"What are you playing?" thread

What are you playing?
What have you recently beaten?
Any opinions on it?

Figured this would be a good thread to bring back. So get posting!

I'm currently playing through Majora's Mask (3D), which I never played much of before, and it's awesome.

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Thu Feb 22 18 02:58pm
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Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch

I had never played a Dragon Quest game before this one, nor have I ever played any type of MineCraft game. However, after downloading the eShop demo on a whim to try it out I was immediately hooked. I put in a good two hours into the demo before I decided I wouldn't wast any more time on that and purchase the actual game. (Got it for 42.50 thanks to sale on eShop $50 cards.)

I love how it combined the awesome building aspect of gameplay with an actual story and quests to do. You aren't just given a world to build in, but actual things to accomplish and progress the story. There are some interesting characters and great dialog, there are boss fights, there are blueprints to help you build certain things, there are tons of weapons and armor to craft, and there is a lot of mining and building general. I didn't think this game would hook me like it has. My game of the year so far. Highly recommend you try out the demo!

In anticipation for Dark Souls on Switch (not played a Dark Souls yet) I went back to play Bloodborne again (I have beaten Bloodborne once), and defeated the Cleric Beast and that what's-his-name, beast hunter guy, second boss, without dying to either of them. I am quite proud of myself.

I am still not sure what to expect in Dark Souls, compared to how things are in Bloodborne, tho.

(ah, this isn't for just Nintendo games, right..?)

Currently playing the red strings club. Its not on Switch or anything. So far, I love its music and presentation. Not sure if I can follow its story though.

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
I beat this a couple months back on PS4, but it was done over the "Share Play" feature and I was connected remotely to a friend's PS4 as we played. I wanted to experience it on my own now, so I played on Steam. It's a nice little puzzle/platformer with co-op (unfortunately it's local only), and a really nice little story. The art style is damn good too. My only real complaint is how short it is. At only a few hours long you can beat the main game and the Foxtales DLC in one sitting. There might be one or two puzzles that stump you for a little bit but you'll breeze through the rest of the game unless you're playing it in co-op with a really inexperienced player. The game can be bought on PC, OSX, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and iOS, so you have plenty of options to play it on, and I recommend you do so. Now.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
(technically it's Biohazard 7: Resident Evil because I'm playing the Japanese version and I want to mention even though I'm playing the "Grotesque" version it is still censored because those wussies aren't allowed to show decapitated heads).

Capcom nailed it. This is damn near survival/horror perfection. And it's even better in VR, to the point where I almost feel like this game might've spoiled me and non-VR horror games won't be able to live up to this.
They took the series back to how it was in the good old days. So you can expect lots of backtracking, limited inventory space, and a few puzzles here and there. No zombies though (but they won't be missed.)

The graphics are so good and the frame-rate was smooth at all times (obviously, since it's a requirement for VR). I think they made the right choice going to a first-person view for this entry because I think a lot of the creepiness they pulled off in this game would've been lost in a third-person perspective. Now, that doesn't mean I hope for every Resident Evil from here on out to be in first-person, but they'd reached the point where it almost seemed like they didn't know what to do with this series anymore, so it was best to do something different while still trying to keep in mind what made people like this series to begin with.

The sound also is very good. The music, voice-over work and the sound of gunshots all sound great. The music really only plays when it needs to, but it sounds nice and eerie when it does.

The controls are good. I played in VR where aiming just felt so easy because you just need to look at what you want to shoot, so getting headshots or shooting at specific limbs was no problem most of the time.

I remember after launch last year some people complained that this game felt too short. It took me around 14 hours to finish it, so I don't think it was short at all, but then again I did take my time trying to search every corner for ammo or collectibles (I didn't use a guide but I was surprised when I had beaten the game and it showed I only missed a few of them). I do think it was a bit on the easy side, though. That's actually one of the few issues I have with the game. The "Normal" difficulty felt a bit on the easy side. While I did die over 20 times, it wasn't usually because an enemy was too strong for me, it was often just because I didn't want to waste one of my health items. So, I felt the normal difficulty wasn't challenging enough, but you can't choose the hardest difficulty until you've beaten the game at least once (I dislike when games do that), but not only that, the unlockable difficulty limits the amount of times you're allowed to save your game, so there is little chance I'll even bother playing on that mode.

Overall, this is a great game that feels more like Resident Evils 1-3, and less like Resident Evils 4-6. It looks great, plays great, is scary as hell, which makes it even better when experienced in VR, but still a high quality game without it. It isn't perfect but it does enough things right that it is officially the best survival/horror game I've played since ZombiU.

What I've been playing now is a lot of Golf Story.

As someone who isn't a fan of golf (or any sport, really) at all, and also not that into RPGs, I wasn't sure what to think of this. Once I saw it was on sale though, I completely bought into all the hype around this game and the comparisons to Mario Golf's story mode on GBA. It lived up to the hype. It does get frustrating at times (a few points I was ready to quit the game and just start playing something else), but I don't know if it's the game's fault or my complete lack of knowledge about golf. The disc golf sections can eff right off, though. They're just not fun, but thankfully they are only a minor part of the game overall (well, I haven't finished the game yet, but I hope there are no more of those).

Graphically, I've made it clear that I'm usually not a fan of games using 8-bit or 16-bit era graphics...but this game does it well. I don't know if I'd want it to look any way other than this.

The music...some of it feels like it would feel right at home in an Animal Crossing game. It's kinda relaxing.
The controls are fine...except the disc golf sections. Those are absolutely the worst damn part of the game. As I mentioned above disc golf is just a minor part of the story but it can be frustrating. Don't give up though, because there's a lot of game left to play after that.

Also, this game makes the Joy-Cons make some weird sound effects through the rumble. It overuses rumble a little too much, actually. The controller will rumble every time you press the A button to get through character dialogue. It isn't overly annoying or anything, I just wonder why they felt that was necessary. One thing that is annoying though is if you fail an event and want to redo it, you have to talk to that character again and skip through all the dialogue all over. It doesn't take long to do, but when you fail an event they should just give you the option to restart right there. There is also no way to quit an event that you know early on you've messed up and want to restart, and that's kind of a bummer.

So, yeah. I'm not a fan of golf and at no point will I ever be. But this game is fun, the story is funny, it just happens to be centered around golf. The game is fun enough that you can just learn to tolerate golf for a dozen or so hours. If you liked Mario Golf on GameBoy Advance, definitely check this out. Now where's Tennis Story?

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