The switch ability as a feature, not a "gimmick"

Hi guys, I put my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgTvaetvYNE

One point I spend some time on is that I don't believe the switch ability should be seen as a "gimmick", but rather as a feature. I mention the Game Boy's portability and the N64's four controller ports as examples of features that no one actually calls "gimmicks". I suppose I could mention any new console's increased processing power as well. What do you think?

Gamepad was the best part of Wii u. Too bad you had to have one at home to appreciate it. Nintendo never once said that.... I'm already much more liking this marketing campaign than the last

Doesn't play exactly like games of old = gimmick.

Internet has always said this, and always will.

If it is a unique feature that is being used as a selling point, then it's a gimmick. That's just the basic definition of what a gimmick is, positive or negative connotations be dammed. That said, the Switch's gimmick is indeed a positive feature of the system. I also see the cartridge thing as just being "there" rather than being a major feature. It's just an aspect meant to facilitate the major gimmick of the system.

I just like to point out that almost everything nintendo has put into their controllers has become standard.

Heck.. Even a bunch of companies where/are mimicking the Wii U tablet with *companion apps*.

Your right. That's the thing they do is jab at Nin for making all these gimmicks & turn around & do it their way but in a different style which operates the same way.

Nintendo's "gimmick" is being innovative. The other dudes have been playing the same console for 20 years with more horsepower. Nintendo is the only one willing to take chances and move the industry forward.


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