Bias and prejudices against third party developers among fans?(and on GN?)

Hello, i have the feeling that there is sometimes a bias against third party devs.Some fans believe nintendo consoles dont need third party games at all, and they believe it so firmly it seems that it almost loook according to them Nintendo should frown upon third party devs.While i admit some fans may be only interested in first party games, i find this view a bit limited and frustrating for other players. Short example, the chat of Gonintendo often advertises freshly released games.But while first party games are a given and are always advertised, it seems to be a real struggle to convince anyone to put the name of a freshly released game in the topic's description, like Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse for example.

And i feel in some way, fans are perpetuating a bias that ends hurting Nintendo by conveying the idea thats their systems are only about first party. I dont think any console maker is arrogant enough to think it can go with just first party games, sure those can help a lot, but there is room for other games, look at the success of Monster Hunter 4 for example. My own library of games on 2ds is made at 60% or more of third party games. So i think its important to remind that trying to blackball third party games doesnt help.

Third parties perpetuate the bias by releaseing subperforming iterations of their own games.

Customers might just have other hardware to play other experiences and that is a fault Nintendo has had for not selling their systems on third party experiences but in their unique way of playing. Which in turn might have a stigma in communities like this one.

The market responds accordingly to what a company produces, I think it's harder to force considering also companies have been able to put out methods to influence customers into buying their stuff.

In regards to customers is just how moan the fact years later that some game didn't do well, mainly because it holds up or has reached some sort of cult status. But also that happens with movies.

Its sounds like a circle that is hard to break or you would need a time machine to go back in past and fix that mistake duringprevious gens

Hindsight is 20/20, like they say "those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

If Nintendo doesn't market third parties as important as their first party games, people will find those as lesser games. If third parties openly show inferior versions of their games they can't expect those to be as enticing as the more attractive versions. If customers don't see appeal in third parties in Nintendo consoles, they should not be surprised for those numbers diminishing.

Put this way is kind of deadlock, since until one of those happens it's still uncertain if the other two issues will improve or change in some way. Maybe I'm wrong though, but that's how I see it.

I'd have to vote for self-fufilling prophecy on the part of the third party. They really put no effort into the experience... usually bitching about trchnical limitations instead of new ways of control available to them (on the nintendo platform).
Basically, no on wants to work harder than they have to... because gamers have allowed companies to make more money by being lazy. How? By still buying the same game over and over or buying buggy messes that have to be patched over and over for months or games that you have to buy DLC to actually fill out the experience. And Nintendo is guilty of this too when it comes to some of there remakes ans definitely the VC.

Disregarding Nintendo the amount of issues a 60 dollar game has a launch now it's a bit embarrassing, it also makes the idea of a disc pointless if you have to download a patch that sometimes can be as big as the game itself.

But oh well, it's not like games big games can be simple or to the point now.

Indie and mobile games are evidence against that though. I'll tell you what I think the problem might be... a lot of game companies are focused on selling an idea or lifestye with their games instead of... well, just focusing on selling good video games.
Gamers see themselves as part of a culture vs hobbyists.

Strange. I see more criticism of Nintendo themselves in the comments sections here, I think. But what you're saying is probably true too.
Maybe the average GN reader is like an angsty teenager.

Is it really that strange that a Nintendo fansite would be dominated by Nintendo game fans?

But I kind of get what you are saying. For example, I like EAs sports games, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one here that does.

I feel like I'm the only one who misses EA sports BIG games.

Sorry, I don't get it. What was the emphasis on Big for?

That's what was on the games like NFL Street and SSX

Well i guess Microsoft or Sony fans arent specifically fans of Microsoft or Sony games but also enjoy games like COD or Bioshock or Ac Creed. The situation of Nintendo is unique regarding first party games but what should be an advantage is also a flaw in the armor.

Is it safe to say that Smash Bros. has played a part in this line of thought as well? At least in terms of franchises.

While I do think Nintendo can do without most Western Third Party support, I of course want them to get as much as possible. I much rather buy something like For Honor for the NX, than my PS4, since I am first and foremost a Nintedo collector, so it'd fit well in my collection. (and in the case of For Honor, would be sweet to be able to play online for free).

I am excited for the NX, as I am sure there will be at least SOME non-Japanese third party games. Not sure which ones. But anyways, I am happy enough as things are now, but I really hope the NX will do better with the other companies.

It is not strange there is some bias since this IS a Nintendo site, but while I am often annoyed at some companies for things they do and/or say in relate to Nintendo, I do hope that bias will lessen some once the NX releases.

The reality is everyone has to do their part. Nintendo has to make hardware that is capable of getting ports. Publishers and devs have to put time, effort, and resources into making the games. Lastly the gamers have to support the game with their purchase. It's really that simple. We all have failed each other. Hopefully the switch can start changing things for the better.


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