[DKVine Community Project] Let's Do A Drawing Collab!, We all like Donkey Kong, right? Let's show how much

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Hello DK Viners! I want to try a collaborative project, I don't know how much interest it will garner up but a certain EarthBound fansite I frequent does these art collabs, and they're a lot of fun! This is for people of all art skill levels, so don't be intimidated by other people's skill/talent. It's really cool to see everyone's different styles and skill levels; even if people aren't great artists, I see it as "that is a fan who cared enough about Donkey Kong to draw something even though they aren't confident in it".

What I want to do is have people make 200x200 pixel squares, and in the end, I'll put them all into one big "DK quilt". Then we can send it off to Retro or Rare or PAON, whoever. For example, here is the one I drew:


This isn't just to look pretty, but to show appreciation to these companies who made a series that means a lot to every member of the forum here. But, it's also an image that could show to Retro what we want out of the next DKC game, and also what they did that was amazing in Tropical Freeze.

I like Diddy Kong. I think he's cute, so I drew him being cute. If you like Swanky Kong, draw a Swanky Kong. Draw Swanky giving a quiz show, have a funny question with goofy answers, show WHY you like Swanky. If you like the bramble levels, why not draw some brambles? Don't overthink it, just do your best.

If we don't get a lot of people participating, I'll let people do more, but for now I think these should be the rules:
- 200 pixels wide, 200 pixels tall (this is so they can be put together in the larger image)
- Two per person unless otherwise stated
- Put effort in it! Even if you are not a talented artist, it shows when you are trying and when you just made it in two minutes to say you submitted something.
- Keep it clean. If we decide to show this to the companies that made the game, we wouldn't want none of those nasty potty words, would we?
- Post your completed image in this thread.

If you want, draw it on paper and scan it or take a picture, just as long as you can get it to that nice, even square. (Size it down in an image program if need-be or send it to me and I'll do it.) You can even pixel-art it if you want. Any type of image, as long as it fits this theme and fits in the box, is fine. You could even make something with clay and take a photo or something; be creative!

Most importantly, make it fun!

...I like Donkey Kong. How bout you?

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