The Game Awards 2015 - December 3

Nominees for The Game Awards 2015 are selected by a jury of 32 international media. In some cases, the jury is provided advanced review code of upcoming games in order to meet the Game Awards 2015 judging deadlines. Games must have been commercially released by Tuesday, November 24 to be eligible for awards. eSports nominees were voted on by an advisory panel consisting of eSports media and sites. http://thegameawards.com/nominees/

I thought it'll be nice if we could make a thread to speculate about possible announcements, appearances, and the nominees. I think the last year's show was very good, mainly focusing better on the audience that will be interested in seeing this.

What could Nintendo show? Will that EA smoking guy on a train game have gameplay this year? Will Pewdiepie win this year? What videogame songs will you like to see being played, and by whom?

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