Tne New 3ds was a big frustration to me

So maybe i am in the minority, but i ddint get a new 3ds. The reason is that i didnt feel respected by Nintendo as a customer, as i had purchased a 2ds two months before the announcment. My main problem is how the new 3ds punishes people for not investing in something that isnt even a new generation console.

Previous generations of consoles got upgrades, but this upgrade wasntstoping them from getting specific softwares(not counting dsiwares). It feels frustrating, while viewing the eshop, to see titles that are "n3ds only" and you cant buy at all on your own system. It feels like an insult to customers owning an old system.
I will also note that Nintendo didnt offer any specific deal to get a n3ds at a reduced, price if you already owned the previous system. For me, n3ds illustrates the worst of consumerism today, and how a company tries to make you buy something only to throw it like garbage soon after.

That's my fear with the Xbone and PS4 upgrades. While most will be the same there'll be exclusive features for them. Though in this case I'm speculating it'll be the overall perfomance not meeting between the new and older versions of the consoles.

Well, it's not Nintendo's fault you happen to buy one of their systems two months before they announce a new one. Besides, the 2DS and n3DS aim for completely different targets.

But really, you're missing out on, like, 10 games and SNES VC. That's all you're missing.
It doesn't punish people for getting one (by giving faster times, better Start/Select placement and some other small things), and doesn't punish people not getting one (by not having a lot of exclusives).
Nintendo didn't throw the old 3DS in the garbage. If anything, they threw the New 3DS in the garbage because there's almost no exclusives for the system.

10 games?! As far as I know, the only New 3DS exclusive games are Xenoblade and Fire Emblem Warriors.

Those are retail games. There are several indie games in the eShop that require a New 3DS to play. The ones I've played are not very good though.

Yeah, I have one but only because my old 3DS needed replacing and I thought "Why not?"
But it really isn't anything special. In fact, i don't think it has any actual true exclusives as you can play the SNES, Indie games, and Xenoblade on other consoles (isn't Xenoblade on the Wii U eshop now?).

So yeah... I don't think anybody is missing much except for stylish plates on the regular sized model.

I bought a DSi when it first released. No one cared for it, but it became my favorite portable ever. Using the system's functions to its fullest made it more than with the buy.
I actually kinda regretted selling it to get the 3DS. The 3DS had all of its functions, but none of the charm.

I buy consoles for the consoles. Not just the games. If I wanted just the games, I'd skip generations (as either A) games become cheaper, or B) backwards-compatibility saves the day).

That said, no one complained about the exclusives for the DSi. And lo and behold: the DSi games were playable for the 3DS (not at their best, however... some games didn't fully work with the 3DS' camera).

I don't have a new 3DS. My best friend does, I bought it for her. I was jealous, since Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time and I'd love to play it on the go.
And no, I coudn't have bought it for myself - I have bills to pay, I only go above and beyond in payments when they're consoles I NEED, or they're gifts.
That said, I already have a 3DS.

What I AM VERY jealous of is the N3DS' better internet connectivity and run speed.
But I DON'T need it.
So I didn't buy it.

You can argue this is the worst thing about consumerism, that this is a betrayal on Nintendo's front... but I'd argue: Didn't you see it coming from a mile away?
You already have the primest of examples: the DSi. But Nintendo's always done the "Ver 1 => Ver 1.5 => Ver 2" with its portables for almost all of its life.

And sure, the 3DS had a Ver 1 (3DS), Ver 1.2 (2DS), and Ver 1.3 (New 3DS)... but ver 1.2 directly addresses the concerns of consumers not caring for 3D (or parents having problems getting their kids to turn down the 3D).
But again, didn't the DS do this as well? DS. DS Lite. DSXL, DS Lite XL, and finally the DSi.

We can blame NIntendo and the culture of consumerism. But people BUYING INTO THEM are the ones making the market and creating the culture.
It's like DLC, patches, and pre-orders. The only reason why they're so prevalent and powerful these days is because people are BUYING them.

I personally haven't bought that much DLC over the years. Just the ones I needed. If I found a DLC to be offensive in its sales marketing, I wouldn't buy it and simply pretend the game is only as good as its non-DLC self.
End of story.

I know we're talking about principles here.
But 1) these principles aren't entirely new for Nintendo. You can go back several years and still hit the Gameboy and the Gameboy Color - then years later hit the Gameboy pocket.
And 2) the principles aren't a one-way issue. Consumer and business hold equal power. A consumer changes the business through buying, selling, and refusing. They can boycott, they can argue, they can do whatever they want... but in the end it's their sales that show how much the people ACTUALLY care. Got a problem with other people buying into it? Argue with them, not at the company. And businesses change consumers through their products and copyright laws. The former is dependent on the consumer, the latter is dependent on the business itself - consumers can have very little effect on copyright infringement laws, it's the business itself that argues over it.

This ain't new.
Is this a great thing or a terrible thing?
It depends on your paychecks and birthdays, I suppose. But it's isolated on you for the most part. Even if other people share your concerns, in the end the only thing you can do is NOT BUY IT.
Nintendo sells it because they want to make money off of a prototype. They did that with the DSi. Don't like it? Only ever buy the first iteration of something.
Want the exclusive games? EIther get them in the next iteration, or just get them used after the handheld's dropped in price.

I have a new 3ds. you aren't missing out on anything really. like, at least dsiware was new stuff, you can buy snes games anywhere.

Well... I think you should buy it this holiday season because $100 for a new 3DS is such a steal of a deal.

I just stayed with my 3DS XL. I don't really see any reason to upgrade to a new 3DS XL, especially now that the Switch is just around the corner! It is odd because usually I am all over these upgrades. GBA to SP was obvious. DS to Lite was great and DSi added a lot. 3DS to 3DS XL was nice for bigger screens. New 3DS I just don't see any reason for personally.

I would have stayed with my 3DS XL if it wasn't for a friend's bad advice making me think I've irrevocably damaged my broken 3DS even further. The 3DS XL was able to be fixed, but not before I got a n3DS XL for my birthday. Gave the original XL to a kid at my church. Beyond better load times and frame rates for some games, there's little reason to upgrade in my eyes. Especially since this could be the 3DS family's final year of first-party games. But if you can get one for cheap ($100 or so), then I say go for it.

Aside from Super Nintendo Virtual Console (which, is not really that big a deal), the only games I can think of off the top of my head that are New 3DS Only are Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Binding of Isaac Rebirth & the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. A few other indie games?

And all of them are available on Wii U (or Switch for FEW).

Otherwise you are missing out on very little overall. It isn't Nintendo's fault. 2DS came out almost a full year and a half before N3DS did and we didn't hear anything about a Western release until late. The 2DS was designed specifically as a cheap option without 3D, so complaining that you have to pay more for extra power is like complaining you didn't get 3D on the 2DS. Has nothing to do with respect, and it is something Nintendo did with Gameboy (Color) and DS(i) in the past.

Trust me, I was in your place, finding the exclusive stuff asinine, but at the end of the day, you are literally missing nothing aside from portable Xenoblade, for the most part.

In the world of gaming there will always be something newer and better that replaces what came before it. This is nothing new it happens all the time. The best you can do is stick with what you have if it makes you happy or upgrade its your choice no one is making you do it.


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