What future Nintendo games do you hope to see utilize the Breath of the Wild engine?

As per the stockholder meeting we know that Nintendo plans to recycle their robust gameplay engine they've made for BOTW(I mean the interactivity and physics is pretty darned impressive), and makes complete sense and they've done so before in the past(DKCR/TF use the same engine as the Metroid Prime trilogy). Now what Ip's would you like to see take advantage of that versatility?

How about a Metroid game where there's greater opportunity to alter the layout of the planet, and use stuff in the environment to further your progress instead of the traditional blow up this and that. Or a Luigi's Mansion game where you also have to puzzle through the environment in more diverse way to find ghosts. What are your thoughts?

Mon Aug 22 16 05:05pm
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I imagine Wave Race could use an updated water physics engine. A Mario certainly could have levels in which physic can get all crazy. A party game could also have several impressive physic minigames.

Engines get reused a lot. TP's was just a modified WW's. Metroid Fusion was made using Wario Land 4's. Etc etc

So, it's kind of hard to say what I want. But what I predict is Pikmin 4 using the same engine as BOTW.

I suppose he specifically means the physics engine.

The last set of games it's noticeable they focused on the same things were Wave Race Blue Storm, Super Mario Sunshine and the Windwaker having water physics to accentuate the capabilities of the Gamecube.

I think the question is what game could have physic based objects, reactive fire, and other things BotW has shown.

I understand what he meant. My guess is still the same.

Fire Emblem. Pokémon. Period.

Whether it's turn-based RPG or action RPG, Fire Emblem would be absolutely stunning with it.
Pokémon? If they want to do non-turn based battles (or at least semi-turn-based with free movement), having this engine could really do wonders.

...... What would be hilariously awesome is if they did it with a Star Fox Adventures 2. Everyone who hated it will scream in fury: ignoring the fact that it would actually be a pretty awesome game with this engine.

A 3D open world Donkey Kong game. I just want a DK64 sequel/spiritual successor really badly...

It'll have to pay for his crimes against the 3D collectathon platformer.

- Character exclusive collectibles
- Demanding backtracking.
- Overly huge worlds.
- Areas exempt of activities.
- Bad item placements.
- Repetitive minigames.
- Obligatory playthrough of a hard arcade game. (For some difficulty is subjective, but this is definitely a harsh difficulty spike, even if one eventually gets good at it).

All in all while I did enjoy DK64, a lot of time investment in unrewarding activities, like collecting bananas, blueprints and coins. The assortment of characters added uniqueness to this entry but at the same time it make them more shallow by the end do to repetition. All in all IMO as with Banjo Tooie, Rare, went overboard in their lat platformers, trying a lot of stuff and losing focus in feeling that the stuff you do is either, fun, rewarding or meaningful. Also to be fair, I think like with Sunshine, if you just play to finish DK 64 and not try to collect everything it is a better experience.

Also if there's ever a sequel, since we already had DK isle, I'll like to see the Crocodile island in 3D. If just to see the Carnival set of levels.

Oh and a 3D version of DKC 2 could have physics used in the hot balloon levels, the Bramble blast stages with spike branches moved by wind gusts, the wind gust levels, the honeycomb levels, the spider's webbing sections, and bosses attack in this game did alter the player's attributes in some way, like the smoke attacks making you faster or slower.


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