Best Videogame Music of 2015

What music caught your ear this year? What music move you? What music excited you? What music awe you?


Tue Jun 21 16 02:01pm
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Of the music samples you brought in, the DJ Octavio theme was surely the most iconic Splatoon track for me in that sea of Vocaloid-ish singing! Plus yeah, I'm among the first people to say that the best thing about Undertale is its soundtrack- it really was the driving force to the whole story (to me at least).

As for personal experiences of mine in 2015, the main things that cuddled my ears was Japanese rhythm gaming, particularly with the first Playstation Vita game of the Taiko no Tatsujin series with both nice returns and brand new playable tracks. Below, for example is one of the two final boss tracks of the game, Zetsubo e no Toccata:

The soundtrack for Puzzle & Dragons Z was also really atmospheric in places to me, like the track below (the Sanctuary of the Sky Dragon):

I like the music that plays during Mario's routine.

Can't find out what it is called though.

Transformers: Devastation's OST was the rockin' 80s ode-to-the-electric-guitar soundtrack that I always wanted out of a game where a big-rig truck could fistfight a tank in space.

I do like how even within that specific genre, they still managed to differentiate each song's style, from straight hair metal (Constructicon Battle) to dubstep (Soundwave) to orchestral (Final Battle) to power ballads with dangerously-cheesy lyrics (the main theme written by legend Vince DiCola).

Mushihimesama has a pretty great soundtrack too. Nothin' like taking apart a beetle the size of a city piece by piece while relaxing synth plays or making it to the last phase of the real final boss only to have the nightmare of dodging its attack contrasted with this backing the event (all... twenty seconds of it before either the boss or the player falls, lol).

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