Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Metroid Prime: Federation Force was revealed at E3 2015, and was met with overwhelmingly bad reception. A petition was even made to cancell the game, as lots of people doesn't deem this Chibi-Styled, 4-Player Online Shooter/Mission game (also Includes Blast Ball, a 3v3 minigame where you have to blast the Ball into a increasingly shrinking Goal) to be Metroid enough.

But hopefully, there are some here that tries to see the game for what it is, rather than it's bad timing and unusual artstyle/game style. Having seen a lot of recent Previews of the game, I am now very excited for it. Especially since it seems to also have a Single Player, and with Samus Aran appearing somehow, as well as it's connection to a possible future Prime title. The game looks a little slow, and the graphics aren't amazing, but it looks like fun, and has enough Metroid in the shooting to make me excited.

Some Preview Footage and such.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzHqYPwEfEs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VEuxCvpka8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChWLeQPbzNo

Recent Story Trailer 'Project Golem' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbKY_DYLZf8

This Thread is for discussion of the Game, including Blast Ball, and while it is of course fine to show your displease for the game here, please no 'Game sux cancel it' posts, if possible.


I loved Metroid Prime Hunters, has there been any say on whether there is an option for touch screen aiming in this game?

Ah, I'm not sure, actually. Been hearing very little about the actual controlls. I know you target enemies and can then make precise aiming with the Gyro, but that's all I know. :/

I hope we'll get some major news about this game soon. Controlls, a little more on the story, maybe some wow-factor (Ridley, or Dark Samus appearing, or even Samus' role).

What if this had been a Splatoon game rather than a Metroid game. The 4 player teamwork would seem natural.

As it was a Metroid game ever since 2009, I doubt it'd ever had a chance to have been another franchise than Metroid. But a 4-Player Co-Op Splatoon game could be interesting, though not sure if the 3DS could handle it well.

Anywho. Anyone think that Ridley will make an apperance? I really wanna see ChibiRidley. :p

Release date confirmed. It seems the game was Delayed to 'improve balance' of the game, or something? Huh.

North America: August 19

Japan: August 25

Europe: September 2

Oh dang August? Darn, I was hoping it was coming out sooner than that.

Me too. I am excited for the game. However! At least the longer they take, the more polished the game outta be. ^^ So, have to stay positive.

I wonder if the game will have some E3 precense. I actually don't think so. They'd not want it to give people excuses to hate on their conferance.

Fri Apr 22 16 02:13pm
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Part of me is wondering if perhaps they have a Metroid game for the NX (or Wii U possibly) to show at E3. Some of the complaints I see against this game is that some feel this is somehow taking the place of a main series Metroid game. If indeed they show something like that at E3, it may calm some of ragers down and they may be more open minded for this game. Although I'm sure I'm probably just over thinking it, you are probably right that the delay is mostly for polish. Either way, still looking forward to this game!

Well, tbh, that is a theory I have thought of as well. It would make sense for them to try hard to make the game do at least decently. Even if all they do is show a CGi teaser for a 'proper Prime game', even if it is years away, it would remove plenty of the hate from FF, I think. And thus, it might sell a little better. They know the game is in high risk of bombing completely (sadly), and they certanly don't want that.

I am sure they will use this delay for polish as they said, but it would not surprise me if the actual reason was to calm people down with another Metroid title. ^^ I am all for it, since I miss Metroid in any form. Let's hope, right?

Tue Jun 21 16 01:44pm
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'Tis fun to be European sometimes, aye? D:

(at least I have enough time to try out that new Monster Hunter first, haha)

A little over a month to go! Was sad we didn't get any new info on this game at E3. They've been pretty much dead silent on this game. Sad

Fri Jul 22 16 01:00pm
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I liked the demo so far. I suppose like most portable games trailers have a hard time selling these games.

All in all looks and feels like a compressed, compact and condensed Metroid Prime game with a more fun multiplayer mode. The militaristic music reminds me of Jet Force Gemini. The aiming is much better than Hunters and perhaps better than Kid Icarus Uprising.

All in all I'm more hopeful if you can enjoy playing it on single player. I don't know how online co-op will work on single player.

My main complain, having accepted what this game is and also accepting what its not; is the grip on the 3DS XL, after a time playing its kind of straining on the hands like how Smash 3DS was. I'm not convinced the 3DS was well made for hectic 3D action games.

So, I have heard there is suppose to be a Demo or so for the Single Player, in the Blast Ball game/demo I downloaded. But I can't find it, so I am not sure what people are talking about. Halp? D:

Hello, Vonter. c:

Fri Jul 22 16 04:11pm
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I heard in Europe in wasn't tagged as a demo.



I know it isn't counted as a Demo, but what I was confused about was that some said the Demo/game/whatever you wanna call it, also included a Mission of the main game, rather than just Blast Ball. I can't find anything about if that actually is true, aside from some random posts mentioning it exists.

Also, sorry.

I finally go around beating this.

Was... was that seriously the ending?

I suppose, bad guy goes boom, the heroes escape. And like other Prime titles there's a tease epilogue.

IMO game design wise it's a more effective final encounter. Given that most missions built to that boss.

Still I think regardless of it being a Metroid game, maybe a more saturday morning cartoon characterization could have made the protagonists more compelling.


- The first puzzle mission in tracking the spheres to holes.
- The one shooting them back to the space pirates.
- The ones involving shooting the balls to build bridges and such.
- The bosses to a point was targeting weak points effectively.
- And well Blast Ball if anything trained you for that very moment on pushing the morph ball to a specific part of the wall.

Narratively I suppose they weren't confident on building these squad as stronger than Samus, which may be why it was a battle with the morphball and how the final set of guys are taken down by Samus. Also all missions being a step behind her. I suppose, to a point it's warranted since the fanbase it's very sensitive. Still I'll have liked having a moment these guys had their own victory.

I also liked that, since it keeps one hoping what is going next for Samus and the Metroids being part of that is also great since they did have had a minor role in the Prime games aside from the namesake Metroid Prime.


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