The Know - Nintendo on PC

Its come, the threat of 3rd party nintendo but less no console so much as console plus and so on.
Also I'm drooling over the host.

The video has the details.

Nintendo meeting indicates a change in corporate structure, focus, and so on.
There may be more foreign shareholder/investor input
Part of the new statement focuses on "computer software development"
And other news

Now this is ALWAYS the rumor. Still at the least there is some meat to fuel these speculatory fires.

Still it seems this will be happening to a degree. Or be necessary, especially if that whole "japanese corporate restructuring" part is legit.

I'm torn about this as all change. On one. Yes, nintendo DOES need to change, its not succeeding and doing this might not be the best way but it is A way to continue and thrive. Or it could just be a lot of hot corporate air.

Not sure how I feel about PC porting and so on. Its like the one thing I wanted to resist. Buuut. Well there are many positives and sheer spite and taste aren't good reasons to reject a great opportunity. It just might be necessary so that if not greater big sales an attempt at finer and more numerous niches are available. At the least it would reduce localization costs allowing for various Nintendo properties (Starfy, Captain Rainbow, other stuff) that nintendo can do and aim at the PC and tech crowd without endangering its more family oriented retail brand. Especially as if print is dead perhaps brick and mortar is not if dying the digital ecosystem is critical and not to be ignored.

The problem is that if Nintendo brings its sense of control and so on to PC.

Still big event if only for "we're doing a major corporate restructuring, chaning how business is done, AND promising new/different product lines."


I wouldn't take anything "The know" says worth any value. Cause they "Know" absolutely nothing about anything.


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