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This will stay empty until we get a console Fire Emblem :p

I've been going on a bit of a Fire Emblem binge lately. Played Conquest, then Birthright, Revelation, Awakening, and New Mystery.

Out of the Fates games, I liked Revelation the most, then Conquest and then Birthright. Birthright had likable characters but there were just a few too many "Rout the Enemy" maps for my tastes.


Have you got the chance to play path of radiance and radiant dawn? Those were my first FE games and still have my favorite group of characters.

And yeah, while I have bought everything Fates related, I haven't played it yet due to wanting to save it for an empty looking summer.

Waaaay back in the day I did, yes. If I still had Path of Radiance (aka if I hadn't been robbed 6 years ago) I'd probably go back and play those two games as well.


I know it's a tired joke. But hehehe, I liked how they put it, all in all.

Bought these games day one, still haven't had a chance to play.


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