Give a Soul to the news

I didnt know how to express this, i feel news would need more personnality and involvement, they often just re-write what other sites do, for example nintendolife doesnt only make news like "x game will be released or ported on wii u" but also provides analysis, feedbacks, etc. I believe there are many options to make news more attractive.

I can see what you mean, but I don't know if that's feasible. So much news is being posted daily, it's impossible to make every article special.
And even then, when it's a bit of a good topic, RMC (or whoever posts then) does comment on the topic within the article, though it's not really an analysis. I'd say that already gives it a bit of soul and character.
And then there's also the GoNintendo exclusive content (which you can find at the top) like the End of Day Thought, the Podcast, My Parents Play, etc.

Thu Jun 30 16 07:08pm
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Introducing "soul" to news also introduces potential bias though.

I prefer my news bias free. For soul I look to the GN exclusive features Nurio mentioned.

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