So here's the (un)official GN film thread. Post about any movies you've seen recently or movies that you really just want to talk about. Here's stuff I've recently watched.


- Nightcrawler
- Blade Runner: The Final Cut
- Elysium
- Mad Max: Fury Road (fatigue set in after an hour, though)


- American Sniper
- Moon
- Hotel Transylvania
- The Croods

Wish every trace of its existence was wiped from the universe:

- Jurassic World (what a piece of shovel ass movie)

Fri Jul 10 15 03:14pm
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I prefer using a scale of 1 to 10. And I will only put movies from 2014-2015.

Mad Max: Fury Road - 9
Whiplash: 8.5
Nightcrawler - 8
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - 8
X-Men: Days of Future Past - 8
Edge of Tomorrow - 7.5
Wild Tales - 7.5
Guardians of the Galaxy - 7
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - 7
Shaun the Sheep Movie - 7
John Wick - 7
Gone Girl - 7
Interstellar - 6.5
The Theory of Everything - 6
The Fault in Our Stars - 6
Jupiter Ascending - 6
Birdman - 6
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie - 6
American Sniper - 6
Godzilla (2014) - 6
The Wind Rises - 6
Boyhood - 6
Grand Budapest Hotel - 5.5
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 5.5
The Lego Movie - 5

I agree on Blade Runner but for Moon I'd give a 3 out of 5.

It's a bit harder for me to get Hollywood movies over here, but here are some of my recent watches:

Kingsmen: The Secret Service - 4/5
Ex Machina - 5/5
Her - 5/5

Fast & Furious 7 - 4/5

Jupiter Ascending - 3/5
Interstellar - 3.5/5

American Sniper - 2/5

Sun Jul 12 15 04:30am
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Wow... harsh on Jurassic World much? I admit it was dopey movie heavily reliant on the stupidity of the human characters and a lot of made-up dinosaur 'facts' to make work, but at least it was fun and entertaining (and not a complete rehash; many franchises have done far worse in far less time)...

The Jurassic Park series has done way worse.

I think that while stupid Jurassic World gives exactly what people wanted, even if it's nostalgia, familiarity or dinosaurs. At least the movie wasn't as much of a drag as 2 (in between awesome action scenes) and didn't felt point less as 3 (I mean despite being shorter the premise was WEAK).

Still with all that said, I couldn't prevent from thinking that I'll have liked more that setup as a videogame. Since there's too much plot convenience and stupidity, but at the very least it wasn't boring or too pointless.

Avengers Age of Ultron: 3/5

Jurassic World: 2.5/5

Anyone here watch DC animation? Movies or TV? I wanted to start watching the series, specifically justice league related or batman related stuff like JL:DOOM, but I have no clue where to start. Any pointers?

Tue Aug 11 15 08:24am
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The various superhero movies and programs exist in their own continuity bubble, so it doesn't matter which series you start with. I supposed starting with JL and continuing into JL: Unltd will help you out with faces, but even then, the more obscure heroes and villains probably don't appear too often. I was more than capable of following the couple of DC movies I've watched, despite having never viewed more than a meager handful of JL episodes.

I'm not a fan of superhero stuff, though I've been meaning to check out Batman: The Animated Series, if onyl for the (supposedly) high-quality animation.

Sun Nov 29 15 03:06pm
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I watched yesterday Inside Out. And I don't get the hype of this movie. Just before my comment the disclaimer that it's an opinion, I thought the movie was well made and that what works for someone may not necessarily work for others.


P.S. I watched Wolf Children just before so maybe that movie took a lot of emotions out of me. *Shrugs*

EDIT: I'll advise anyone interested in the new Batman VS Superman movie, don't watch the trailer. It's on of those that tells the whole movie.

Thu Jan 07 16 03:03pm
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Yeah, so The Force Awakens was rubbish. I'm not being snarky or facetious in the least when I say that I'd rather re-watch the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars CG film before even considering another viewing of TFA.

One criticism I haven't seen mentioned anywhere and something that almost immediately struck me as the end credits rolled, was the absence of non-human species. Where were all the ETs? Apart from Chewie, Ackbar, and Nunb who were returning from the OT, the only new characters I can remember are Orange Yoda, that blue guy with the stubby beard in the Rebel Alliance, and the scrap yard boss on not-Tatooine. Yeah, they had a bunch of critters in Cantina redux, but no one and nothing that remains in the memory. Of course, that can be applied generally to the entire movie.

That said, I am kind of relieved that TFA was awful. Now I can safely toss out any expectations and hopes. It would have sucked even more if the sequel trilogy had started out on a decent note only to have it conclude with the impending dung meteor that will be IX.

As for other movies I've watched recently:


- Ex Machina
- 12 Years a Slave


- Kingsman: The Secret Service
- Whiplash
- Avengers: Age of Ultron (one of the better superhero flicks, but still just barely mediocre at best)
- White God/Fehér isten (the dog marathon was delightful, so watch the beginning, but don't bother with the rest)

Star Wars 7 felt like they had set out to make a film equivalent of one of those Greatest Hits cover band albums that they sell on late-night infomercials: 'NOW! That's What I Call Star Wars!'

I dunno about putting it below any of the prequels (they had their own ham-fisted callbacks), but the writing was seriously lol in terms of pandering.



Fri Jan 08 16 10:21am
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The prequel trilogy is terrible, but I still remember those films -- and not solely due to their terrible attributes. With the exception of the Clone Wars CG films which came out in 2008, I haven't watched any of the SW films in nearly a decade and I've never watched any of them more than 3 times, yet I still remember all of them much more clearly than I did TFA immediately after leaving the cinema. Everything between stealing the Millennium Falcon and infiltrating the Empire's HQ was a blur. And apart from Solo's death and the climactic lightsaber duel, even the climax hardly left any impression.

Yeah, the prequels had midi-chlorians and political small talk, but Lucas had vision. He created a lush and cohesive world for the mind to inhabit and that's arguably the most important element for fantasy.

TFA isn't actively bad and it may be more competent in terms of cinematic quality (but even then, it's hardly any better), however it's devoid of any kind of creativity. Generic desert planet, generic forest planet, generic arctic planet, barely any non-humans outside of the obligatory veterans, Hayden Christensen clone, generic evil overlord shrouded in mystery, etc.

I'll say it: I'd rather have Jar Jar Binks over bigger Death Star and recolored X-Wings. At least the prequels gave us the amazing Darth Binks theory, something that could only have been borne out of the complexity of the world Lucas created for us. JJ's "homage" is going to be just another stormtrooper -- weak, indistinguishable, disposable. TFA, like JW, is the definition of 'polished turd'.

Also, Boba Fett was way better than Phasma. He actually did something and his reputation was built up by fans. Phasma does next to nothing and she was hyped up by marketing firms. People want to see more of her only because how much of a failure her character was, not because she was some underutilized badass.

I don't see issue in the fan service. If anything it's just retreading old ground the issue. Since even if episode 1 also did it, that one felt oddly different.

7 was entertaining. In a way kinda reminded me what Nintendo did with ALBW.

Still when a franchise gets too big, what can you do? I mean going a bit further with the Zelda parallelism, that's also a series that has high expectations and at the same time the fanbase puts it in a pedestal and treats tradition as something sacred. At the end of the day you can't please everyone, but it brings the question of either bringing something you're sure fans will like or go all out into uncharted territory at risk the new ideas don't ring with the expected audience.

I suppose that's also why they're making spin off movies. I think maybe those could probably make their own expanded universe ideas.

Replying to both you guys at once to save posts, spoilering to save space.

MegaShock100 said:
yet I still remember all of them much more clearly than I did TFA immediately after leaving the cinema

Vonter said:
I don't see issue in the fan service.

Wed Jan 13 16 02:00pm
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Some movies I've seen recently:

Krampus: I think it was in mid or late September when the trailer first appeared online and it looked awesome. I knew I had to see it on opening day. I went and did just that. Just based off the trailer I went in expecting a straight up horror flick. I didn't know they were going for a comedy/horror vibe, like the old Gremlins movies (I read game reviews but I don't read movie reviews or else maybe I would have known that). So in that regard I was disappointed. It wasn't a complete waste of time, but not as good as I was hoping.

Daddy's Home: I enjoyed this. It was funny.

The Forest: I enjoyed this...up until the ending. I felt that was just a crappy way to end the movie. It reminded me of how some games end up doing this because the developers are being rushed to meet a deadline. No idea if that was the case here, but I'd still watch this again at some point. Maybe on blu-ray.

I went to watch X-Men: Apocalypse, and frankly it is hard to tell if it's good or bad since in essence it just seems like a weak entry in the franchise. I did like it but there were some flaws that made the experience a bit tiring. Still the ending leaves wide open the door for this series to try a lot of new things.


Thu Oct 20 16 06:58pm
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I saw Shin Godzilla/Shin Gojira last night and left the theatre quite satisfied. It had some issues, to be sure, but all in all it was an unexpectedly good movie and quite possibly the best Godzilla film.

I do want to watch it once more, since I haven't totally made up my mind about the movie, but even if I were to end up hating it upon a second viewing, the aesthetics and visuals alone would make it massively better than that horrendous flick Hollywood pushed out a while back.

On the topic of 'monster' movies, I saw Jaws for the first time a short while ago and I think it might be the most overrated production in cinema history. I mean, the source material has been practically disowned by the author, and I think that speaks volumes about the film value (or lack thereof).

I also watched Man vs Snake and Atari: Game Over, two entertaining video game-themed documentaries. Both are worth a watch, especially if you have any interest in arcade games, old games, or the commercial history of the medium.

On the topic of 'monster' movies, I saw Jaws for the first time a short while ago and I think it might be the most overrated production in cinema history. I mean, the source material has been practically disowned by the author, and I think that speaks volumes about the film's worthlessness.

I did like it, though it belongs to a different era nowadays.

Still, it doesn't take several aspects are iconic like the main theme, the shot of when the camera zooms-in to the protagonist's face as he sees something in the water. I thought the underwater jumpscare was effective and while I can see people finding the characters boring, it's more effort in terms of development that some blockbusters put now.

Just for comparison sake:

It's like if the Punisher was a whale.
Fun fact: This movie has a score by Enrio Morricone.

Man, most action movies today wish they could have a third-act as entertaining as Jaws's or direction as low-key slick as Spielberg's.

(tho of course it's no deep blue sea. <3 )

I agree, and IMHO perhaps being more condensed. I mean, with how into the audiences are today I don't know if it's necessary having movies being too long. If it has to fine, but if they can I think some movies can benefit from shorter run times.

Also I think in some recent movies like Jurassic World, the color correction doesn't look pretty. I don't get the necessity of having action movies having a blue filter, which makes me wonder if they were trying to give it a more sci fi look.

Also in regards to tone. I do think old movies have a different feel in the hockey, cheesy or theatrical way. However on contrast newer movies can feel dull, cold or stoic. Just to be clear I'm generalizing the standard since I know there are some big blockbusters that do look to get witty and be tongue on-cheek with their humor.

Deep Blue Sea was fun.

Tue May 23 17 11:18am
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Alien Covenant


Alien 3


Pirates 5


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