AM2R - Samus returns again

I'm not very fond of fans recreating old games, like all games things can turn ugly, either the pretense is that it'll be better than an official game, or the likely Cease and Desist.

HOWEVER, this is a case I can't really go against, Nintendo atm doesn't know what to do with Metroid, a 2D game would likely be in 2.5 to justify a retail price, also how the game had a basic premise and isn't as cherished as other entries I can see why it's not necessary for it to get remade.

As for the remake I think it's fantastic, like with Zero Mission the game takes several layouts and elements from the GB game and expands with updated spritework, some scripted sequences, added areas, upgrades, abilities and enemies. Usually controls are the main gripe one can tell between an official and a fangame, however I think aside from Samus feeling a bit heavy in the beginning, the controls feel very well, the morphball especially is very snappy and bomb planting may I say it's one of the most enjoyable (especially in comparison where it took a lot more to bomb walls).

In short, honestly it might be the best way to play this chapter of the Metroid saga. I think the only thing that's more of a love/hate thing in the original is that the zoomed in view created a more effective feeling of getting lost and claustrofobia. It gave a feeling of getting lost but still the game was well design to point the player in the right direction. However the remake I think is more fun, interesting and has some surprises for new and old fans.

Link: http://metroid2remake.blogspot.mx/

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