Mexican GoNintendo users, where do you buy your games/accessories?

Being mexican myself, I wanted to hear an opinion from you guys. A lot of my friends buy in Gamers or Gameplanet, but for me, as the price went up and up I stopped supporting retailers and decided to buy in Amazon... US. At first it was alright, I was saving more or less 100 or 200 pesos (around 9 to 11 dollars at the time), shipping included. Sure, it took days, weeks even, to get some of the games, but it was better than paying the high prices from the local shops. One of the few times I went to buy at a retailer, it was for a night release bonus (a Smash Bros. poster to be exact), I also go some times to Mixup, as they have old games (sometimes at a low price).
But as of late, the dollar has gone to a high point that I believe will not go down at all for the next years to come, and it affected our country. Games here are now around 900, 1020, to 1200 pesos (53, 61, 72 dollars respectively), when at the time, the highest price was 1000 pesos for a new game. Buying in US Amazon isn't a better option, as you would feel it's still a steep price to pay for a game, tax and shipping included. Let's give an example:

Zelda Tri Force Heroes has these following prices:
Our local shops:
Gameplanet, Best Buy, Mixup: 899 pesos (53.75 US dollars)
Gamers: 674.25 pesos (sold out, btw) (40.31 US dollars)

Amazon México: 715.86 pesos (42.80 US dollars), including Free shipping. Original price was 899 pesos.

Online US shops: 39.99 US dollars (668.80 pesos)
Amazon US: 36.40 US dollars (608.76 pesos), not including tax, neither shipping. Originally 39.99 US dollars.

And now, compare it with the price a 3DS game would have costed in 2014. What 39. 99 dollars was back then, 525.46 mexican pesos, it is now 668.80 pesos.
What a 3DS game back then in Mexico was 600 to 700 pesos, it now costs 900 pesos, almost what a Wii or Wii U game costed in 2014...

So, is it just me, or are the prices for games in Mexico getting absurdly high? I am now buying in Amazon Mexico; even though the price still doesn't seem right, it's better than paying an unreasonable price in the local retailers, or having to pay a tax plus shipping from US Amazon.

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