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Hey everyone, I just got finished obtaining my masters and now I have a lot of free time on hand. One genre I miss is the RPG genre and was thinking about picking up Bravely Default. It has always appealed to me and I'm looking for something that will last me quite a few hours (one reason I am choosing it over Fire Emblem...although it is technically a tactical game). Can anyone vouch for this series? I'm old school and hear it plays a lot like Final Fantasy and that the demo really doesn't do it justice... Just curious to hear some thoughts on this! Thanks!

Its cool...its cool. I took the plunge and bought it anyway. Actually I bought the second one as well. I enjoyed the old school FF games so I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy these as well....

I put in more than 100 hours on it, although to be fair, a good portion of that was re-watching the cut scenes after putting it down for a while and getting caught up again. You'll hear a lot of criticism about how repetitive the story gets, and it is fair, but if you are like me and are old-school and are going to grind anyway, the repetitive parts don't take that long to get through. I imagine, however, that if you try to tackle bosses as early as possible, whether from challenge or to not take 100 hours, then yes, the second half of the game will be frustrating.

One recommendation. If you get a level 14 salve-maker who has also become a level 14 white mage, you can fully heal the entire party every turn and then replenish all the MP required, and then do it all over again the next turn. Free heals are awesome.

Thanks for the valuable input!! Highly appreciated! Yes, I am an old school gamer in every sense of the word. I am thoroughly enjoying Default right now, taking my time and not rushing through it just to get to Second.


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