of varying levels of quality and a secret area players might miss.

In regards to controls I felt Samus jumps have more weight in this game, also been able to turn into the morphball at the press of a button is a good addition. Instead of double tapping down. Btw it also uses a stick from what I remember can't recall if dpad support got added.

Ys: Memories of Celceta: So, the premise of this game (in a franchise that sorted as a top-down dungeon crawler in the 80s) is that the main character is a mostly mute, amnesiac swordsman who runs around a very, very large overworld piecing together the backstory by collecting fragments of his own memories. Some things I have noticed:

-The combat system involves a blocking system where he can essentially parry 100% of damage and a dodge system that sends things into slow-motion with proper timing.

-The framerate kind of stinks.

-A lot of items and equipment require grinding X number of materials in the overworld to craft them.

-Some of the tougher fights in the game have been against some really-persistent magical robots that used to be good but went berserk.

-Periodically in cutscenes, even though the main character in question has been mute for decades, I receive dialogue choices with two-options of what to 'say' (and even though there is voice-acting in the game, none of what he says is voiced). Regardless of the choices I pick, nothing meaningful changes in how the scenes play out other than a one-line or so response I get, so I always make sure to pick the sassier choice.

-I am being aided primarily by a society of people that belong to some kind of secretive ancient order going back centuries (and there is a splinter group of them that have turned traitor and work for the villain now).

-In one of the story-scenes, I got lectured by the ghost of the king of a fallen kingdom.

-The main character's love interest (?) is of the royal lineage of said destroyed kingdom.

For some reason, this feels... familiar.

What are you playing?
Been streaming mainly Mario Maker & Has-Been Heroes, among other games.

What have you recently beaten?
Beat Overcooked: Special Edition today with my wife


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