The mindset of "not competing" or"not racing"' is irritating to me

Hello, so this is hard to explain, but whenever nintendo repeats that they are not competing with Sony or Microsoft, this triggers some sort of irritated reaction from me. I cannot provide any absolute explication, i assume because i live in a societty where competition exists in many areas(everything, everyone is compared), and reading this sort of statement feels kind of awkward or maybe even provoking.

Even as a consumer i always compare products and want the best, and fully trusting accompany that claims to be "not competing" is harder for me.

I think the reason Nintendo don't compete directly with Sony and MS is because they probably can't. We seen what happen when Nintendo tried to compete with both Sony and MS during the sixth generation, it didn't end well with them. What happen with the Gamecube probably what made Nintendo to take the "third option" by not competing with Sony and MS directly. With them taking the "third option", Nintendo in up finding huge success with the the Wii. Of course, the "third option" can be a double-edge sword.The Wii's successor, the Wii-u in up being a huge failure. I also think another reason why Nintendo don't compete directly with Sony and MS is because since the two are more focus on each others, it gives Nintendo a chance to do their own thing without worrying what the other two are doing.

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Think about the companies. If PlayStation doesn't sell well one year they have movies, TVs, electronics. If Xbox doesn't sell well they can make up for the loss in computer sales and other stuff. If Nintendo has a bad year, what do they have? Their reserve from how well the Wii did? Sadly If they competed directly they would be crushed.

Tue Jan 03 17 03:59pm
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I think the reason they say they aren't competing directly with Sony or Microsoft is because the way they approach things are different from those two companies. All three are still competing in the realm of dedicated gaming devices, of course. But Nintendo's strategy is so different that we could say that they aren't competing. Sony and Microsoft fight in the red ocean. Nintendo has, since the success of the Nintendo DS and Wii, sought out the blue ocean. That is, Sony and Microsoft fight over hardware power and existing demand within gaming landscape. Nintendo is constantly looking for "new ways to play," trying to capitalize on things the other two aren't doing with their hardware.

360 and PS3 was a classic "whose console is stronger and has the best-looking games" Wii ditched power in favour of pushing motion control as the key focus of their hardware to grab people. That worked.

XB1 and PS4 is, once again, a repeat of that, while the Wii U once again ditched power to go try second screen gaming in the living room as the key focus. That didn't work for a million reasons, despite it being (personally speaking) an okay idea.

PS4 Pro and Scorpio is still purely a tech-based battle, while the Switch will be trading off power for easy portability of a home console (but without the handle and constant need for an AC adapter).

Of course, this attitude from Nintendo comes from two places: the aforementioned success of the previous DS and Wii experiments and the company's belief that three super powerful consoles cannot exist in the gaming ecosystem at once. And I don't think they're wrong about that. The 7th gen was the first time that console sales weren't a curbstomp battle with a distant second place, and an even more distant third place. Competing indirectly instead of directly worked. Granted, Wii U's failure to gain any traction have made eighth gen a pure curbstomp once again. But I have faith that the Switch will gain enough popularity to split the market into rough thirds once again.

Fourth Gen Worldwide Market Shares

  • SNES - 52%
  • Mega Drive/Genesis - 35.8%
  • PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 - 10.6%
  • Everyone else - 1.6%

Fifth Gen Worldwide Market Shares

  • PS1 - 70.1%
  • N64 - 22.5%
  • Saturn - 6.3%
  • Everyone else - 1.1%

Sixth Gen Worldwide Market Shares

  • PS2 - 73.8%
  • Xbox - 11.4%
  • Gamecube - 10.5%
  • Dreamcast - 4.3%

Seventh Gen Worldwide Market Shares

  • Wii - 38.2%
  • 360 - 31.7%
  • PS3 - 30.1%

I say good. Sony and Microsoft are just making shitty gaming PC's now. Consoles had the advantage of being more convenient and cheaper... But now with these huge installs, even when you buy discs, they are just not making consoles seem appealing anymore.
Nintendo is clueless about a lot of stuff... But I think they are smart enough to not compete with two companies who are ruining the value of game consoles.

I think Nintendo being more of a unique platform is a good thing. I just wish they would do more to cater to the hardcore Nintendo fan. For example give us Games from franchises that will appeal to the fans that have supported everything they do. Titles like Metroid, Startopics and F-Zero.
Also more transparency would be welcome. Let us know what's coming, give us a Virtual Console release schedule and maybe a Nintendo Direct that sticks to a monthly schedule. Give us something to look forward to as opposed to hoping for a peak of what's to come.
Sorry for rambling, I'm new to the site and am not accustomed to writing my thoughts on a forum like this.

With Scalebound being cancelled by Microsoft, it would be interesting to see Nintendo compete and bring the game back to life.

I feel like when Nintendo says 'We're not competing directly with anyone' it means 'Yeah we know we're not gonna sell as much as Xbox and PS4"

I actually sense that they don't like the games the Xbox and PS4 have. Both EA and Bethesda bits seem more like, "ergh we must have this because reasons". Also the heads of development seem a bit disinterested in several western AAA games.


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