The Legend of Zelda: Triforce heroes DEMO

What do you think of the demo so far? Have the three available dungeons sold you on this game, or do you still need to see a little bit more before you can consider purchasing it?

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Here are my two extra demo codes for those who are interested -

I think the game is fantastic! I loved four swords adventures and my friends and I had a blast playing the 25th anniversary edition of the original four swords. I feel as though this game will be no different. The totem mechanic does add a bit more depth to this game when compared to prior multiplayer Zeldas, but if you've ever played any of the four-swords games then you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I've been enjoying it so far, but I'm still not sure if I'll be getting the full version.

I had 2 nice runs through the fire temple and the first level. The bombs level is still unfinished. Played it once with a player who seemed very lost, and once with a great team, but the connection broke off Sad

Out of 7 games I had 2 that ended because of server errors. They still have some fixing to do I guess. Too bad the rupees and materials get lost every time you end the demo.

Played the Demo with randoms online. At first I only found laggy groups. Couldn't get through the first stage because of it, as well as they always quitting. Then I got a great group, and we managed to beat all three Levels and Bosses. We all screwed up every now and then, accidentally killed eachother and such, but it felt like we all understood that accidents happend (some people can really make you realise they hate you for doing things like that).

We won with some decent teamwork, and overall, the game us very fun. ^^ Well-designed puzzles, and the Emotes works surprisingly well.

Sat Oct 17 15 06:31pm
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For those who still dont have the demo: B0HX9XVV1C6HTCH7

Youre welcome :p

I used the last one. Thank you!

I immediately found a decent group of heroes and we managed to get through all three dungeons fairly easily. We experienced next to no lag and the connection seemed very stable. I guess, like all online games, it's really just going to depend on who you join up with.

With that said, I'll be eventually picking up this game if anyone wants to exchange 3ds friend codes. Just promise me that you won't troll too much!

Sun Oct 18 15 11:43am
Rating: 1

My favorite moment was when Green just didn't want to move on. He insisted on showing us something. We had no idea and for some reason he built a totem out of us. We ran right, he said Noooo! We went up - noooo! On the left he started cheering and then spammed the throw icon. I landed on the rope above the gondola. As I balanced they followed me below as a safety net. Of course I fell in the lava at the very end.

But still, this moment really sold me on the game! The 8 icons do a surprisingly fine job!

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