Nintendo's New Marketing/New Character-Renders

Okay, so disclaimer, I was browsing NeoGAF and found these images, but there's one particular render that I love so much and need to share in a place where I can create a thread.


First to note, Wii U and 3DS names have been removed, replaced with just the Nintendo logo. I guess to further distance themselves with the confusion that Wii U and 3DS have gotten them. Also prepping for new marketing strategies involving the NX. The Mario render is one we've seen, but the Pikachu is brand new. Both look super glossy and nice. But they don't match to this...


One of the nicest renders of Link ever. And I don't think it has any relation to Zelda Wii U, either.

Gunna need that Twilight Princess HD remake in this style right about NOW, thank you very much.

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