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Hello everyone,
I'm a long time site visitor, and even though I hate ads I usally disable my adblocker on GoNintendo just to support your wonderful work.

As of late, though, I've been encountering really nasty ads when visiting the website from my smartphone: I get redirected to another webpage that usually prompts alerts and vibration and does not allow me to get back to the page I was reading. When that happens, I have to manually close the browser's tab, and restart the navigation from GoNintendo's homepage.

Up to a couple of weeks ago, this only happened once or twice a day. Right now, though, it seems to happen 90% of the time I load a page, and sometimes even while I'm reading an article (probably because ads get reloaded periodically). The website has thus become unreadable from my smartphone. Even trying to write this topic from my mobile phone resulted in 4 or 5 consecutive redirects to ads websites...

Is there anything you can do on your part to reduce this annoying phenomenon? If not, I will have to use an adblocker on my smartphone too. But I'd rather keep on supporting you Smile

Hope you have a nice day ;)


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